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Magol o i Valar

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Summary: (Sword of The Valar).The Powers That Be dump Buffy at the edge of Lórien as the Fellowship are about to enter it. Problem - Buffy's just killed Angel. Set from the end of Season 2.

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Lord of the Rings > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: LegolasWiccanSlayerFR152442,53967085,3268 Apr 0412 Jul 07No

The Burning of Uncertainty

Disclaimer: Lord of The Rings belongs to Tolkien, the original script to Peter Jackson, etc. Buffy The Vampire Slayer belongs to Whedon and Mutant Enemy. I unfortunately own nothing but a Fiat Uno…, which, by the way, is crap.

AN: I apologize for the annoyingly long wait – I seem to have chosen a really stressful profession to study.

If any, translations are at the end of the page.

This chapter is a combination of the book and the original movie script.

The Path of the Dead. Creepy name. Totally creepy place. The grey canyon was long before them. Buffy’s skin prickled. The air in the canyon began to tell of a presence in the area. It clung to her senses like dew to a blade of grass. It was easy to see that the others were uneasy too. Gimli was practically hiding behind Legolas as they rode through the grey path, though of course, they were sharing the horse. Buffy rode alongside them. Aragorn and Halbarad had the lead a little ahead of them, with rangers in between.

“What kind of army would linger in such a place?” Gimli whispered. Buffy was also wondering what the point of their little journey was. Legolas was forthcoming with the information.

“One that is cursed. Long ago the men of the mountains swore an oath to Isildur, to come to his aid. To fight. But, when the time came. When Gondor’s need was dire, they would not, for they worshiped Sauron in the Dark Years. They vanished into the darkness of the mountain. And so Isildur cursed them: Never to rest, until they had fulfilled their pledge.” The Elf relayed.

“So what are we doing exactly?” Buffy asked, puzzled. Legolas smiled at her.

“Our dear friend Aragorn happens to be the heir of Isildur. He holds the right to invoke the oath that was sworn.”

“Well, that’s handy. Then we use the ghosties to fight the big bad?” Buffy replied. It was Legolas’ turn to look puzzled as he sorted out what she had said.

“Yes… I think.” He chuckled. It was a rich tinkling sound that warmed her heart, and she smiled up at him. Her breath caught when he returned it with a grin. His face lit up. She could feel the love shining in his eyes, and it made her glow inside. It took her mind completely from the situation that they were in. But she did begin to notice the discomfort of some of the riders around them. A few of the rangers looked increasingly nervous. Back in Sunnydale nerves were never allowed to surface. That’s where Xander’s joking came in.

“You know, I find it helps if you think about something else entirely. Like something funny.” Buffy tried to reassure the one closest to her. He happened to be the one who seemed the most afraid. He was quite skittish.

“My lady, I doubt I could if I tried. Evil lurks in this place. But you seem oddly cheerful, my lady?” Miccan frowned. “Your bravery must equal your beauty.”

“Everyone’s afraid of different things, Mic. Ghosties don’t bug me that much. Where I’m from… I am the thing that those that go-bump-in-the-night fear.” She flashed him a cheeky grin, earning a short laugh. She didn’t mention that her sweet Elf was making her so cheerful. It didn’t seem fair. These men were far from their loved ones.

“Surely not, my lady! One of your beauty cannot be feared.” He grinned. “Perhaps the demons you fight are struck by your appearance, allowing you time to defeat them?”

“Hey watch it Mickey.” Buffy scolded. “I come from a warrior line than goes back thousands of years. Being the Slayer gives me an instant rep… The Chosen One is always feared by the demons in my world.”

The canyon was closing in around them now, dead trees lay just ahead. The party dismounted, holding their horses’ reins.

“You are chosen? How is this done?” Miccan asked as he jumped down from his roan gelding. At least he was forgetting to be nervous of ghosts, Buffy thought.

“Some girls are born with the potential to become a Slayer. When the active Slayer dies, another is chosen randomly by an ancient magick. The essence of the Slayer passes immediately to the next ‘lucky’ girl.” She would usually leave explanations to Giles, but…

“Then it is always a girl? And this girl has no choice or warning?” Mic was puzzled. “How does a young girl fight evil?”

The group led their horses through the black trees; the rock faces darkening around them.

“Yeah, messed up huh? Slayers have handy skills and powers. Watch me in the battle ahead and you’ll see.” She looked up ahead as the horses in front began to slow. “Looks like we’re stopping here.” The party came to a halt at an opening in the rock face. It was decorated with skulls - an obvious warning against entry.

“The very warmth of my blood seems stolen away.” Gimli shuddered.

There were black drawings on the rocks over the entranceway. All were about the Dark Lord and death. There was also an inscription.

