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My True Destiny

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Summary: Willow does a spell to find out what her destiny really was. Let's just say she didn't expect what she found...

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Romance > Spike/WillowKarmaFR1537,5071115,1219 Apr 0415 May 04No

Chapter 3

I'm back! Yay me!!! Oh, and from now on when I say William I'm talking about Spike. Just to let you know. Oh, and I don't know Aurora's real last name so I'm saying it's Brown. If you know what it is, please tell me. If you have no idea who I'm talking about, Aura was the Cordette that called Cordelia on "Rm W/ a Vu." Oh, and in my world, Faith came after Buffy, only because I don't like writing Kendra. I can't do her accent...


"Find out what spell she did. NOW!" Spike repeated as he stared at Willow's immobile form. Something was off. He could sense it. While he thought and stared off into space, Jenny and Giles hurriedly began flipping through books at the table.

"Blondie, what's going on?" Faith asked walking into the room, noticing right away that the tension in the room was so thick you could cut it with a knife. "William." Faith repeated touching his shoulder. He jumped and spun around to face the slayer. "Faith. Bloody hell. You scared me."

"What's going on, Will?" Faith asked suddenly nervous. William didn't respond. He just blindly stared into space. At first the sound of Jenny and Giles' frantic page turning was the only sound in the room. After a few minutes, William silently pointed to Willow's still form. Faith's face paled as she looked at Willow more closely. "Will, don't freak out, but I'm gonna go call 911."

William blinked. "What- what do you mean, Faith?" William asked nervously, turning around to face Faith, once again. Faith gently took William's hands and led him to the table, and sat him down in a chair. "William, Willow's water just broke. Okay. Relax, while I call for an ambulance."

Faith began to walk away but stopped when she heard a loud clatter. "No, Faith, I'm not just going to bloody well sit down while my wife dies from some sodding spell she did. Call 911. Just don't treat me like a sodding child!" William yelled. Faith stared at William for a moment before continuing her walk to the kitchen phone.

"Daddy?" A little voice asked William, tugging on his arm. William looked down to see Jen staring up at him.

"Yes, Lil Bit?" William asked instantly calming down and kneeling down next to his daughter.

"Why is you mad at Auntie Faith?" Jen asked her lip trembling.

William looked behind Jen at Travis and Willie who were standing right behind her. "Come here." He motioned for the children to come closer. "I'm not mad at Faith. She's just going to call the doctor. Jen, Willie, Mum fell asleep again, and the doctor is going to make sure everything is alright with baby, okay?" William explained softly to the children. Jen, Willie, and Travis nodded silently.

"But she's going to wake up soon, right Will?" Travis asked quietly. Although he acted shy around Willow, he loved his sister-in-law very much.
"I hope so." William muttered. "I hope so."


Willow, meanwhile, was lost in a sea of memories.

* 6 Years Ago *

Willow walked up the front steps of the school with William's hand in her own. Giles had decided it was best for William to attend the high school, so he could keep an eye on his 'son'. Willow had tapped into the computers making it so William legally was Giles' son. He still didn't know about his vampire past, and no one was willing to tell him. Although Spike was turned human less than a week ago, to William he felt as though he always had been human. Buffy, however, hated William with the same hatred she had held for Spike. Therefore, Giles thought it best to keep William in site to make sure Buffy didn't try anything stupid. Giles also thought it best to keep Angel and Drusilla far away from William. He wasn't sure how the vampires would react to seeing William human again.

This all made Willow very worried and it showed as William and she walked up the front steps. "Relax, love." William gently ordered as they walked into the school. Suddenly all eyes were upon Willow and William. Everyone was staring for two reasons. One, it was rare for the small town to have a new (human) resident. Two, Willow's once mousy style was replaced by clothes that even Cordelia Chase would be proud of. Willow blushed at all the attention they were receiving but William simply ignored it as he pulled Willow down the hall towards the library. As they walked, whispers echoed down the hall.

