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My True Destiny

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Summary: Willow does a spell to find out what her destiny really was. Let's just say she didn't expect what she found...

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Romance > Spike/WillowKarmaFR1537,5071115,1169 Apr 0415 May 04No

Chapter 2

"Kitten, how are you feeling?" Spike walked over to the couch and sat next to Willow.

"I-I'm starting to remember." Willow stuttered not wanting to look Spike in the eyes.

"That's wonderful, pet." Spike took Willow's face in his hands again. "I got you, pet don't worry."

Willow looked up and saw that loving look in his eyes again. 'He loves me. He really does. It's weird. I gave up men and now when Spike looks at me like that, I- No. Bad Willow. You are not falling for Spike. You're gay. But, Spike-' Willow's thoughts were pushed back by Spike gently kissing her. 'No Willow. Bad Willow. Don't kiss him back. But it feels so right…' As he pulled away Willow's mind was still fighting with her emotions.

"Don't worry, Willow, luv." Spike said leaning his forehead against hers. "I'll always protect you. You'll always be safe with me."

"William, can you come here for a moment?" Giles asked from his spot at the table.

"Sure, Dad." He turned to Willow. "I'll be right back." He kissed her softly on the forehead and then walked over to Giles.

Willow sat back against the pillows thinking. 'I'll always protect you. You'll always be safe with me. Why does that sound so familiar?'


* 6 Years Ago *

Giles looked at the person asleep on his couch. He looked back at his watch. "Buffy should be here any minute now. Willow and Xander as well. Then we can research how a vampire can become human."

Giles paced the length of his living room as the door swung open. "Giles? What's going on?" Buffy called as she came into his flat. She looked over at the couch. "Spike? What is Spike doing here? Giles?" She asked pulling out her stake and looking over at her watcher. "What the hell is a vampire doing in your apartment?" She asked moving to stake Spike.

"He's human." He replied grimly s he took off his glasses and polished them.

"What?" Buffy breathed.

"He's human." Giles repeated again as he put his glasses back on.

Buffy dropped her stake and turned to face her watcher. "Human?" She repeated wide-eyed. Before Giles could say anything else Xander and Willow raced into the apartment. Xander looked around the room, unaware of what the emergency was. Buffy raised her eyebrows at his Snoopy pajamas. "Uh, Xan?" She asked pointing to his outfit. He shrugged. "Willow wouldn't let me change." He explained.

Meanwhile, Willow ran over to the couch and dropped to her knees. "Spike?" She breathed brushing her hand gently over his forehead. "He's alive." Willow stated in surprise.

"Yes." Giles confirmed. "I found him on my steps twenty minutes ago." Willow nodded and looked back at Spike's still form.

"Willow?" Buffy asked the red head, as she looked at her best friend's outfit. She had never seen Willow dressed like this before. Buffy's eyes traveled from her best friend's black mini skirt to the blood red halter and back down to the fishnet stockings that led to the black ankle boots.

Willow caressed Spike's face one more time before looking up. "Yeah?" She asked softly.

"What's going on?" Buffy asked seriously. It was then that Xander and Giles noticed what the redhead had on.

"Vamp Willow isn't back is she?" Xander asked nervously taking a step away from Willow.

Willow rolled her eyes. "No. I was out." She replied and turned back to Spike.

"How long?" Giles asked suddenly. Buffy and Xander became quiet.

Willow looked up. "How long what, Giles?" She asked feigning innocence.

"Don't play with me, Willow." Giles said dangerously as he roughly pulled Willow to her feet. "How long have you been seeing Spike?" He pointed towards the ex-vampire.

If possible Willow's entire body became the same color as her hair. "Oh, that." She said pulling away from Giles.

"Yes, that." He repeated still sounding and acting like Ripper.

"Wait, what? Did we miss something here?" Buffy asked confused.
"Willow's not dating Captain Peroxide. Right, Wills?" Xander asked hopefully.

Willow blushed red and looked down at her feet. "Three months."

"What?!?" Echoed through the room as Willow turned her attention back to the stirring Spike.

"Red, what's going on?" Spike asked softly, still too weak to move.

"Everything's going to be fine, baby." Willow told him oblivious to the groans in the room. Spike however was not. "Da?" Spike asked looking over Willow's shoulder. Giles eyes grew large as he did the most obvious thing- he fainted.


Spike sat in the living room with Giles, who was nursing a cup of whisky, and Willow who had long ago fallen asleep against his shoulder. Buffy and Xander had left hours ago.

