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The Ascended

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Summary: Set after "You're Welcome". Cordelia's different path and a new companion.

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Stargate > Cordelia-Centered > Theme: Ascended CordeliaWildecateFR1346,4881149,5557 Apr 047 Nov 06Yes


Title: The Ascended: Heroes2
Author: Wildecate
Disclaimer: Not mine. Not none of it.

Cordelia Chase walked the halls of Stargate Command as if she had done so all her life. A mass of people flowed around her but did not notice her. The noise was muted to Cordelia’s ears and she moved slowly, recognising faces that Daniel had pointed out to her. She was amazed that her feet seemed to know where she was going, even if her brain didn’t. The Infirmary was this way, then that way, then down these stairs and along this corridor, then through these doors.

She paused, gauging the situation in the busy Infirmary before moving to one of the curtained beds, slipping through the fabric to look down at the unmoving figure on the bed. The face had changed since she had last seen it, more careworn and tired – if anyone deserved a break it was him. His eyes were shut and his breathing was shallow but he was alive. She laid a hand on his forehead to waken him. The eyes opened and focused on her, confusion clear.

“I know you.”

“Yes you do.”

“Cordelia Chase.”

She nodded. A half smile on her face.

His eyebrows drew together in a frown. “Am I dead?”

“No. Now’s not your time Colonel.”

“Oh.” He nodded in that accepting way he had. “Social visit?”

She shook her head sadly. “Sorry Jack. This is business.”

“Carter?” He couldn’t help her name slipping out.

Cordelia shook her head again and smiled at him a little. “You two really need to sort yourselves out.” She laid a hand on his cheek. “You have time for that though.”

“Not my team?”

“No, not SG1.” She tilted her head slightly as if waiting for something.. “I’m sorry, Jack. Duty calls.”

She leaned forward, brushing her fingers across his forehead. His eyes closed immediately and she stepped away from him towards a far busier bed, surrounded by doctors and nurses. Sam Carter was holding tightly to the patient’s hand.

Cordelia watched the controlled chaos for a moment before speaking. “Janet Frasier?”

All sound and movement in the room immediately silenced and ground to a halt and through the crowd of medical staff grouped around the bed, a the tiny woman was suddenly standing opposite her. Janet Frasier looked Cordelia up and down, taking in the elegant white clothes.

“Are you ready?” Cordelia asked.

“Who are you?”

“My name is Cordelia Chase.”

“Jack’s Cordelia? He mentioned you.”

“That would be me.” Cordelia crossed her arms and stared at Janet Frasier. “I have to say I think you’re taking this very well.”

The doctor leaned over her death bed and winced when she saw the mess she was in.

“After working here, you soon pick things up quickly.”

Cordelia held her hand out. “Are you ready?”

“How does this work?” Janet asked, suddenly nervous.

“Just put your burdens aside. All ties to this life. It’s time for new ground.”

Janet took Cordelia’s outstretched hand and time came crashing back into the busy Infirmary with one loud piercing noise overriding everything else. The heart monitor showing a flatline. The noise echoed around the large room until it was blocked out by Sam Carter’s anguished cry

The End

You have reached the end of "The Ascended". This story is complete.

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