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A World Apart

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Summary: REPOST Unbeknownst to our heroes of Middle Earth after the destruction of the ring of power Sauron’s spirit still lingered. To gain power and a new body he needs the help of our favorite red-headed witch.

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Lord of the Rings > Willow-Centered > Pairing: LegolasLaDySiNFR1843,652034,25728 Jan 0313 Dec 05No

Waking Up a World Away

REPOST: CHAPTER 4 12/13/2005

Buffy shifted, reaching for her pillow. The slayer’s eyes snapped open. She looked around, she was laying in a forest, Xander, Angel, and Dawn were all laying a few feet to her right, as they all began to stir it came back to her. They had all been in her living room when there was a flash now they were here.

'Where are we? What happened? Is everyone okay?' The questions ran around her head as she stood and brushed herself off. Then her eyes snapped back to Angel, her beautiful Angel who looked so peaceful lying there in the sun. She had a crushing moment of panic before she realized he wasn’t burning. She moved to stand by him and the others as one by one their eyes open.

“Buffy?” The vampire asked as he looked up at her then past her to the sky where the sun was shining down on them.

The blonde reached down a hand and helped the vampire to stand. Then she moved to help up Dawn as Angel went to assist Xander.

“Ok, what happened?” Dawn asked as she turned around in a slow circle taking in her surroundings.

“I second that question.” Xander said.

“I think we’re in another dimension.” Angel said. “Since you know, me, and sun, and the whole not burning.”

“Like in Pylea?” Buffy asked remembering the other world Angel had visited almost two years ago.

“Yeah, but I don’t think this is Pylea.”

“Where’s Willow? Did she not get stuck here?” Xander asked.

“She’s here. We still have a bond from when she restored my soul. It’s weak, faint at best but I wouldn’t be able to feel her if she was dead or not here. I didn’t feel it in Pylea.” Angel said.

“Can you use that to find her?” Dawn asked.

“No, like I said, it’s very faint. I just know that she’s here somewhere and she’s alive.”

“We need to find her, then try to find a way home.” Buffy said. “Which way should we go?”

“Do you think we should leave, what if Willow just woke up and went to explore?” Dawn said.

“She wouldn’t do that. She would have waited for us.” Xander said,

“He’s right, Dawnie. Will wouldn’t have gone off by her self like that.”

Angel looked up at the sky again then pointed to the left. “I think that’s north. And I can smell horses, stables maybe. We should try to find out where we are. Maybe get a map or something.”

Buffy nodded. “Sounds good.”

They walked for about 20 minutes when they came to a large stonewall. They followed it until they found a gate. Dawn’s jaw dropped as they saw some people wandering around beyond the entrance. The women were all beautiful and dressed in long pretty flowing gowns. The men were all gorgeous too.

“What’s with the pointy ears?” Xander asked quietly.

“I would assume they’re elves.” Angel murmured.

“And I thought I’d seen it all.” Buffy said. “Are elves friendly?”

“As far as I know.” Angel said nodding.

“Then let’s go in.” Buffy said moving toward the open gate and entering into the city. They all walked forward receiving some strange looks but some warm smiles too. “Is that a bar?” Buffy asked pointing to a building in front of them.

“Tavern.” Angel corrected. “I think so.”

“Think we should go in, see if anyone can help us?” Dawn asked.

“Well, wandering around aimlessly isn’t going to help us find Willow so I’d vote yay.” Xander said and moved forward.

“Angel, why don’t you do the talking?” Buffy suggested and the vampire nodded.

They entered and went to the bar and Angel got the bar tender’s attention. “Sorry to bother you sir.” He said politely. “But I’m afraid my companions and I are lost.”

“The answers you seek can not be found here.” A soft voice said from behind the small group.

Angel turned and his eyes fell on the most beautiful woman he had seen since the first time he’d laid eyes on Buffy.

“Ah, Lady Arwen. I suppose you would be the best one to help these lost travelers.” The bartender said with a smile.

“Yes. I shall take them to my father and Gandalf. They’ll know what to do. I am Arwen. Welcome to Rivendale.”

“I’m Buffy. This is my sister Dawn and our friends Angel and Xander.” The slayer told Arwen. Angel broke out of his stupor and leaned toward Buffy and Dawn.

