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Do over

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Summary: Higher Being Cordelia has been watching what’s been going on with her friends, so when she gets sent back in time she decides to change things a little. HP crossover Cordelia/ Draco

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Harry Potter > Cordelia-Centered > Pairing: Draco Malfoy(Past Donor)hellmouthprincessFR151518,15621211,4909 Apr 049 Apr 04Yes

Chapter Twelve

Okay, I had originally planned an ending where somebody dies, then I decided it didn’t fit so I decided to change it, then I decided to write both and see what people thought, then I decided to only write one because I really couldn’t make one of them work.

So here we go, the last chapter, hope you enjoy it!


Chapter Twelve

Draco had got up that morning and pretended nothing had happened. He had more important things to do in the day than mope, and the sooner they were over the sooner he could go get Cordelia back. It also helped to think of killing an evil wizard a something to get over and done with.


They were all preparing for attack. Testing their wands, going over the plan, and many, just to be on the safe side, were saying good bye to their friends.

Harry walked over to where Hermione and Ron were sitting

“Hi” was all he could say

“Hello” said Hermione. Ron just smiled.

“So um, big day coming up right?” Way to go Harry, he said in his head, that’s the best you could come up with.

“I’m sorry” he and Hermione said at the same time, then laughed a little.

“Me first” said Hermione “I’m sorry about the way I acted, I might be wrong about Malfoy, and I shouldn’t have just judged Cordelia by association. I understand that I was rude to your friends and I’ve been childish ignoring you”

“I know how much you dislike Malfoy, you weren’t really expecting him to be with me that day, and I’ve been childish two. Ignoring you”

They hugged “I didn’t want to go into this on bad terms with you”

“Me either”

Ron just stood and watched, grinning. “I don’t think we’ve actually spoken since I got back” said Harry.

“Yeah, I would have come and spoken to you earlier but I’m scared of her” He received a playful swat from Hermione, “With good reason” he added.

Harry laughed and the next ten minutes were spent chatting about what they had missed in each others lived, acting like the old friends that they were.

Meanwhile Draco was thinking of only of what everybody else was trying to forget. He was checking everybody was ready and ensuring that nothing could go wrong. He stopped to look around the room, the great Hall of Hogwarts which all students were currently banned from. There were a lot of aurors here, that was good, they were well trained and prepared to fight. There were members of the order of the phoenix, they had been training and they were dedicated, they were the ones who were willing to die for the cause just because they believed in the cause. The final group of people were those who had volunteered and been recruited by Dumbledore in recent months, trained as part of an army.

Around the room he could see eight Weasleys, the seven children and their father, he remember that even Mrs Weasley had wanted to come but they had insisted she stayed at home with her granddaughter, telling her it would be the best place for her. None of those redheads trusted him; they were all suspicious that he was leading an attack.

He looked at his watch, then caught Harry’s eye. He nodded in agreement, it was time. Harry got up and walked over.

“You ready?” Draco asked him.

“As I’ll ever be” responded Harry. “So you take your team around the back, kill anything in a robe?”

“You take yours in through the front, once more the famous Harry Potter will be the one drawing the attention”

“That is the point of a distraction” smirked Harry. He was taking his team, his smaller team that had been handpicked to look like those who would follow Harry through the front. He was trusting that Draco and his lot would be in their in time, he knew that he couldn’t defeat the Death Eaters with just those he had with him, and he definitely couldn’t get close enough to kill Voldemort.

“You trust me?” asked Draco, as if reading his mind.

Harry paused. Then nodded “With my life” Then he couldn’t help but laugh “Never thought I’d be saying that to Draco Malfoy”

“I never thought I’d genuinely tell Harry Potter that you have good reason. I’ll get them in. We’ll be there” he turned away before he had to get soppy. “Come on people, its time, let’s roll”


The plan was going well. He had stormed into Voldemort’s hideout, a huge mansion where he was having a meeting with most of his death eaters, discussing an attack that would never take place. They had all been surprised to see the small attack, Harry and the others managed to take out all the Death Eaters who were guarding. The noise was enough that all the robed men who were in the meeting came out, intent on killing the disturbance. They were even more surprised when an even larger group came at them from behind. And so the true battle began, and people were falling from both sides, some dead, some just injured.

Harry wasn’t sure how long it had been; time just had no meaning to him there. Harry had noticed that there were some death eaters still guarding a closed door. He knew instantly where to find Voldemort, who so far had been absent from the fight. He called some others and they attacked the door, only he got through while the others distracted the guards.

Inside Harry quickly took note of the room. There was the door he cam in and another one on the opposite wall. It wasn’t very big, all stone and dungeony, with no windows. The most noticeable thing in the room was the throne; it was large and decorative, sitting next to the other door. In the throne sat Lord Voldemort himself, surrounded by about ten death eaters. Harry did a mental calculation, odds of 11:1 against him, conclusion, he was about to die.

Voldemort actually smiled, and evil smile. “Cunning plan Mr Potter. Coming in here alone I think you’ve got me this time!”

As the death eaters surrounded him Harry backed away with his wand out, aiming at Voldemort he shouted “Avada Kedavra”

The death eaters stopped, stunned, had that really just happened? The green light hit their master and for a second pain showed up and he bowed his head. Then a quiet, evil chuckle could be heard. Voldemort lifted his head, still laughing to himself. “Interesting” he said. “I’m not dead. You can’t defeat me Potter, no one can”

Despite his own confusion and shock, Harry had taken the opportunity to play on his opponents shock and taken down six of the ten before they could react. He aimed his wand at the evil wizard again. He concentrated on summoning all the power he had, ignoring whoever had just come through the other door; he screamed the words “Avada Kedavra”

Voldemort just smiled as the green light came towards him. At the same time another came from the other side, the two curses hit at the same time and this time Voldemort fell to the ground, screaming in pain. Harry looked around to see Draco standing, still with his wand extended.

