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Helping Eachother

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Summary: Anyanka reeks vengeance for Virginia. Well, she would have, at least. (AU, set after "Hell's Bells". Ahn went to London; 20 min. Anya)

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Harry Potter > Anya-CenteredAndiiShadowFR1331,003022,1088 Apr 049 Apr 04Yes

Part 3

I do not own anything but plot, and that's only sort of.

Helping Eachother
5:46 pm

Ginny took the tissue in her hand and ran it across Anya's cheeks and only then did the girl realize she was crying. She'd been doing so for a bit it seemed, because her cheeks were beginning to chill. Ginny sighed and looked Anya dead in the eyes.
"I don't need vegeance." she said, "I need him."
Anya nodded slowly, totally understanding that the good Miss Weasley was in, roughly, the same predicament as her.
"I can help you there, Ginny." she said, "I can't make him love you, but I can help you make him jealous."
"I don't know... seems a bit dodgey to me."
"I swear on my life that no harm will befall him." she said.
Ginny chewed on her bottom lip and looked at Anya. "You'd help me?"
"Hell yes! You just helped me realize I still love Xander."
Gin smiled and held out her hand to the demon. "Alright then."
Anya shook it and smiled.

Later on Anya called upon Blaise Zabini, a former client, for help, saying he owed her a favor. He agreed, naturrally. And in the following weeks, Draco Malfoy was subject to witnessing his best friend and his ex-dorm mate date, shop, and, my gods, even snuggle in the park. Anya could see her plan was working by the looks Draco gave the couple wheneer he saw them together. He'd brood a bit and glare. Hell, he pouted once or twice.
Ginny said once that she felt guilty about doing this to her friend. Blaise and Anya both reminded her if she wanted him, she'd have to do some things that were... a bit naughty.
Today, though, it was Anya who was nervous. She'd taken a week off from the plan to go visit Sunnydale. She hadn't forgiven Xander, but she still loved him and she was gonna tell him.
6:06 pm

The End

You have reached the end of "Helping Eachother". This story is complete.

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