“Curtsy.” He murmured in the girls’ ears, they did so without question. Angel bowed and used a hand on Xander’s back to get him to do the same.

Arwen smiled sweetly. “Come, I’ll take you to my father. He is King of Rivendale and his friend Gandalf is a powerful wizard. I think you may need his counsel.”

“Yeah, we do. Thanks.” Xander said, he was practically drooling as they followed the beautiful elven princess.

The city was magnificent. The buildings were gorgeous as were all the people that seemed to inhabit this strange land. The massive trees beyond the city wall stood like guards, keeping it shaded almost all day long. It was like something out of a fairy tale, none of them, not even Angel had seen a place like this before, although the vampire had read about realms similar to it.

Arwen led the strangers to her father’s palace. Gandalf had sent her to meet them. He said he felt a disturbance in the forest as if something had been misplaced from some other reality and into their own. As always the old wizard was correct it seemed.

Elrond and Gandalf as well as Aragorn were waiting in the throne room when they arrived.

Introductions were made then Gandalf began the conversation.

“You are not from this world, are you?” The white haired wizard asked bluntly.

“No, we’re not. There was a flash of red light and when we woke we were in the forest outside of the city.” Angel said.

“Someone is missing.” Gandalf said.

“Yeah, when we woke up our friend Willow wasn’t with us. We know she’s here but we don’t know where.” Xander said.

“Tell us about this Willow.” Elrond said.

“Red hair.” Xander told them.

“Green eyes, fair skin.” Angel added.

“And she’s a witch.” Buffy said.

“A female wizard.” Angel said then looked to Buffy. “I’m pretty sure in a place like this ‘witch’ is only used to describe those who do dark magick.”

“Yes, that’s correct.” Aragorn said softly.

“But she has turned toward the dark arts before, has she not?” Gandalf asked.

“Yes. How did you know that?” Buffy asked.

“I felt it when you first arrived in our world. There was darkness in her, as well as in you, Angel.” The wizard said looking the vampire over.

“But Angel’s good.” Dawn said.

“I wasn’t always.” The dark haired vampire murmured.

“Oh, well, yeah, but you are now and that’s all that matters.” Dawn said her voice rising a bit.

“Yes, it doesn’t matter what Angel is or what he may have done in the past.” Buffy said taking a step toward her former lover.

“Are all the women of your realm so outspoken?” Elrond asked.

“Buffy is no ordinary woman.” Xander said. “And you haven’t heard out spoken till you meet my ex-girlfriend Anya.”

“No ordinary woman?” Arwen asked.

“Buffy is what’s called a Slayer. One girl in all the world called to fight the forces of darkness. A warrior for the Powers That Be” Angel explained.

“This petite little thing is a warrior?” Aragorn asked with a small laugh as he moved forward and looked Buffy over. As soon as he was close enough Buffy lashed out, sweeping his feet from beneath him, pulling his sword from it’s scabbard as he fell, and pointing it to his throat before he even knew what had happened.

“You got a problem with that?” Buffy asked as she arched an eyebrow. He shook his head. “Didn’t think so.” She threw his sword to the ground beside him then moved back to stand next to her sister and friends again.

“That was. . .impressive.” Arwen said with a chuckle.

“You mean women don’t fight here?” Dawn asked.

“Very few are trained for it and they only fight in the most dire of circumstances.” Elrond said.

“Yes, well, welcome to feminism your majesty. Things just got very interesting.” Gandalf said with a laugh as he went over to Aragorn and pulled him to his feet.

The King of Gondor could do nothing more than stare at the light haired beauty who had put him on his back. “I apologize, my lady.” He told Buffy with a bow.

She shrugged. “Whatever. Just don’t piss me off cause I won’t hesitate to do it again.”

“Buffy.” Angel said softly putting a hand on her shoulder.

“So can you help us find Willow or not?” Xander asked.

“I believe we can assist you but I think you all need some rest. Willow is in no immediate danger that I can sense. Arwen, would you have a servant show our guests to their rooms?” Elrond said and watched as his daughter led the group out of the throne room then he turned to Gandalf. “What exactly is feminism?”

Gandalf laughed.

The End?

You have reached the end of "A World Apart" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 13 Dec 05.

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