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Foreign Correspondence

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Summary: This is DragonKatGal's unfinished story Siblings re-written. While picking up Dawn from platform 9 3/4, Buffy meets someone intresting.

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Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Bill Weasley(Recent Donor)SeleneFR1335,7440108,5109 Apr 0419 Apr 04No

Sunnydale and Letters

Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy the Vampire Slayer, that would be Joss Whedon nor Harry Potter, that's JK Rowling. I just use them for my fun.

Sunnydale and Letters

Dawn was glad to back home, she decided while walking to the
door of her home. Hogwarts was great and she wouldn’t want to go
somewhere else to school for the world, but there just was
something about coming home that couldn’t compare to anything
else. Plus there was also the opportunity to tease Buffy within
an inch of her life, she thought with a smile.

“So, Buffy, when is Bill coming over for a visit?”

Buffy let out a big sigh. Dawn hadn’t shut up about Bill since
they left the platform the day before. So far she managed not to
tell her sister anything, it was way more fun this way. Plus,
she didn’t know if Bill was actually going to write her. He said
he would, but you never knew if a guy was actually going to do
what he said. In the mean time, it was getting harder and harder
avoiding Dawn’s questions. The girl was nothing if not stubborn.

‘When are you’re going to write him? He’s going to write you
right? Are you going to visit him in Egypt? Did you know he’s a
curse breaker? Ron told me about it, it’s such a cool job. You
know, if you and Bill hit it off and get married Ron and I would
be siblings in law. Then Harry could marry Ginny and Hermione is
going to marry Ron and then we’re all family.’

After that last comment Buffy was able to distract Dawn for a
while asking her if Ron and Hermione were an couple yet. At that
question Dawn went on and on about how they were perfect for
each other and really liked each other but were to thickheaded
to see that. She and Harry were apparently seriously considering
locking the pair of them in a small room until they did the
kissing thing. Buffy laughed at that as it reminded her a
great deal about how Willow and Xander were dancing around each
other the last year of high school. Of course neither Ron nor
Hermione have a girl/boyfriend at the moment where as Xander and
Willow both did.
Buffy hoped it would end better for Ron and Hermione then it did
for Willow and Xander.
Seeing as how Hogwarts wasn’t build on a Hell mouth, she had
high hopes.

“Buffy?” Dawn’s voice brought her out of her thoughts.

“Come on Buffy, tell me something! Give me something, anything!
I defiantly saw sparkage between you and Bill. He had his arm
around you. Just tell me if he’s going to write you or not. Come
on? Please?”

Buffy gave her mother a desperate look, but she just smiled and
shook her head as she unlocked the door. Great, no help there.
Buffy narrowed her eyes at both her mother and her sister as she
picked up Dawn’s trunk and walked in the house. Dawn following
her, still spouting questions without repeating herself once.
How did the girl do that?


Buffy had to jump aside to avoid being run over by the red blur
going past her and attaching itself to Dawn.

“How are you, Dawnie? Did you like school this year? Learn
anything interesting? Glad to be home? Met any cute guys? Are
you dating someone? Did you meet Tara yet? Did Buffy write you
about her?” Willow babbled.

Buffy looked at Xander and Tara slightly behind him, who were
standing in living room smiling and shaking their heads at their
friend or girlfriend, however the case might be.

“You let her have coffee didn’t you?” She laughed.

“Sorry Buffster.” Xander shrugged, “We were out late patrolling
and she insisted on staying up to welcome you guys home. Coffee
was the only way to stay awake. How was the land of Giles?”

“Fun, people are real nice and polite. Cold weather though.”

“And Buffy met a guy!” Dawn piped up, having detached herself
from the caffeine hyped Willow.

Buffy just sighed when all the heads immediately snapped in her

“So, Dawn. Come and meet Tara. Tara, this is Dawn, my little
sister.” She said as an attempt to distract her sister.

“Hey Tara!” Dawn said, walking over to the shy girl.

“H..hi Dawn.” Tara said.

“So Buffy,” Xander broke in, plopping himself down on the couch.
“You met a guy? Anybody we should know and threaten?”

