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Summary: 20 Minutes w/ Connor. Connor reflects on his 'luck'.

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Harry Potter > Connor-CenteredMoniqueFR131331039149 Apr 049 Apr 04Yes
Disclaimer: I do not own Angel or Harry Potter, Connor is owned by Joss Whedon and Harry Potter is owned by JK Rowling.


He couldn’t believe his luck.

Just because he tried to kill his father a few times, the PTB decides to do something so horrific. He never thought the anything could be worse than the hell dimension that he grew up in…until he was sent here.

It seemed pretty innocent when they first told him what they were going to do. He was going to be sent to an alternate universe, where he would then attend a ‘special’ school, so that he could interact with other children.

The PTB never mentioned the fact that they would be sending him there as a 10 year old.

They never told him that he would be receiving a whole new family.

A family that already had a child, that was to be around his new age and was extremely spoiled by his parents.

A family that would receive new memories of how he came to be with them; they would believe that he was sent to them as an infant when his ‘parents’ were killed.

A family that believed they hated him, even though they never knew him. A family he would come to despise.

The PTB also conveniently forgot to mention the fact that a whole society would look upon as a bloody savior. That he would have to a face an evil dark lord more than once, and that he was expected to rid the world of said dark lord.

As if that wasn’t enough the PTB made it impossible for him to tell anyone who he really was.

All in all Connor was not a happy person, four years in this dimension and he was ready to go back to his own dimension… In fact he would even return to Quortoth, if it meant leaving the dimension and all the insane people in it.

It was times like these that Connor really missed his father…at least with Angel he could have fun trying to devise new ways to kill the vampire.

The End

You have reached the end of "Luck". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking