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Truth, Justice, and the American Way

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Summary: *Finally updated!* Based on the format of Jinni's When I Woke Up Series. Willow and Clark wake up married. Things only get more complicated from there.

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Title: Awareness
Series: Truth, Justice, and the American Way
Author: Malana
Pairing: Willow/Clark Kent
Disclaimer: I don't own Smallville or Buffy.
Note: This is modeled after the style of Jinni's many When I Woke Up series. The story is written with her permission. This is a response to a challenge by Charley. Jinni is answering the Challenge with a Lex pairing, I'm doing it with Clark.
Spoilers: Through Chosen for Buffy. In Smallville anything up to The Truth is fair game. Things go AU near the end of season 3

My head hurts so much that I don't even want to open my eyes.

I'm just going to lie here with my eyes closed, and try to remember what I did last night. From the pounding of my head and the queasy feeling in my stomach, I'm assuming I did a lot of drinking.


Oh yeah, that's right. Buffy, Xander and I decided to go to Vegas. We were rewarding ourselves after the battle with the First Evil. We had decided that after everything we had been through, we deserved a vacation. Buffy was having fun playing the slot machines. And Xander had camped-out in front of the black-jack table. I'm not too into gambling. So I spent most of my time last night in the casino bar.

The bartender made a really good rum-and-coke. I must have had quite a few of them. I'm not normally a big drinker, but I was having fun. Kennedy and I just broke up a few weeks ago, after a huge fight. I decided I'd try drinking my troubles away. Because I'm stupid like that.

I feel movement beside me, drawing me back to the present, and despite the headache, my eyes fly open. There is someone else in my hotel room. Actually, as I look around, I don't think this is my hotel room. I turn to look beside me, hoping that I just imagined the movement. No such luck. There is someone is bed beside me. A male someone.

Oh my god. I slept with a guy!

More bits of memory come flittering back in my head. Hanging out in the bar led to a lot of drinking, which led to dancing, and apparently dancing led to sleeping with the guy who is now sleeping next to me.

He's handsome. I have to give him that. Muscular too, from the little I can currently see. Even with his dark hair mussed from sleep, he's pretty hot. But he's also a he. I haven't even been attracted to a guy in a long time, much less slept with one. Sure, since Kennedy and I split I haven't been with any girls either, but I'm still weirded out by this whole thing.

He also looks kind of young. He must be at least 21, after all, he was having a busy time in the bar last night too. But he looks like a teenager. I wonder what his name is. I slept with a guy and I can't even recall his name. This sucks, but as much as I try to remember, I just can't. Most of the night is a blank. Besides getting pretty cozy with this guy on the dance floor, I can't remember much at all.

Buffy and Xander are never going to forget this. Not in a million years. I'm not the one-night stand type. I'm never going to live this down. Buffy will smirk, and Xander will make crass comments. And god help me if Dawn finds out.

I just want to die.

I cover my face with my hands, and that's when I see it. There is a ring on my finger. Specifically, there is a simple gold band on the ring finger of my left hand.

This has got to be a joke. I...I can't have gotten married. I was drunk, yes. But I couldn't have been that drunk. No. It's just a ring. It doesn't mean that I actually got married. It's just some sort of weird coincidence or something.

I sit up in bed, and as I do, something on the nightstand catches my eye. There is some sort of paper with my name on it. Why is there a piece of paper with my name on it? I take a closer look, and I can't breathe.

It's a marriage certificate.

I did it. I actually was so stupidly drunk that I went and married a complete stranger. What have you gotten yourself into Willow Rosenberg? Wait, not it's not Rosenberg anymore, is it? I take another look at the certificate.


My name is Willow Kent.
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