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Hush Little Baby

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Summary: Harry's wife dies and her friends (the scooby gang) all show up.

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Harry Potter > Multiple PairingsMrsAndisMomFR71634053,6128 Apr 048 Apr 04Yes
Hush Little Baby

A/N: All things HP Belong to Rowling, All things BtVS belong to Wheadon

It was raining. again. It didn’t seam to have stopped raining since she died and the baby was crying again. He was only 4 days old. Was it really only four days ago?

“Hush little baby don’t say a word…” Harry began to sing softly and absently.

She wasn’t what people had expected for him, especially considering who she was. Her friends had been ... different. One had even gotten Draco to be...human. Even if they weren’t lovers Dawn had become his friend and that went a long way. Of Course Buffy had married Charlie, and Willow was with Remus. He was detecting a werewolf pattern. Ron and Hermoine were supposed to be getting married next week. It had been postponed. Ginny was with of all people, Seamus. Xander had been killed in a car accident 6 mos. ago. Spike lived in LA. a mass of slayers and mini slayers, complete with watchers. And every last bloody one of them was in his living room, even a ghostly apparition of Xander. That was a new one on him.

He’s stopped crying. Down you go. Oh love, what did you leave me for?

“He's been up there a while. Should someone go see how he is? I mean the baby stopped crying 10 min ago.” Hermoine looked worried and Ron held her, looking worried himself.

“He's been through too much to just give up now” Ron said with more hope than conviction, “plus there’s James . He wouldn’t leave him all alone.” would he? the unspoken question echoed through the minds of everyone.

It had only taken one. one lone solitary loose wizard. He’d been mad of course. Blamed Nicci for her father. No one knew she existed or was as powerful as she was until three or four years earlier when she showed up in Sunnydale. It was completely ironic. A completely pure, white witch. her magic was pure. her mother had been muggle born and she had been raised in the muggle world. Who would have thought that Nichole Riddle could have existed. Her mother pretended to be happy with Riddle and escaped. Using no magic and keeping a low profile she had survived is downfall and Nichole had helped defeat him.

Oh Nicci…..Harry was the one crying now.

“Harry?” Oh God he was hallucinating he was hearing her voice.


He looked up this time. And fell to his knees.

“Nicci?” He breathed She was shining. Dressed in white.

“they said I could come say good bye.” She smiled. “My love, sometimes things just must be that way. I needed to move to Sunnydale to combat the darkness, to help others, Willow, Buffy, Dawn. I’ve seen her children waiting. Her life and Draco’s looks. A stunning combination. Who knew a random request to a law firm about finding my father would lead to all of this?” We both knew it had to end this way. We lived lives of a certain sort. It would have been you or me. One way or another. Someone who blames me for Father or some Death Eater who blames you for father’s death. It was inevitable. I cannot stay. But I will see you again.” She leaned over and kissed James. He will be great. Even Cranky pants will like him. Never forget I loved you.” Nichole leaned over and kissed Harry, said “good-bye my love.” and vanished.

“Good-bye Nichole. I’ll see you when all this is over. “ And Harry caressed his sleeping son and went down to face all those people in his living room.

He closed the door and a light began to glow. James cooed.

“Hush little one, I won’t stay long, just long enough to see how you turn out for myself…and keep an eye on all of them.”


The End

You have reached the end of "Hush Little Baby". This story is complete.

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