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The Alien, the Witch and the Stargate

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Summary: W/Teal'c. A 'When I Woke Up' fic. Willow and Teal'c take a walk in Vegas and the SGC gets a new member.

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Stargate > Willow-Centered > Pairing: Teal'cCharleyFR151323,61186653,7609 Apr 0425 Apr 05No

The SGC Strikes Back

Title: The SGC Strikes Back

Series Title: The Alien, The Witch and The Stargate

Series Part: 13

Disclaimers etc with part 1.

POV: Sam

I couldn't sit outside the infirmary and wait. Not that Janet would let us. She shoo'd all of us away. After Daniel retreated to his office, no doubt to head Jack off, Bra'tac took Xander somewhere and Jack went with Dawn and Rya'c, probably to the commissary. There's blue jello.

I'm thinking about the ultrasound and all the things that could be wrong when I should be puzzling over some weapons schematics. I mean, I sincerely hope there isn't. Teal'c has given up enough by coming to earth, but Jaffa haven't been Tau'ri for several thousand years. The differences to our genetic make-up may be small but it could be enough to mean any number of deformities for this child. Not that Willow or Teal'c would care but it would be nice if this would work in their favour.

Ah ha! I turned the plans the right way up, and now they make sense and this is when Jack usually interrupts me... and there he is in my lab doorway.

"They're due out in a few minutes."

"Come on Sam," Dawn insists, bouncing.

I chuckle and put the papers away - on top of the other pile of papers. "Ok." I hadn't gotten anywhere with them anyway.

"You're pregnancy is progressing just fine," Janet is saying as Willow opens the door and follows Teal'c out of the infirmary to see us all waiting for them. Willow is beaming and Teal'c is looking pleased.

"Thank you Janet. I know you're busy with the SG teams..."

She makes a discouraging noise. "Forget about that. A baby is a much nicer way to spend my time. Just don't forget to rest. If the General gives you any trouble, let me know."

Willow hugged Janet, wiped a tear from her eye. "Thanks."

"Everything ok then?"

"Just peachy Jack."

He rocks on his heels, his hands in his pockets. "Back to yours to finish setting up the furniture?"

With a quick glance at a tired looking Xander she looks back to our fearless leader with a small smile. "Food first I think. I'm really hungry."

"And eating for two," Dawn points out.

Teal'c always smiles whenever the baby is mentioned. He smiles when Willow or Ry'ac or his home on earth or his pets are mentioned. He's so happy it's getting a bit scary. Instead of that one 'stoic' expression he used to wear now he's got this one - 'everything is good and I'm very, very, very happy with life.' Well, at least that's one of us.

"Although, can you drop me off at home before you go and get food? Something savoury... with olives and peanut butter."

My stomach rolls at the thought but we all agree, thinking Willow can get some sleep before we descend again on the house for dinner and more furniture construction. I'm just hoping that if she lets Dawn cook again that we don't have to eat it too. My stomach hasn't quite recovered from her creative lunch earlier today.

I offer to stay with her as Teal'c installs her comfortably on the sofa with food, drink and the remote but she refuses.

"You're only going to get food. You won't be that long and you've got your phones and stuff." She shrugs and I nod. I won't insist but... it's been too quiet and someone has to know about this outside the mountain. Jack leads me to his car, where Daniel is behind the wheel and we follow Teal'c to the row of shops a few blocks over. They know us all by name now at the take-aways and the little store.

We haven't driven 5 minutes away from the house when Jack's phone rings. Apparently a non-descript black van is sitting out front of Teal'c's place, out of which two dark suited men emerged. Such a cliche and so insulting. Jack is right to be outraged. Did they honestly think we would not have someone watching the place?

Apparently they didn't.

So Jack's just hung up. "Someone's making a move. We have to get back."

Ahead of us Teal'c has already turned his car 180 degrees in the middle of the street to the tune of a pair of car horns and Jack's phone is ringing again. "I know T.... The surveillance guys just called... Don't panic. Willow can take care of... Oh. She's not using her magic because of the baby. Five minutes T. The guys will step in if they need to... I know she's your wife. I was as shocked as the rest of the team when you announced it... There's the house. Don't go down the drive..." Jack put the phone down. "He hung up. Park behind him."