"Who's the new guy?"

"Was that Rosenberg? She looks hot."

"Who was that guy with that nerd Willow? I mean, who does she think she's kidding? She'll always be a dork. Just because she's wearing Gucci so does not mean she's cool. Right?" Harmony Kendall asked her best friends Cordelia Chase and Aura Brown.

Aura nodded. "Totally. Right, Cordy?" Cordelia just stared down the hall Willow had gone down with William. 'That was Spike.' Cordelia realized. 'She said that after I left the closet, he started to drain her, but Angel and Xander stopped him. Why is she suddenly so couply with a vampire?' She was so lost in her thoughts that she didn't even notice Harmony waving her hand in front of her face.

"What?" Cordelia asked confused.

Harmony sighed dramatically. "Cordy, I said that Willow's not fooling anyone, she's still a loser, right?"

"Yeah, Harm." Cordelia agreed distractedly. "I'm gonna go see who the, um, new guy is." With that, Cordelia left her friends and walked to the library.

"What is up with her?" Harmony asked Aura, who just shrugged.

Cordelia, meanwhile, had stormed into the library. "Willow, what the hell is going on here?" She yelled glaring at Willow. Willow sat at the table in the center of the library with Xander. They seemed to be in deep discussion about something. Willow looked up at the sound of her name.

"What are you talking about, Cordelia?" Xander asked as he glared at the cheerleader.

"I'm talking about Willow dating a vampire." She said exasperated. Willow blushed and looked down at her short red skirt.

"Willow's dating Angel?" Xander said confused. Willow slapped Xander on the head. "She's talking about William."

"Oh." Xander said finally understanding. "Cordelia, how do I put this? Spike was cursed with mortality and now is human. His name is now William, and he thinks Giles' is his dad. He also doesn't remember being a vampire." Xander spoke as though he was talking to a small child.

"Xander, I'm not that stupid." Cordelia fumed. She opened her mouth to say something else, but stopped as William and Giles stepped out of the library office.

"Thanks, Da. So the head master is expecting me, then?" William asked. Willow wanted to laugh at the look of realization on Cordelia's face.

Meanwhile, Giles nodded. "Yes, and Will, in Sunnydale he is simply called Principal Snyder." William nodded, but still had confusion written clearly on his face. No matter how long he talked with Giles and Willow, he was still somewhat confused by American lifestyle in the twentieth century.

"Don't worry, baby." Willow said walking over to William and wrapping her arms around his waist. "You'll get used to all of this soon." William looked at his girlfriend and smiled. "Promise, pet?" She nodded, and then remembered the now staring Cordelia. Willow pulled away from William and dragged him over to meet Cordelia. "William, this is Cordelia. She's a, um, friend. She knows about Buffy and your dad." Willow explained. "Cordy, this is William." As Willow introduced them, she stressed the name William.

"Hello." William said taking Cordelia's hand and kissing it just above the knuckles. Cordelia just stared in shock as he released her hand. "William." Willow said gently slapping his arm. "Remember, twentieth century." Willow shook her head and pulled William out of the library. "Come on, you don't want to be late for your meeting with the troll."

"Not a real troll?" William asked as Willow and he left the library.

"What's this about a troll?" Buffy asked as she entered the library just as Willow and William left.

"William has a meeting with Principal Snyder." Giles explained as he looked through a book on the checkout counter.

"Whatcha reading, Giles?" Buffy asked as she sat on top of the counter next to the book, and took it out of Giles' hands. "The Watcher's Journal of William Giles." She handed the book back to Giles. "Oh." She wrinkled her nose in disgust.

Giles' sighed and set the book down. "Buffy, please, I don't ask for you to become William's best friend; all I ask is that you treat him with respect. He isn't Spike. He isn't responsible for anything Spike has done."

Buffy rolled her eyes. Giles began to say something, but Cordelia stopped him, as she finally came out of her trance. "Buffy's just mad that it wasn't Angel who became human."

