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The Alien, the Witch and the Stargate

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Summary: W/Teal'c. A 'When I Woke Up' fic. Willow and Teal'c take a walk in Vegas and the SGC gets a new member.

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Stargate > Willow-Centered > Pairing: Teal'cCharleyFR151323,61186653,7689 Apr 0425 Apr 05No

The Alien, the Witch and the Hellmouth

Title: When I Woke up
Series Title: The Alien, The Witch and the Stargate (tAtWatS)
Series Part: 1
Author: Charley
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Willow/Teal'c
Genre: BtVS/SG-1
Disclaimer: None of the characters you recognise are mine. SG-1 belongs to MGM and Gekko et al. Buffy belongs most recently to UPN and Joss et al. I gain nothing but personal satisfaction from messing with these fictional characters and bending them to my will.
Distribution: If you want it, or know somewhere I should post it, let me know.
Author's Note: Response to the 'challenge' on WLF for a Willow/Teal'c 'When I woke up' fic. The bunnies are rabid. :)
Author's Note #2: Daniel has 'descended', Teal'c no longer has a symbiote and the pouch opening has closed and is now a scar. Willow went dark but is on the redemption path.
Author's Note #3: This is all Jinni's fault so I've followed her pattern of naming the first part of the series 'When I Woke Up'.
Feedback: Will encourage me to write faster, and actually finish stuff.

Dedicated to Jinni, cause a) it was her idea and b) she started these story series and c) she inspires me :) I hope this doesn't disappoint.

~ Willow's POV ~

My pillow is breathing and who let that marching band in here. Ugh.

Wait a minute. My pillow is breathing? There has to be a rational explanation Willow so just calm down.

I let my breathing return to normal then tentatively reach out a hand, finger extended and carefully poke it at the body beside me. It's warm which is good cause that means it's alive and most likely human cause knowing my luck I could have picked up a vampire or maybe even Spike and neither of us would be able to work past that. Mostly because Spike would insist it was great and I would have to remind him that neither of us could remember. And I'm sure that the marching band is really a hangover and just how much did I drink last night? The contents of the Hoover Dam? And just who is this live person beside me? I think it's a he cause he's HUGE and I mean his whole body and not his. you know. though if everything is in proportion that would explain the aches I'm feeling and they're nice aches too.

I have got to stop babbling and start working this out. Ok so I'm in bed with a person. From the person's general size I'm going to go with it being a male person. His breathing is even. I think he's still asleep. I hope he's still asleep as I slip out of the bed and gather my clothes together before going into the bathroom, confirming that this isn't my room as I go. It must be his. Again I find myself hoping, hoping that it's his and not a random room that the two of us got to. do what we did together.

I return to the main room and find a pair of dark chocolate eyes observing me. I squeak and dash back into the bathroom, slamming the door behind me.

"Breath Willow. Keep breathing. He obviously isn't too scary. You followed him back to his room. You were drunk and you don't remember. anything about last night." I run my left hand through my hair and feel something snag in the unbrushed mass. I reach up and untangle my hair and my hand then bring my left hand in front of my face.

I scream which results in him of the yummy eyes and large body bursting into the bathroom.

"What is wrong Willow?"

He knows my name and he's holding me by the shoulders, looking into my face as I hyperventilate while staring at the band on my finger.

"What is this?" I demand, shoving the offensive object in his face.

"I informed you last night Willow that you were exceedingly intoxicated and that in the morning you would likely regret your actions," he said quietly and I think I heard sadness too.

I blinked, then blinked again.

Then once more cause I was still processing everything and the marching band is making it hard to a) hear and b) think.

My consternation and frustration crumbles a bit then. "I'm sorry. I just.. what happened last night?"

He hands me a piece of paper and kneels on the floor beside where I have sat on the closed toilet. It's a marriage certificate and it lists his name as Teal'c. Unusual but his appearance isn't entirely normal either. I have to wonder about that tattoo on his forehead. I can't imagine how painful that must have been. But I'm holding a marriage certificate and it looks official and everything and he's wearing a gold band too.

I sigh. "I'm sorry that I don't remember anything Teal'c and that I've been rude. I have to go and find my friends and explain and we have to decide what we're going to do. I mean, we could always get a divorce. I don't think that's uncommon in this town."

"Divorce does not exist among my people. Though I do not agree with it I will not hold you to me against your will."

Definitely sad. "How much of last night do you remember?" I ask carefully but his response is interrupted by loud knocking at the door.

"Yo T. Open up."

I clutch my head as the banging on the door is echoed in my head. "Who's that?"

"That would be O'Neill," he states with an almost smile as he stands up and takes my hand to lead me back to the other room. It's then that I notice he's still naked. I'll take this opportunity to say yum and if I had to get married to a complete stranger at least he's gorgeous!

He finds a pair of trousers from his open bag on the floor, pulling them on before he opens the door to this O'Neill person.

Not one but three people enter: two men and a woman. Teal'c bowed his head in greeting as they all entered the room. The younger man smiled and the woman said hello. The grey haired man grinned broadly and slapped Teal'c on the arm and laughed.

"Have a good night T? That girl..."

"Is still here Jack," the younger man said, tilting his head in my direction.

Behind Jack my husband - that is so weird - closed the door and moved back to my side.

I'm still clutching the paper in my hand and I can feel it crinkling as my grip gets tighter with fear. "Who are these people Teal'c?"

"They are my friends Willow."

"Oh. We haven't got to that have we? We covered it last night huh? Damnit. I know beer is bad."

"Uh hey! There's nothing wrong with beer."

"There is when you drink a lakeful. Ugh my head hurts. I need to go and get some aspirin from my room."

"Wait. Who are you?" the woman asks me.

"Willow is my wife."

And judging from their expressions, they're as shocked as I was when I woke up 20 minutes ago.

Jack's gaze settles unhappily on me and I feel my stomach roll, then lurch. I slap my hand over my mouth and mumble an 'excuse me' as I turn back to the bathroom where I spend the next few minutes calling Huey on the porcelain phone. Teal'c is holding my hair back and gently rubbing my back while Jack tells him to take me to get aspirin from my room and giving me lots of water before we report back to Jack's room. I've stopped throwing up long enough to ask, "Report?"

"O'Neill is my commanding officer."

"You work for the military?"


After she's finished yelling at me for getting married in Las Vegas to a man I don't remember, Buffy may just kill me for getting involved with the military.

...Fin, but how are Jack, Sam and Daniel going to react? Does General Hammond ever sleepand does he dream about SG teams leaping through startgates instead of sheep and fences? Will Willow get an answer from Huey and how will Buffy and Xander react? Stayed tuned for the next, possibly more exciting adventure :)
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