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Coming For You

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Summary: The powers aren’t done with Doyle. He’s getting a new Champion. And a second chance at life (20 with Doyle)

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Harry Potter > Doyle-CenteredJmariaFR1576,9420176,1859 Apr 0424 Mar 06No

1. Seeing More Clearly

Title: Coming For You

Part: 1: Seeing More Clearly

Author: Jmaria

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: Not mine. JK and Joss own all

Spoilers: Set in book six, mainly through Ats ‘Hero’

Summary: Doyle has visions for Cho to act on, and more naked Doyle, because I left him in a Hogwarts robe that is tragically too small.

A/N: Set in Ats 5 and book (nonexistent) 6. Yeah, because I’m drawing someone else in, so I need to bring it here. I totally forgot that Doyle was a teacher before Angel. Hmm, that opens up some possibilities.


Part 1: Seeing More Clearly

Doyle sagged against the young woman. She somehow managed to support his weight. Hmm. He hadn’t thought that would have been possible. But here it was, she was stronger than she looked. Much like another dark haired girl he knew. Ms. Cho Chang was not a weak girl.

“So, what do they teach you here at this school?” He asked conversationally, or as conversationally as someone who could barely stand could make it.

“At Hogwarts?” She asked, nervously. To be very truthful, she wasn’t quite sure that she could make it much farther.

“Yeah, princess, here at Hogwarts.” He wheezed a little as they made their way around the Quidditch Pitch.

“Magic.” She quickly brushed a strand of dark hair behind her ear.

“Ah, makes sense. Witches, mostly?”

“It’s a school for witchcraft and wizardry.”



“What grades?”

“First year through seventh year.”

“Sorry, been in the American school system. That’s what? eleven to seventeen?”

“Yes. Are you sure you can make it back to the school?”

Doyle got a sudden flash of deja vu of his ex-wife asking the same question back when they were teaching together. Back before the visions got too bad, and he was sent by the powers to be the Seer for the Vampire with a Soul. Angel.

“Yeah, made of steal, didn’t ya know that?” he grinned over at the girl.

“Made of steel? More like weighs like a ton of steel.” She snorted, here eyes going wide as she realized what she’d actually said. She blushed at him.

“I like your attitude kid, you’re gonna need it for this job.”


“Yea, a full time job. It pays nothing, except for demon blood.”

“Demon blood?” Cho screeched. She almost let him fall to the ground. Almost. “Where are you from?”

“Originally? Ireland, or didn’t my accent give that little fact up? Recently? L.A. Died there. Kissed a girl, thought I gave her my visions. Apparently, I got to keep them. Or most of them.”

This time, she really did let go of him. Unfortunately, he didn’t. As he stumbled to his knees, he knocked the slim petite girl to the ground, collapsing hard on her. She oofed loudly as his head pounded into her stomach. They lay there for at least two minutes. Doyle was trying to regain his steady breathing. Cho was just trying to start breathing.

“Ms. Chang. Didn’t I warn you that you and Mr. Davies would be severely punished for this sort of behavior if I caught you two - again?” A cold voice hissed at them.

“Ah, Cho love, there’s another man?” Doyle joked.

“Not the time, Doyle.” She said, pushing herself up on her elbows to find herself face to face with Professor Severus Snape. “Professor. I can - Well, no, I really can’t explain.”

Snape stared blankly at the older man on top of the Ravenclaw girl. He looked like hell, and he certainly wasn’t Mr. Davies. He wasn’t a wizard either.

“How bout giving a man a hand? Or do you like seeing me sprawled on top of an innocent girl?” Doyle drawled lazily, earning a small chuckle from Cho, who was trying desperately not to laugh.

“Who are you?” Snape asked pointedly.

“Alan Francis Doyle. Please, just call me Doyle, that is assuming you’ll help me up. If you don’t, well then I’ll just call you an ass, and you can do the same.”

Cho managed to slip out from under him just then, and pulled herself to her feet. She once again helped him up off the ground, making sure his borrowed robe stayed in place. Snape just stood there, his mouth hanging open in disbelief.

“He’s a teacher here?” Doyle asked, as Cho wrapped an arm around his waist.

“Potions master.”

“Ah, one of those weird science boys who sit in the back of the room and be sarcastic. Taught a few of those in my days. Annoying as all hell.” Doyle said to her, ignoring Snape all together.

“I was just taking Mr. Doyle to the hospital wing. He took a nasty fall. Hit his head in several places. I tripped though, and we both fell.”

Another vision ripped through his skull then. He saw the boy again. Blue spikes popped up through his flesh as the pain increased. One of the spikes put a long narrow gash on Cho’s cheek.

“Creevy’s gettin pummeled down by the dungeons. Two big ape-like kids are putting the hurt on him. Green an silver patches.” He muttered, his face shifting back to normal.

“That would be a Gryffindor being accosted by Crabbe and Goyle, Professor. You should go put a stop to that. I believe I’m going to take Mr. Doyle and myself to the hospital wing.

The couple hobbled onward, leaving a stunned Snape standing there. Then he turned sharply, heading for his dungeons. He did suppose he should try to stop Crabbe and Goyle.

A/N: Ok, they are gonna eventually get to the castle. There will be explanations on why Cho, why Doyle’s getting visions or is even alive again. Someone asked if Harry was going to be in this. . . he’ll be a minor character. It’s mostly about Cho. Who, iroically I

know very little about. Well, I know that she was dating Cedric and that she tried dating Harry but he brought up too many emotions she had about Cedric. And the whole Quidditch seeker for Ravenclaw thing. So, feedback much appreciated.
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