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Coming For You

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Summary: The powers aren’t done with Doyle. He’s getting a new Champion. And a second chance at life (20 with Doyle)

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Harry Potter > Doyle-CenteredJmariaFR1576,9420176,1849 Apr 0424 Mar 06No

6. What Lies In the Past

Title: Coming For You
Part: 6. What Lies In The Past
Rating: FR-15
Author: Jmaria
Spoilers: All of Ats and OotP
Disclaimer: You know they aren’t mine, Joss and JK own all.
Summary: What no one could possibly know...
Setting: Early September in au book six, season 5 of Angel

6. What Lies In The Past

“A long time ago, about a thousand years ago, a group of determined wizards and witches got it into their heads to go to war. Easiest way was to wipe out the competition before it got a chance to grow up, and their first targets were these four upstart kids who were spewing nonsense about organizing a school to teach magic. Of course, they weren’t really all kids. One was a fourteen year old girl who’d discovered that along with her magic talents, had found out that she was destined to save the world from vampires and the forces of darkness. A vampire slayer.

Along with her was a scholar, a twenty-five year old woman who’d been trained to guide her. With her came her ten year old daughter, who was just as bright as her mama. Along their travels to find a remotely safe place to practice and hone their magic, they met a set of brothers, nineteen and fifteen respectively, who were also looking for a safe haven. They made their way up north, away from the main fighting to what would become Hogsmeade, they found the ideal teacher - a thirty-two year old man with a thirteen year old daughter that he was attempting to teach.

For five years, the slayer, the scholar, the brother, and the skilled wizard worked together to build a successful and safe place for younger wizards and witches. Then one day, a dark wizard got lucky and killed not one of the upstarts - but the fifteen year old daughter. Not soon after that, tension broke out between the brother and the older wizard, and they parted company taking his daughter with him. The slayer died a few months later, leaving the brother and scholar to mourn their losses.” Doyle sighed shakily, for while they only heard the story, he had seen the painful memories.

“Who -” Cho asked quietly.

“The founders of this very school. Rowena Ravenclaw was the last surviving founder of Hogwarts. Godric Gryffindor died in a battle, Salazar Slytherin as well, and Helga Hufflepuff was taken down by vampires. Matilde Ravenclaw, Rowena’s fifteen year old daughter died when she refused to give a dark wizard the location of the castle, for fear that they would kill her mother, and by extension the rest of the founders, whom she had come to consider family,” the Sorting Hat spoke, shocking the rest of them.

“The hat’s got it,” Doyle chuckled.

“Mattie had loved the younger brother of Godric, Gaelen Gryffindor, who a few years later commited suicide. Slytherin removed his nineteen year old daughter, Evangeline and his infant son when he left. Evangeline and her two children vanished several years later, while Slytherin raised his son in seclusion, until his death fifteen years later, and his son also disappeared. Gryffindor died months later.”

Millicent had never heard this tale before, and judging by the faces of the professors, they hadn’t either. Everything they’d ever heard about the founders had been that they’d founded the school after a great war had wanted to make a safe place for younger wizards and witches, and that Slytherin had left of course, but not that it had happened after Hufflepuff had died, and Ravenclaw had lost her daughter.

Or that Slytherin had -

“You have shamed this house, you idiot child! You have shamed the family bloodlines! You insolent hussy-”

Millicent jumped back in shock, sending the chair rocking beneath her. Rose’s hand whipped out to steady it, stopping it from teetering backwards. Cho and Dennis looked over at them, curious, but Doyle only smiled as the Sorting Hat spoke.

Founded in good intent
But in secret, based in regret,
Over age and loss,
Heartache and deciet,
Foundation and founder
Started to flounder.
For those not saved
Will be remade.
One of silence.
One of awe.
One of spite.
And a Raven to lead them all.

“What?” Millicent asked.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Coming For You" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 24 Mar 06.

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