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Summary: Draco and Dawn are both sick of living in other peoples shadows, and so they run away and meet up. Hp crossover, DracoDawn. Authors note chapter deleted and new chapter added!

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Harry Potter > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Draco Malfoy(Past Donor)hellmouthprincessFR151221,41532916,1609 Apr 043 Jun 08No


SUMMARY: Draco and Dawn are both sick of living in other peoples shadows, and so they run away and meet up. Hp crossover, Draco/Dawn. Yes the summary is bad, fingers crossed the story is better

SPOILERS: Set in the Buffy verse about a year after ‘Chosen’, so spoilers up to there. In Harry Potter Land they’re in their sixth year so whole series. Dawn and Draco are both sixteen. (Yeah, maybe Dawn should be older if it’s a year after Chosen but she’s not)

DISLAIMER: Not mine, all characters property of Joss and JK Rowling and other people.

Can I just say I hate this pairing. Draco is a fave character of mine, and Dawn is definitely not, but I just got this idea and had to write it.

FEEDBACK: Yes please, in large quantities




Dawn Summers was fed up. She had been travelling with her sister for nearly a year now. The hellmouth was closed but there was still so much to do. At first she thought it would be cool, she got to see a lot of not just America, but the world. Buffy was picking up new slayers, telling them about what they could be if they wanted to.

Willow was travelling with them, being super witch. She had already bound the powers of all the potentials under thirteen. If they said no to being a slayer then they would have their powers bound. All those who said yes were allocated a watcher or sent to ‘slayer school’ in LA, which was run by Principal Wood and Faith. Wood took care of the school side of things, while Faith did the slayer part.

Yet all Dawn seemed to do was listen to other people being told they could do great things. To everybody she ever seemed to meet she was just ‘Buffy’s little sister’. She never got to go to a normal school for more than a month or so. She had tried staying at the school in LA but she could only really take part in half the lessons. She had considered living at the school and going to a normal high school but she would never fit in properly. She wouldn’t be able to explain to the people at High School why she lived at a special boarding school but didn’t attend classes there, and she would be the weird one at the slayer school. It was ironic to be the one to stick out because she was the only one who was even half normal.

She looked out the window at all the clouds. One good thing about her new life, she had grown accustomed to flying, she never felt ill on planes like she had slightly when she was younger. They were headed back to LA for six days to check how the school was going. Buffy liked to be hands on about everything; she liked to make sure that everybody she had seen was settling in OK. After that they were going to Spain to inform another slayer of her possible destiny.

Buffy was asleep beside her, and Willow beside her. They generally slept on plane journeys; Dawn was trying to catch up on some work. She had been doing work that was sent to her by the slayer school so she wouldn’t fall behind. She tried to concentrate on the math problem in front of her. She knew the respective teachers would want all this done by the time they reached LA in a few hours, but all she could think about was how much her life sucked. She wanted desperately to be something other than Buffy Summers little sister.



He had been back at school for a week and he was already hating it, not that home was much better. His father’s topic of the summer had been how Draco would get the dark mark at the end of the year. Draco had been too afraid to say that he did not want the dark mark. He had already heard other people mentioning that they were going to get it.

Draco wasn’t sure why he didn’t want it. He hated muggles, and he hated mudbloods. Surely getting rid of them was a good thing? His only guess was it was the following that he didn’t want to do. Everybody expected him to become a death eater just like his father. That was all he was, Malfoy. He wanted to do something different for a change, something that made people think he was more than just a Malfoy. He sighed at the thought, he knew eventually he would become a death eater; he wouldn’t be able to stand up to his father. In the end he would just be a Malfoy


It’ll get more exciting I promise.
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