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Summary: W/Dick Grayson. Willow' ruminations on her relationship.

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DC Universe > Batman > Willow-CenteredCharleyFR71504032,31610 Apr 0410 Apr 04Yes
TITLE: Substitute

AUTHOR: cHarley (

PAIRING: W/Dick Grayson


GENRE: BtVS/Batman (Nightwing)

SPOILERS: Season 5 Buffy but not really.

DISCLAIMER: None of it's mine and I claim no ownership except of the rather thin thread of plot and all the silliness I can carry in a large bucket. All the BtVS/AtS bits belong to Joss Whedon & co. Smallville belongs to DC and the WB.

For Jinni, who is positively evil... all these quickie challenges... the W/Logan one is on the way :) This is not the 'Nice and Juicy show me why he's the Boy Wonder' fic you were salivating over ::GRIN:: but this is what the page wanted to be :)

~ Part 1/1 ~

I look just like her. Same red hair. Same green eyes. That's where the similarities end I guess. She wears glasses, travels in a wheel chair and wallows in self-pity.

I met her at a computer fair in Gotham City, a place where the crime rate ratio is similar to the death rate in Sunnydale. Bruce Wayne, my curent employer, introduced us and we spent much of the fair together chatting.

That's how we met, Dick and I, through the woman I would replace. I might normally have giggled at the name 'Dick' but I was distracted by his beauty. Not a very masculine description I know but he is. Beautiful I mean. Sculpted cheekbones, smooth skin, blue-black hair and that cheeky grin. I won't mention the body it was all attached to but I will just say he's damn fine!

I didn't know they had history. Bruce came over and asked Babs a question that took her away from the little table she and I had managed to find in the crowded food hall and left Dick and I together.

He's fairly high status I found out. Second date in a restaurant with his adopted dad Bruce (no he didn't mention that to me before the dinner). Our first date was straight after the computer fair. He asked me if I'd like to go to dinner with him, as a date he'd smiled, and I said yes and asked him when. He grinned and said that now was good for him. He told me that policemen don't get much time off so he liked to use whatever he could when he had it.

So anyway, second date. Dick told me about this dinner with his dad he wanted me to go to with him. I said of course I'd go with him. The first clue to his high profile and larger-than-your-average-policeman's bankaccount should have been the designer jade green silk dress and accessories that were delivered to me courtesy of him. We were chauffer driven by someone Dick was very friendly with called Alfred. I was a bit stunned by the time we arrived at the penthouse level restaurant. Bruce is there at this hideously lavish place and Dick tells me Bruce is his adopted dad. I blinked a lot then sat and just... sat. I ate and conversed but it's all a blur right up until I got home to my door when Dick kissed me.

He muttered her name in his sleep... he still does sometimes and I'm never sure what exactly he's thinking or dreaming when he does. There isn't any real emotion when he says it but I know that I'm just a substitute.


The End

You have reached the end of "Substitute". This story is complete.

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