“What’s he like, what’s he do, where did you meet him, What’s he
look like? Where’s he from?” Willow babbled while pulling Tara
next to her on the couch.

Buffy glared at her sister, she really wanted to keep this to
herself for awhile. She sat herself down on one of the chairs,
resigned to her fate. Her friends and sister would never let
this go.

“His name is Bill. He’s Dawn’s friend Ron’s big brother. I met
him while picking up Dawn. He’s really good-looking. He’s from
England but works and lives in Egypt. He was just visiting
family now. And no, Xander, you don’t need to threaten him. We
just talked, agreed to write each other, that all.”

“So you are going to write him? I knew it!” Dawn immediately

“He works in Egypt? What’s he do there?” Willow asked.

“He works with the pyramids or something.” Buffy explained. “I
don’t know exactly what he does. We didn’t have that much time
to talk.”

Buffy really hoped they wouldn’t ask anymore about what Bill
did. The magical community was supposed to be a secret, so she
couldn’t exactly tell her friends that he was a curse breaker.
Her friends didn’t even know Dawn went to a magical school.

Dawn had really wanted to tell them after she found out that
Willow was Wicca, but didn’t since it was against the magical
law. Apparently you could get expelled if you told anybody that
didn’t have a direct reason to know about the magical world.

Luckily her friends let it rest after teasing her. Pretty soon
though, the conversation went over to Dawn and her time at the
boarding school for gifted children, they all thought she went


Dear Buffy,

This is Bill Weasley. The devilishly handsome guy you met on
platform 9 ¾. How are you? Glad to have your sister home again?
I’m doing good when I’m not being driven crazy by my beloved
siblings. With all of us at the house, it does get a bit crazy.
Especially now that Ginny joined the twins in pranking. You’re
not safe anywhere.
The owl’s name is Shu. He’ll wait for as long as necessary
unless you tell him to get lost.


Dear Bill,

Your owl is beautiful. And very well trained. Dawn tried to get
him to give the letter to her, but he waited until I got home
until he gave up the letter. He now won’t even stay in the same
room as Dawn.
Shu is an unusual name, where does it come from?
As you probably can tell, things are a bit nuts here as well.
It’s great to have her home, but it does take some getting used
to again.
Ginny is your sister right? Does she want to join the twins in
setting up a joke shop? As you can see, I’m well informed. I
interrogated Dawn, your family have no more secrets from me now.
Just kidding.
Are you staying in England long? And where in Egypt do you live?

Love, Buffy

Dear Buffy,

Yes, Shu is trained very well. I had to with 5 other siblings
and my parents living at home and my brother Charlie living in a
Dragon commune in Romania. When I send somebody a letter, I like
to know that only the person I send the letter to will see it.
Shu is named after a Egyptian God. Shu The God was thought to be
a ancient cosmic power and the god of the air and the bearer of
Heaven. Shu the owl being in the air so much, I thought it fit.
I live in Cairo, the capital of Egypt. It’s an amazing city,
full of old culture and magic if you know where to look for it.
Also close to the pyramids which is where I mostly work. I’ll be
staying in the England for the remainder of the summer, to
escape the heath of Egypt for a bit.
Where in California do you live? Are you still in school?
Muggles go to school until their mid-twenties, don’t they? Or do
you work?

Love, Bill.

Dear Bill,

Your brother Charlie lives in a Dragon commune? I’m getting very
strange pictures in my head now. What are the names of your
other brothers again? Dawn told me, but I always have a hard
time remembering names. I like the name Shu, you’re right it
does suit him.
Does Egypt really get that hot? Or is it just because you’re
used to England temperatures? Because I got to tell ya, England
is cold! I was glad to be back in good ol’California.
I live in Sunnydale, a tiny one Starbucks town about 2 hours
from LA, where I grew up. We moved when I was fifteen and my
parents divorced.
I do still go to school. I’m in college, which comes after high
school. High school is where you go when you’re about the age
that witches/wizards go to Hogwarts. College is where you study
so that you can get a good job later in live. College is
optional though. I and my friend Willow go there, my friend
Xander however is already working.
How does that work for Wizards? Don’t they go to school after
Besides college I also work part-time in a magic shop that a
friend of mine owns.