Jack's out of the car before Daniel actually stops. "Xander and Teal'c will go down the side, the rest of us will go down the drive," he says before anyone else can speak. "Get Willow out. We'll take care of the others," he instructs them.

"I will go with you," Bra'tac announces and follows them, charging his zat.

Jack nods and returns to the car for his gun, handing me mine from the glove box as Daniel prepares his. Teal'c and Rya'c have zats. Rya'c stays with Dawn whose hair is already bleeding white to match her eyes. She's a little angry then.

The voices become discernible words as we get closer to where they are in the back yard. Rosenberg and Summer are both lying on the grass, tranq darts sticking out of their bodies. That explains why it's so quiet.

"...a powerful witch, pregnant to an alien."

I can hear the man salivating at the potential. Sometimes humanity can be so ugly, it makes me wonder why we bother saving them then I think about what it would be like if that sort of person became a goa'uld host. I suppress a shudder of revulsion. Sometimes we work for the betterment of humanity and sometimes, to save it from itself.

Jack is still holding us back, watching Teal'c for any indication that Willow knows we're here.

I see Teal'c peek around a rose bush on the other side of the house where they've emerged.

Willow's head tilts suddenly, as though she's listening to something and the men in front of her reach for their weapons. They're half way down the garden, as though Willow were returning to the house. Willow shrugs and stands straight again. The men move their hands from their weapons, reaching forward to grab her as she calmly tells them, "You really don't want to do this.
The larger of the two men smiles cruelly and replies, "Oh, I think we do." Beside me, Jack is cringing at the cliche.

"Why wouldn't we want to do this? You're home alone after all."

"How is it you are so certain of this?" Oh he's so calm but I can see the rage crinkling the corners of his eyes and mouth.

"Oh," the man says quietly, his hand tensing and inching closer to his gun. Willow steps back a bit then runs as quickly as she can toward Xander and Teal'c under Bra'tac's watchful gaze and carefully aimed zat. I see the shimmer of a shield as Dawn does her part to protect them.

"You see, you waited too long and now you're being held by SG-1 on attempted kidnapping charges." I'm glad someone else gets to see that smug smile on Teal'c's face. It's a popularly held belief that Teal'c has neither expression nor emotion. These guys are about to bear witness to the untruth of that.

I'm just going to assume that that head tilt thing earlier was Willow communicating with Dawn and that was how she knew we were here. I prefer not to think too much about magic. It makes my head hurt the way it used to when trying to understand the Tollan's version of science.

The cliche's give up without a fight which is both disappointing and relieving. They're trussed up with duct tape and left in a corner of the basement. Rya'c and Daniel bring the pets into the house where Dawn heals them and we let them sleep while we eat.

Five minutes later, Jack is still on the phone to the General and I notice we're all staring at Willow, waiting. Her eyes are closed, her head back against the sofa. "I'm not asleep and I'm not going to break but I'm still hungry."

Xander chuckles and goes into the kitchen, returning with a drink and a jar each of olives and peanut butter. Willow grins gratefully at him and begins to eat.

"The General and Janet are coming over with the SF's to take your guests away. They'll bring Cassie and dinner."

Willow nods and keeps eating.

As the SF's take the intruders away, Dawn scowls at them and Cassie smiles sweetly at them wishing them a happy stay in their tiny cells. They ignore her probably thinking they won't be there for long but the General is livid. I think he said something to Jack about calling the President about it. Should be interesting. Wonder if we'll ever find out though.

I watch Willow smile indulgently as Teal'c puts Star Wars in the video player, he insists on watching the original version, and sits at Willow's feet, taking the jars away and handing her a strange assortment of chinese and pizza. The General is pounced on by a slightly manic Summer but doesn't mind, and sits on what is left on the sofa between Rosenberg and the arm.

I'm roused from my musings by Daniel's thoughtful voice. "We've got access to a galaxy's worth of technology and have in fact flown in space and visited a plethora of alien planets, but we're sitting on the floor, eating take-out Chinese and pizza, watching Star Wars. I think this is one of the most bizarre things I've ever participated in."

~Fin.... for now :)

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Alien, the Witch and the Stargate" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 25 Apr 05.

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