"That's basically everythin', correct? 'Snot like you're hiding anythin' from me, right?" Spike looked at Giles cautiously.

"Yes, William." Giles looked at Spike. 'William.' he amended. 'Spike is dead. Spike was one hundred and twenty seven years old. William is a sixteen year old boy.'

William's head couldn't take all the information that had been crammed into it. He just couldn't take it. He had went to sleep in the eighteen hundreds, and awoke to find the twentieth century. 'According to Dad, I had run off with a vampire named Drusilla. I remember her vaguely. But not very well. All I remember was her beauty. He says I was in somewhat of a trance for nearly a hundred years, but I don't remember anything. Except Willow. I remember Willow, but then again she's hard to forget. I took her to ball the Cummins' held last week. Or did I?' Everything was unclear in William's head.

Giles looked at William and sighed. 'He looks so lost. I can't tell him that in actuality he's my great grandfather. As far as he knows I am his father. And the longer he's here, the more he forgets about his vampiric life.' He watched William's head droop and rest gently on Willow's head.

"Will." He said softly.

William opened his eyes groggily and looked up at Giles. "Yes, Da?"

"Why don't you go to sleep?" He gestured to the back of the apartment where the spare bedroom was. William nodded. "What about Willow?" He asked not wanting to leave her.

"I'll take care of her. You have a lot to deal with." William nodded and started to get up, but was stopped by the now woken Willow. "William?" She asked, knowing well enough that he was no longer Spike, but he was still the same man she had fallen in love with. "Where are you going?"

"To bed, love." He tried to move but Willow stood up, and grabbed his arm, successfully stopping him from moving. "I'm coming with you."

"Willow, I don't think that's a very good idea." Giles began, but Willow glared at Giles and waved him off. William looked at Giles questioningly. Giles nodded reluctantly in approval.

"Goodnight, Dad." William said as he walked with his girlfriend down the hall, both too tired to walk on their own. Giles watched in amusement as the two teens tried to walk while hanging onto each other for support. He tried to hold back an amused chuckle as they crashed into a wall. He breathed a sigh of relief as they made it to the guest bedroom, and closed the door.

He began to walk down the hall himself when he heard his bedroom door open. "Rupert?" Jenny Calendar asked as she walked out of the bedroom dressed only in one of his tweed jackets.

"Jenny." Giles breathed. He had completely forgotten she was here.

"What's going on?" She asked as she read the expression on his face.

"I think we have a lot to talk about." He led Jenny back into the bedroom and began to tell her what had happened in the last five hours.


Willow lay comfortably in William's arms, her head on his chest listening to something she had never heard before- his heartbeat.

"Willow?" William asked quietly.

"Yeah?" She lifted her head from his chest and turned to look at him.

"You're not going ta leave me, are you?"

"What?" She asked bewildered. "No. I love you, William. I will always love you. No matter what."

"Even if I can't remember anything?"

"So, that's what this is about." Willow said knowingly. "William, I got you. You're mine."

She could see William smiling. "Really, pet?"

She nodded. "Stop worrying, Will, I'll always protect you. You'll always be safe with me. I would never hurt you."

"Glad to hear it, pet." William kissed Willow softly. She pulled away and laid her head on his chest once again. "Can we just lay like this tonight?" She asked William. "I feel safe and loved like this."

"You are safe and loved with me, Willow. You'll always be."

*End Flashback*


Willow looked around the sunroom. 'I guess that's why he calls Giles his dad, as far as Spike- William- is concerned that is his dad.' Willow looked up in time to see Jen fly by her, literally. On a broomstick. "Jennifer Christina Giles!" Willow yelled standing up.

Giles and Jenny both stopped what they were doing and looked at Willow. William looked at his wife. Willie and Travis stopped mid-run and tripped over each other. Willow could hear the broom clatter to the floor, and an audible "Ow!"

"What's up?" Faith asked coming into the still room.

"Faith, dear, why don't you take the children outside to play?" Jenny suggested.

"Okay. Everything's Five-by-five, right?" Faith asked.

"Just take them outside." Giles ordered.

Faith grabbed Travis and Willy and took them outside while mumbling something that sounded to Giles like 'Fuckin' insane ex-watcher who thinks he's Hitler.'

"Willow?" Jenny asked looking at the redhead.

"Is everything spinning to you?" Willow asked as she blacked out. William caught her just before she hit the ground. "Find out which spell she did. NOW!" He roared as he laid his wife out on the couch she had been sitting at. He lifted the box and laid it on the floor. A silver ring slipped out of the box and rolled under the couch.

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