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Do over

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Summary: Higher Being Cordelia has been watching what’s been going on with her friends, so when she gets sent back in time she decides to change things a little. HP crossover Cordelia/ Draco

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Harry Potter > Cordelia-Centered > Pairing: Draco Malfoy(Past Donor)hellmouthprincessFR151518,15621211,4919 Apr 049 Apr 04Yes

Do over

Do Over

Higher Being Cordelia has been watching what’s been going on with her friends, so when she gets sent back in time she decides to change things a little. HP crossover Cordelia/ Draco

DISTRIBUTION: So far here and, anyone want it anywhere else just tell me.

DISCLAIMER: Angel characters belong to Joss and all the Angel people, Harry Potter characters, who will appear in later chapters, are property of JK Rowling.

Basically I own nothing

SPOILERS: Although this goes a bit AU from mid season 3 of Angel, there are still spoilers from after that because Cordelia is from later somewhere so some season 4 spoilers.

Harry Potter characters are all older so whole lot.

FEEDBACK: yes please, in vast quantities

AN: OK so this story was up before but after the site went down all my stuff and my account just disappeared so I’m posting it again.

If I’ve just been a total idiot and it’s now on twice please tell me so I can correct it.


Cordelia had been watching life as a higher being for so long now. It felt so long anyway, she would be here forever, so she should really remember that a couple of years were no time at all. She hated it here, apart from everything else she was bored, and all she could do was watch. It was annoying.

She felt something, it felt like something tugging at her, and it hurt. That wasn’t right; there were not physical feelings here. She felt it again, sharper, more painful. Then one final time in a blinding crash of pain she seemed to fall.

She heard a voice that seemed to be coming from all around her and inside her head at the same time. “You have to change things. You have to change everything completely”


Cordelia opened her eyes slowly. The first thing she saw was Angel. He was sitting there by her bed holding onto her hand.

“Angel?” she whispered

He smiled “Cordy you’re OK?”

She jumped up and put her arms around him. “Angel, oh God I’m so sorry. I never came back; I’ve been up there all this time I never came back. I would never do any of that stuff, you know that right, I love you, and I would never hurt you. All I could do was watch while that tramp made me go all fat and then she left and it was just an empty body again. I’m so sorry, I wanted to help you but I couldn’t, I couldn’t anything but watch”

“Cordy? Shh, it’s OK, it was just a dream”

She pulled back. “What?” she asked. Then she looked around. “Oh my God” She was in the hotel, the Hyperion. She was in Angel’s bed. Then she caught sight of the crib. She jumped in shock. She walked over. “Connor? He’s so small”

“He’s a baby, they normally are small” said Angel, not sure whether to be amused or worried.

“Yeah a baby” She said, smiling slightly, and then she fainted. Angel was there in time to catch her. He put her back on the bed. He turned to see all the others come in.

“We thought we heard her” said Fred

“You did. She woke up said some weird stuff, and then dropped again. She didn’t look like she was having a vision though.


It was another few hours before she woke up again. Angel was asleep by her side. She smiled. “Angel” she said softly

“You’re awake again” he stated

“Yeah, what day is it?”

“Day after your birthday” he replied. “We’ve still got all your presents downstairs, as well as the cake. I was so worried about you. Promise you won’t leave me again”

She shook her head. “I’m not going to make a promise I can’t keep. You have no idea what I’ve just been through. After all that I end up back here. It seems, pointless”

“What are you talking about?” she asked

She was about to tell him. He was her best friend, she loved him. He would understand. Then she stopped herself. If she told him everything she knew how he would react. When he learnt about Connor he would get more protective then ever, he would never let anybody else near him, and he would probably try and kill Wesley. “Angel do you trust me?”

“Of course” he replied

“With you life?”


“Would you trust me with Connor’s life?” she asked

“Yes” he said, with no trace of doubt. “Why? Is this about the vision you had?”

“Just know that this is what I have to do” she leant forwards and kissed him on the lips. Angel was surprised but he liked it. Cordelia knew that this kiss signified everything they could never have. She leant over and picked up the lamp from the bedside table. She smashed it over his head with every ounce of force she had. Luckily it work, he was knocked unconscious. She had to work quickly, grabbing everything she would need for Connor and putting it untidily into a few bags. She struggled to carry all this down the stairs as well as a pram and the baby. Luckily nobody else was in the hotel.


She snuck out and took Angel’s car. She knew that would be the worst sin of all but she needed it as she had had to sell her car when she had been low on cash a little while back. She strapped the baby in then drove away. She got out her cell phone and left a message to Dennis on her answer phone “Hey Dennis, don’t worry I’m fine, I’m going to be fine, but I need you to pack some stuff up for me. I’m going away, for a while, maybe a long while. Just pack me everything I need. Please”


When she got to her apartment she saw that there was a pile of neatly stacked bags waiting for her. “Thank You Dennis” she said. “I’m not going to be around for a while” she said “But don’t worry, I’m going to suggest Fred moves in to keep you company.” She looked at the bags. “Do you think you could watch Connor while I take these to the car?”

A teddy that had been lying next to Connor in the car seat he was sitting in started floating in front of him, making the baby laugh. She took that as a yes, then started taking the bags down to the car.

After one last quick sweep of the apartment, picking up a few things she might need she picked up the phone.

“Angel Investigations, we help the hopeless. We’re not here right now but please leave your details after the tone and we’ll get back to you” said her own voice cheerily down the other end.

“Angel? It’s Cordelia. I just want to say trust me. I’ve quite literally live through the next few years and they’re all bad. I’ve been sent to make complete changes. If you do trust me then please don’t look for me. Stay in LA, kill Holtz, and keep fighting the good fight. Tell Wesley not to believe everything he reads, some prophecies are wrong. Ask Fred if she wants to live in my apartment, Dennis will get lonely. I love you Angel, I promise to keep Connor safe, to give him the childhood he won’t have if I don’t do this” She hung up.

Back in the car she strapped Connors car seat back in safely. Connor was already sleeping soundly as they drove out of the city, away from LA. Cordelia briefly wondered if she was doing the right thing. Maybe all she was meant to do is explain. Would knowing what would happen stop people from making the same mistakes, or would it just make them make those mistakes a little quicker? She couldn’t take the chance. She had to get away from there as quickly was possible. It was nearly dawn, and she eagerly awaited the sun, the symbol that Angel couldn’t be following her.

“Come on Connor” she whispered gently to the sleeping baby. ”It’s just you and me now. You think we’ll be alright?”

The baby didn’t reply, but Cordelia was sure she saw him smile slightly.

“Yeah me too”


AN: Does Cordelia have a car? I wasn’t sure, I’m sure she said she had a car ages ago, but I’m not sure if we’ve actually seen it, plus Angel’s car is cool, so she’s taken that instead. (What do you think he’ll be madder about, she took his kid or she took his car?)
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