“Took your time” he commented.

Draco motioned to the wound at his side that was bleeding badly. “Got distracted” he replied.

“Nasty, what curse did that?”

“It wasn’t, some Death eater got disarmed and decided to opt for display muggle weaponry off the wall”

“Well, let’s go finish this off”

They both turned. The four death eaters who had been in the room had fled, now news had got around about their masters death, some were running, a few gave themselves up, but many were fighting just as hard, if not harder”


“It’s over” said Harry to nobody in particular. He leant against a wall, watching as the living death eaters were arrested, the dead ones were left, and the people on their side were either given medial attention or taken into the room that was temporary mortuary.

Harry looked around for Draco around the survivors. He wasn’t standing around anywhere. Then he caught sight of him, lying on the floor face down, no sign of movement.

Harry slowly moved towards him and knelt beside him. “Draco?” he asked, as he desperately looked for signs of life


Cordelia had reached her old apartment. She just needed a little while before she went to Angel’s. She had had a quick look around to see how Fred was doing in the place. From the look of the bedroom she hadn’t properly moved in, her suitcase was still sitting out ready to be filled up again, and she had kept her unpacked stuff as limited as possible. In the bathroom there was just enough stuff to get by with, and some of it was still kept in a travelling wash bag.

There was no doubt; Fred had fully expected her to be coming home. ‘Well’ thought Cordelia ‘she was right. It still felt weird that the girl had such faith in her.


“Draco?” Harry asked again

“Honestly Potter” was the reply “If I didn’t know any better I’d say you were about to cry. Don’t tell me Rita Skeeter was right all those years ago, you’re just a big cry baby aren’t you?”

“You bastard” laughed Harry, relieved and angry.

“Yeah, and you’re gonna be stuck with me for a hell of a lot longer”

“I should have left you lying here” remarked Harry

“Whatever, you think you could get me a little help here?”


Draco was being patched up and was told he was going to heal nicely, but he still hurt like hell.

“How long does it get to LA?” he asked the mediwitch.

“By apparition, a couple of seconds, same with floo, same with portkey”

“How about plane?”

“I struggle to understand how those muggle contraptions even float without the aid of magic, I have no idea how long it takes them to get to places”

“Well” he said, “Fingers crossed she’s not in a public place.” Then he disappeared with a pop, trying to go straight to Cordelia.

The mediwitch swore at the loss of an unfinished patient. --------------

Cordelia screamed at the loud pop next to her. At that moment Fred and Gunn burst through the door to see what was going.

“Cordelia?” said Fred and Gunn at the same time, both amazed.

“I knew you’d come back. Never doubted you” said Gunn with a cocky grin

“Who’s your friend?” asked Fred, feeling a little awkward

“Uh, this is Draco” she said looking at him, she noticed his wounds, “What happened?” she asked, forgetting everything at the thought that he could be hurt.

“We killed him. Voldemort’s dead!”

“I thought that was next week”

“Somebody was spying on us; we moved it up to give us the element of surprise”

“But you’re alright?”

“I’m fine, a bit sore, but fine”

She nodded, and then they were silent, the worry was replaced with memories of their fight.

“I should have told you” she said. “I’m sorry, I just, I kept putting it off and then before I knew it, it just felt like it was too late and then I had to”

“It’s OK. I was upset, then I realised that I didn’t care, all I want is you Cordelia”

She smiled. “Really?”

He nodded “I love you”

“I love you too”

They closed the distance between them and kissed.

“Feel like we’re interrupting something?” Gunn asked Fred

This distracted them enough to pull apart. “Sorry” said Cordelia, “Uh, Fred Gunn, this is my boyfriend Draco, Draco these are my friends Fred and Gunn”


Fred and Gunn entered the Hyperion first. Cordelia, pausing outside for a minute.

“You can do this” Draco told her

“Yeah, will you come with? Just be there for me, unless of course Angel tries to kill me in which case I give you full permission to knock him unconscious.

He nodded. “It’ll be fine”

Cordelia nodded and smiled. She let him take the hand from the arm that wasn’t holding Connor and hold it in his.

Everybody turned around when the doors opened. Fred and Gunn because they knew who it was, the others because they thought it could be a customer.

Angel got up and walked slowly towards her. Cordelia passed Connor to him. “I’m sorry” she said. “I know you may not believe me but it was for his own good”

Angel wasn’t listening; all he could see and hear was his son. His son who he hadn’t seen in so long. “Hi” he said to him, “you miss your daddy?”

The others all surrounded him to say hello to Connor. Cordelia just watched, she felt Draco squeeze her hand. She looked at him and gave him a week smile. She was about to lose Connor, it was weird, it just felt wrong to be without him now, but she had to be. She turned around and began to walk out the door.

“Cordelia” said Angel, calling after her.

She turned around, “Yeah?” she said with a tiny bit of hope

“Um, do you have his stuff?” The hope faded

Cordelia nodded slightly, “It’s in the back of Gunn’s truck”

Angel just nodded and Cordelia headed for the door again. “Cordelia”

“Yeah?” she said, wondering what he was going to ask now



So what do you think? All I can think is thank god I can sleep again. I’ve been up till early morning all this week trying to write this, and now it’s finally over.

Did you enjoy it? If so let me know because I’m thinking of writing a sequel, one where Harry finally gets laid!! Let me know who you think I should pair him with as well. Anybody from the Buffy/Angel world.

The End

You have reached the end of "Do over". This story is complete.

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