“The way is shut… it was made by those who are dead…and the dead keep it. The way is shut.” Legolas read.

“Pretty much asking for an ass-kicking if we go in then? So… what we waiting for?”


They entered the dubious passage, wary of what lay ahead. Buffy continued to chat with the young Ranger, Miccan.

“Thank you, my lady. This talk has taken my mind from thoughts of this place for a ti… aaaahhhh!” Miccan broke off with a terrified yell.

“What?!” She turned from facing him to see that a ghostly apparition, wearing an elaborate crown, had appeared in front of the steps leading to the door to Erech. “Oh.”

“Who enters…” The King of the Dead boomed. Miccan paled, leading Buffy to pre-emptively hold him steady.

“… my domain?” The ghost finished. Buffy could see Gimli stiffen ahead of her. Legolas had his bow out and an arrow in place in a flash.

Aragorn immediately turned around from facing his friends and kin.

“One who will have your allegiance?” He called, not without hope.

“The dead do not suffer the living to pass.” The ghost king sneered.

“You will suffer me!” Aragorn commanded.

The King let out the most spine-chilling laugh that Buffy had ever heard. If at all possible, Miccan went paler and swayed with fear. She herself gasped when a dead army suddenly surrounded them. They floated closer as more appeared behind, bringing a thick mist with them.

“The way is shut… it was made by those who are dead… and the dead keep it.” The King of the Dead smiled maliciously. “The way is shut. Now you must die.” The ghost moved toward Aragorn, and Legolas fired an arrow. It flew straight through the king.

Buffy had expected that, but she was starting to worry over the safety of her elf and her friends. “Stand up Mickey!” She hissed at Miccan. He obliged, shaking his head and shakily drawing his sword. Buffy had already covered the few paces to Legolas, her own sword drawn and ready to defend ad protect.

"I summon you to fulfill your oath." Aragorn demanded clearly, gaining confidence.

"None, but the king of Gondor may command me!" The ghost protested and readied.

Aragorn in turn readied Andúril, blocking the king’s blow. This move left the blade of the twice-forged sword at the ghost king’s neck.

"The blade was broken!" The king’ eyes widened in disbelief.

"It has been re-made." Aragorn replied, only a little smug. He pushed on his sword, forcing the ghost back. The dead surrounding them remained silent throughout the exchange… watching and waiting for a command. "Fight for us and regain your honour." Aragorn pleaded. "What say you?"

He walked in front of the front row of the dead, holding Andúril out so that they may see the proof of his heritage. "What say you?!" He demanded angrily. They remained silent still. Buffy frowned, getting increasingly nervous.

"You waste your time, Aragorn!” Gimli called out. “They had no honour in life, they have none now in death." He shook his head.

"I am Isildur's heir. Fight for me!" Aragorn boomed. "And I will hold your oath fulfilled!"

The King of the Dead merely smiled at Aragorn as he pointed his sword at him. Buffy found it quite disturbing.

"What say you!?" Aragorn yelled, now desperate.

The Dead King’s face twisted in a grimace and he began to laugh. The Dead faded away into the mist, leaving Buffy and her companions wary and confused. Aragorn frowned in dismay and yelled once more.

“You have my word! Fight and I will release you from this living death! What say you?!”

“Stand, you traitors!” Gimli growled.

A sharp wind began to blow the surrounding mists away and a loud crack resounded through the cavern. Suddenly the walls of the King of the Dead’s hall began to tear open and thousands of skulls poured out.

“OUT!!!” Aragorn shouted to his friends ahead of him.

As the company ran, the skulls soon began to overtake them and they were very nearly swept away. Aragorn struggled to gain some ground as the skulls tumbled through the cavern.

“Legolas! Buffy! Run!” Aragorn yelled. They had fallen behind when they looked back to make sure that he was following.

The avalanche of skulls began to loosen rocks, causing them to fall into the cavern. The company emerged from a crack in the mountain in a cloud of dust and debris. As they stood there, gasping for fresh air, they saw the river below them – and the Corsair Ships awaiting battle. Aragorn fell to his knees in frustration. As Buffy made a start towards him to offer encouragement, the King of the Dead appeared from the rock wall.

“We fight!” He grinned.

Buffy and the others heaved a collective sigh of relief and Aragorn closed his eyes and nodded in acceptance.


Aragorn, Legolas, Buffy and Gimli waited on the river bank as the Corsair ships approached upriver. The rangers waited with the Dead King in the forest behind them.

As they came within hearing distance, Aragorn called out.

“You may go no further. You will not enter Gondor.”

“Who are you to deny us passage?” The Captain of the nearest ship retorted.

“Legolas,” Aragorn whispered. “Fire a warning shot past the bosun’s ear.”