Buffy glared at the cheerleader. "That's not true." Buffy said unconvincingly.

* That Evening*

The library was filled with commotion. The center table was covered in ancient demon texts. Willow, William, Xander, and Cordelia sat around the table researching the latest prophecy and Giles was on the phone with the council. It was then that Buffy burst through the library doors with an enraged Angel in tow.

"Spike, I told you to stay away from here." Angel yanked William out of his seat and pinned him to the wall as he held a stake to his chest.

"Angel! Stop it!" Willow cried as she jumped up and tried to pull Angel off of her boyfriend. Buffy stood watching the scene with a smug look on her face. Cordelia caught Buffy's look. "What did you do, Buffy? Tell Angel that William was trying to kill all of us?" Cordelia asked. The smug look fell off if Buffy's face.

"Buffy would never do that, right?" Xander asked wanting it all to be a lie. Buffy didn't respond. Just then, Giles ran out of his library. "What is going on here?" He asked as he saw the scene before him.

"You're human." Angel suddenly realized. Quickly he dropped William who fell to the floor in a heap. Willow rushed to William's side at once. "You lied to me!" Angel yelled turning to Buffy. She took a step back.

"Angel, what exactly did Buffy tell you?" Giles asked Angel.

"She said that Spike had used a spell to gain your trust and was going to use the information he gained from you to open the Hell Mouth." Angel said slipping into game face at the thought of his love using him to kill an innocent human.

Buffy nervously took another step backwards, and was about to say something in her defense when Giles' spoke. "You planned to kill my son?" He yelled as he turned into Ripper. "You told Angel that William was Spike? Leave." Giles roared.

"What?" Buffy asked confused. "I can't leave the Hell Mouth."

"Leave the library, now." Giles repeated. "I can no longer be your Watcher. I will call the council and they will send a replacement Watcher to take you to the other Hell Mouth. Or at least to take my place on this Hell Mouth." Buffy stared in shock at her Watcher. "Leave now!" Giles roared. Buffy scrambled out of the library.

"Who's Spike?" William asked as he stood and pushed Willow to the side. Giles stared at William for a moment. "Who's Spike? Why does he-" William pointed to Angel. "think I am 'Spike'? And who is he?" The room went quiet. Everyone was afraid of William's reaction to the truth.

"He was our sire." Drusilla said as she stepped out of the stacks. "Hello, William." Drusilla said as she walked over to William. Angel moved to attack Drusilla, but Willow stopped him. She had a feeling Drusilla had something to do with Spike becoming William.

"You knew me?" William asked confused.

Drusilla smiled. "William, you were mine. You were my Spike. My love. My pet. I was your Drusilla. But you loved the Willow tree, and it made you human. I made you. You weren't supposed to remember. You deserve a life with the Tree and a family. You killed your other family, just like Daddy killed mine. So I gave you a daddy, and a mummy, and a little brother." Everyone stared at the insane vampire who smiled creepily around the room. Suddenly the room went black, and when the lights came back on, Drusilla was gone.

"What the hell was that?" Cordelia asked, breaking the tension. Willow silently threw herself into William's arms. At first William was resistant. He was angry with Willow after all, but as he felt Willow's tears, his anger faded and he gathered Willow into his arms.

It was then that Jenny ran into the library. "Rupert, we need to talk." She said. Giles' eyes grew wide.

"You're pregnant." Angel supplied.

"How did you-" Jenny stopped mid-sentence as Giles fainted.


The images swum quickly around Willow's head. Giles, when he called the council and found out that there were two slayers. The Council when they came to collect Buffy and left Faith in her place. Jenny's pregnancy. Giles as he proposed to Jenny and for some odd reason, a silver ring. Everything was starting to fall into place for Willow when, suddenly, the images began to change. Images she wasn't ready for.


The End?

You have reached the end of "My True Destiny" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 15 May 04.

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