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Helping Eachother

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Summary: Anyanka reeks vengeance for Virginia. Well, she would have, at least. (AU, set after "Hell's Bells". Ahn went to London; 20 min. Anya)

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Harry Potter > Anya-CenteredAndiiShadowFR1331,003022,1088 Apr 049 Apr 04Yes

Part 1

Disclaimer: I hereby forefit any claim that I never had on the characters or anything else in this story. :)

Helping Eachother

4:46 pm

Anyanka was not happy. Not that she was much for being happy. She was more of a splean-splitting kind of girl... demon... thing. She'd felt some distress in England... in a house on Ottery St. Catchpole to be exact. Problem was, there were no female patrons in the home. Well, with the exception of Molly Weasley. But the woman was rather cheery at the moment. Scarily cheerful.

Anya shrugged and was about to knock on the wooden door when her ears heard a weeping sound. She smirked at realizing it was a girl. She made her way around to the garden of the house.

Anya had started to wonder exactly why she'd descided to get back into the vengence bussiness. It wasn't as though hurting people helped her very much. It helped her mood at times, sure, but not that much. Xander. she thought. That was why. Her stupid, weird, zeppo fiancée. She growled and continued walking towards the stone bench in the garden.

She came to a halt, observing the sight. The girl had flowing red hair and Anya was instantly reminded of Willow. The girl was hunched over and sobbing, a picture in her hands of a blonde boy. Hmm. That guy looked like Spike. Scary. She went into human form and her way towards her. Ginny Weasley was what they called her.

"Are you alright?" she asked.

Nice question, Ahn. Pfft. Idiot.

Ginny turned and took her in with teary brown eyes. She shook her head and let out a small sob.

"No, not exactly."

Anya made quick work of walking towards and sitting on the bench. "What happened?"

"It's a stupid story."

"Tell me." Ahn insisted, "Please?"

Ginny took a breath. "My best friend is a guy name Draco Malfoy. We've been friends since I was fifteen and I loved him then like another brother. My love for him was deepening over the years and now I love him so much and it hurts and he's getting married to some tart name Pansy."

Ahn look stunned. "Damn."

5:06 pm
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