The Elf prince drew an arrow from his quiver and fitted it to his bow.

“Mind your aim!” Gimli

As the elf took aim and loosed the arrow, the mischievous dwarf bumped his elbow. The bosun fell down from the crow’s nest with a yell. Dead.

“Ooh!” Gimli grinned. Legolas shot him an angry look, which he ignored.

“That’s it. Right. We warned you. Prepare to be boarded.” Gimli yelled, shaking his axe at them.

The Corsair crews doubled with laughter.
“Boarded?” The Captain chuckled. “By you and whose army?”

“This army.” Aragorn grinned as the King of the Dead emerged through his body and the Rangers stepped out from behind the trees.

The ghostly forces swept over the ships and attacked the Corsairs with vigour. The company didn’t have to do a thing but board the lead ship.


Buffy peeked over the side of the ship as it came to a halt. Orcs were waiting for the Corsairs on the dockside at Osgiliath. Their apparent leader stepped forward.

“Late as usual! Pirate scum! There’s knife work here that needs doin’! Come on, you sea-rats. Get off your ships!” He swaggered.

“Let’s give him what he’s asking for then.” The Slayer grinned fiercely.

Aragorn leaped over the side of the ship, landing with a thud in front of the Orc, closely followed by Legolas, Gimli, Buffy, the Elven twins, Halbarad and the rangers. The Orcs look alarmed at first, but then their expressions became unimpressed. They far outnumbered the group, despite their skill.

Gimli turned to Legolas with a challenging gleam to his eye.

“There are plenty for the both of us. May the best dwarf win!” He chuckled with glee.

Aragorn and the others charged forward, immediately followed by the forces of the Dead. They swept off the ships, over the water, and spilled out onto the docks. The ghosts engulfed the Orcs, bringing with them a glowing green cloud of death.


She danced through the hordes, hacking and slashing as she twirled and dodged.

She danced, bringing destruction upon the enemy.

She danced. And her sword sang a song of death.

And as she danced, the Ghosts swarmed, the Dwarf chopped, the Heir decimated, the Elves pierced and the Rangers sliced.

In mere minutes, the docks were cleared of all the enemy forces that had gathered there. The company retrieved their horses from the ship and they and the ghostly forces continued on over Pelennor, fighting their way through to where the Rohirrim battled. Before long, they reached their allies, only to come upon the scene of Théoden’s demise.

He lay there, the wounded Snowmane crushing the king’s lower body beneath his weight. He was now an easy target for the Witch King and Fell Beast who loomed over him. As they fought their way towards him, Buffy noticed that the soldier protecting the king was none other than Éowyn, White Lady of Rohan. Merry crawled out from almost beneath a fallen Mumak, coughing from being half crushed. Éowyn’s horse, Windfola was nowhere to be seen. Suddenly the White Lady slashed her sword up as the beast struck. Her skill with the sword was immediately obvious. The Fell Beast lay headless upon the blood-strewn ground. The Wraith rose from its fallen mount – tall and threatening. She was as a dwarf next to it.

The Witch King grabbed Éowyn and began to choke her. Buffy’s eyes widened in horror as she struggled to fight through the Orcs and Goblins surrounding her. Her friend was in great danger. As she fought the enemy off, she caught glimpses of what was transpiring between the Lady and the Witch King a mere three metres away.

“You fool. No man can kill me. Die now.” The Nazgul rasped.

Merry suddenly leaped up from behind the Witch King, and with a determined yell, struck the Wraith with his Elven blade. The Nazgul leader fell to its knees as the Hobbit dropped his sword and stumbled backwards. He clutched his arm as if it had been burned. He screamed in pain.

As Éowyn rose, removing her helm, Buffy realized that this was the purpose of the White Lady partaking in this battle.
Éowyn faced the Witch King, her pale blonde hair flying free in the wind in defiance of his protecting curse. Buffy could see her fear, but it was forced down by the courage that shone in her eyes. She seemed enraged by the death of Théoden, who had been as a father to her. She was a child of kings, a warrior maiden of the Rohirrim.

Buffy sliced through her last opponent just as Éowyn yelled.

“I am no man! Ahh!” She darted forward, plunging her sword into the front of the Witch King’s helm. Her stroke was swift and true… And definitely deadly. Buffy jumped down off her horse.

The Nazgul shrieked in protest as he crumpled to the ground. As it died, the White Lady of Rohan stumbled back and began to fall in pain. Buffy caught her as she dropped.

“You did it!” The Slayer grinned as she lowered her friend to the ground.

Éowyn grimaced as the pain of piercing a Nazgul with her sword shot up her arms into her body. One of her arms was also broken.