Love, Buffy

Dear Buffy,

About Charlie, yeah he lives in a Dragon commune but it probably
isn’t what you’re thinking. J
He works with Dragons, trains them, studies them. And he lives
in a camp very near the Dragons with the other Dragon trainers,
because they keep the Dragons far away from where other people
live. They call that a Dragon commune. Hope that explains that
a little.
Well, that was Charlie, he’s the oldest after me. Then we get
Percy, you met him. He finished Hogwarts the year before this
one. He works in the Ministry Of Magic now. After him we get
the twins, Fred and George, you met them to. They’re the
jokesters of the family. Always inventing new pranks and driving
mom nuts with them in the process. They’ll be starting their
final year at Hogwarts next year. Then there is Ron. You know
about him of course, your sisters friend. Last but not least,
the only girl. Ginny. She’ll be starting her fourth year at
Hogwarts next year. That’s all of them.
I can imagine that England seems cold to you, being used to
Californian temperatures. But I grew up here, and I’m still not
all that used to the heath of Egypt. Don’t think I ever will.
As for live after Hogwarts, there are some Wizard Universities,
but it isn’t necessary to go there. You can also apply to be
trained in the field you’ve chosen by someone who’s worked for a
decade or more already. It’s what Charlie and I did. Or you can,
like Percy just start working in the Ministry Of Magic and work
your way up.
Willow and Xander are your friends?
What do you study for?
Say, Hogwarts will be starting up again soon, will you be seeing
off Dawn? If so, maybe we can arrange to meet somewhere?

Love Bill.

Dear Bill,

Thanks for your last letter, it was interesting to read about
the options after Hogwarts. Nice to know what Dawn can do in a
few years.
Willow and Xander are my bestests friends of all my friends.
Like I said, Willow goes to college with me, we room together on
campus. And Xander gave up on learning and just goes from job to
I don’t know yet what I’m studying for. I don’t know what I want
to do later. There will be time to decide. For now I’m taking
neutral subjects that are useful for any job.
I will be seeing off Dawn again yes. We will be coming to London
in two days, seeing as how Dawn still needs to go and buy books
and stuff for next year.
What do you say to meeting in Diagon Alley in three days? By the
time you’ll send your reply we’re probably are already underway,
so it’s not much use sending it here. We’ll be staying in the
Leakey Cauldron. Hope to see you soon.

Love Buffy

Dear Buffy,

Meeting in Diagon Alley sounds good. Tomorrow at one o’clock at
Florean Fortecue’s Ice-cream parlor?
Only send back a reply with Shu if you can’t make it. If you
can, see you there. I’m looking forward to it.

Love Bill.


2161 words, nearly 6 pages. It’s better then the last chapter.
I took some liberties with this chapter. I’m the first to admit
that I’m not a Harry Potter expert, even if I did read all the
books in Dutch and English. I’m not sure how wizards/witches
would get a job out of Hogwarts, so I just made something up.
Sorry if it’s incorrect. Same goes for what I made up about
Charlie. The only thing I know about him really, is that he
works with Dragons in Romania. And I *also* have no idea if
there is a law that says muggleborns can’t tell their friends
about the magical world. I just needed a reason why they hadn’t
told Xander and Willow and Giles.
Further more, not much scoobies, sorry. And maybe a bit OOC, but
I just love a babbling Willow, even if I can’t write it all that
Last comment on this chapter. Personally, I dearly hate writing
letters. Emails I hate a lot less, because I can just reply to
what’s already written. So if the letters are horrible, it’s
because I *hate* writing them.

QUESTIONS: Does anybody know how to do bold and cursive? Because
it works on my word document, but it doesn’t show up here.
Also, pairings.. who to pair Dawn with? I’m veto-ing Harry, Ron
and Draco, because Ron will be with Hermione (eventually… I
think… maybe) and Harry and Draco have just been done to many
times. So who? I’m open to suggestions.

I now have a lifejournal just for my babbles on what I’m
writing, and I think I just might post the conversation there
that I want to write between Giles and Buffy, where she tries to
persuade him to let her go to England.

Please Review!! It really helps me update faster.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Foreign Correspondence" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 19 Apr 04.

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