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Thanksgiving Turkey*

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Summary: BtVS/HP. Connor and Ginny try to make Thanksgiving dinner. Connor/Ginny.

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Harry Potter > Connor-CenteredMoniqueFR131215027298 Apr 048 Apr 04Yes
~Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy, Angel or Harry Potter.~

Notes: This is in response to Jinni's 200 Word Turkey Challenge.


"Do you have any idea what we are suppose to be making, or for that matter do you even know how to cook?"

"Nope, this is my first time I've ever had to cook." Ginny said cheerfully mixing together water, flour, and whaterever else she thought might be edible.

"Why is Thanksgiving suppose to be so important anyway?" Connor asked, while checking the oven to see how 'the bird demon', as he called it was coming along. He recalled how he had spent hours tracking down the demon, that Angel had said was a turkey, before he found it. He had managed to subdue it but not before the thing attacked his face. Next year he was taking his crossbow.

"I don't know, I am a witch and an English one at that. I thought that you knew about all these funny muggle customs." Ginny had by now finished her gravy, which was an interesting purplish color, and was in the comfort of Connor's arms.

"I wasn't raised here, you know." He replied, kissing the top of her head before asking the question that had been bugging him for the last hour, "Ginny do you think that I should've killed the turkey before baking it?"

The End

You have reached the end of "Thanksgiving Turkey*". This story is complete.

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