Buffy looked up as she crouched there to ensure their safety, only to find Aragorn, Gimli and her Legolas slaughtering the Orcs surrounding them. She rolled her eyes as she heard the Elf and the Dwarf counting their kills once more.

As Éowyn nursed her arm she too looked up… in the other direction.

“Merry!” She shouted a warning.

Gothmog, One of the Orc generals was limping towards them. Buffy swung her sword up as he brought his mace crashing down. The weapons caught in a clang and the Slayer shoved the Orc back as she rose to face him. Not realizing the danger that he was in from this diminutive woman, he charged back… only to meet her sword with his throat. The sword sliced through the front of his neck and back out before he had a chance to react in any way. The blood gurgled in his throat, and he was dead.


Aragorn noticed an approaching Mumak. The colossal beast was barrelling towards them.

“It’s a giant freakin’ elephant!” Buffy was astonished. She thought those in her own world were big. That one she’d seen on the zoo trip in junior year had been massive.

“Legolas!” Aragorn yelled.

Legolas leaped gracefully onto the Mumak's tusk, then onto the front leg, then to the enormous creature’s back. He scampered up and began to shoot arrows at the Mumak's riders, counting his kills as he went.

“Thirty-three, thirty-four.”

The Mumak’s riders started attacking him, but were hastily pushed off. The prince grabbed a rope, and swung down the animal’s side. He swung back and forth as it continued to run. Finally, he reached the roped holding the war tower to the Mumak’s back. In one deft move, he sliced through the rope with one of his daggers. The tower slid down the other side of the beast, as Legolas held on to the rope. Doing so, he was able to walk back up the creature’s back as the tower crashed to the ground. It was immediately swarmed by the Ghostly army.

Legolas drew three arrows, shooting them into the Mumak's neck. As it came crashing down, he ran down its great trunk, jumping off as it landed with a grand thud. Legolas himself landed gracefully right in front of Gimli.

“That still only counts as one!” He yelled in resentment. “Alright then, come on!”

The whole event had Buffy’s eyes glazed over at the sheer ‘hotness’ of it all. She thought she would melt. But she was once again drawn into the battle, and had no time to let her thoughts wander.

Legolas and the twins took down the remaining Mumakil as the Orcs, Goblins and Nazgul were taken care of by the rest of the forces of good.

Buffy was in her Slayer element. The battle was thrilling. And she loved that her wounds healed so fast.


As Buffy protected the mystically wounded Éowyn and Merry, the White Lady noticed that her dear uncle was not yet dead. She dragged herself over to him. His eyes lit up when he saw her coming near. Buffy followed and lifted Snowmane from the king as he began to speak.

“I know your face.” He smiled through his pain. “Éowyn. My eyes darken.”

“No! No!” She protested. “I'm going to save you!”

As she said it, Buffy heard a rider coming toward them – she swung around, ready to defend. It was Éomer. He had finally noticed the downfall of his king. The Slayer noticed the double shock on his face at seeing his sister (at the battle) with his dying uncle. He leaped from his horse as Théoden spoke to Éowyn.

“You already did. Éowyn - My body is broken. You have to let me go. I go to my fathers, in whose mighty company I shall not now be ashamed.” He reassured her. Then he turned to his nephew.

“Éomer.” He smiled. “Hail King of the Mark! Ride now to victory… Farewell my children.”

Éowyn wept as their beloved uncle drew his last breath.


By nightfall, the grasses of the Pelennor fields were stained with blood and strewn with bodies.

Prince Imrahil and the Southrons had joined the battle from the other end of the field, adding their bold and grim determination to the might of the allied forces.

The battle was over - and they had won!

Gandalf had defended Minas Tirith form the Nazgul and he and Pippin now walked across the battlefield to their friends.
Aragorn stood before the Army of the Dead.

“Release us.” Their King demanded.

“Bad idea.” Gimli grimaced. “Very handy in a tight spot, these lads, despite the fact they're dead.”

The Dead King looked highly displeased.

“You gave us your word.” He growled.

“I hold your oath fulfilled. Go. Be at peace.” Aragorn told them sincerely.

At this, the king of the Dead smiled with relief and pleasure. The ghostly force dissipated into the ether. Forever at peace.
Gandalf bowed to Aragorn, acknowledging his worthiness as King of Gondor.

Buffy smiled tiredly.

“Is anybody else famished?” She pouted.

“Oh yes!” Pippin exclaimed. “I’m absolutely starving! I haven’t eaten since lunch.”

He frowned as they all had a hearty chuckle.

“Aye, let’s get on to the castle and find us somethin’ to fill our bellies.” Gimli grinned as he led the Slayer to her horse.


The End?

You have reached the end of "Magol o i Valar" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 12 Jul 07.

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