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Time for Change

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Time for Change and Roses". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Glory banishes Willow to another time, where her adventure really begins. Crossover with the Mummy Returns

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Movies > Mummy, TheLucindaFR151141,77372621,91628 Jan 0310 Jun 03Yes

Time for Change

Fic: Time For Change

author: Lucinda
rating: pg 13
pairing: starts Willow/Tara, has Willow/William friendship, will become Willow/Ardeth Bey
disclaimer: I own nobody from Buffy. I own nobody from the Mummy 1 or 2 either.
Distribution: I've told some people they may, others please ask.

They had been trying frantically to find information on the
new major evil of the hellmouth. This evil wasn't an obsessive
vampire, or an evil mayor. Her name was Glory, well, she was
calling herself that anyhow. She looked like a beautiful woman with
blond curls, wore designer dresses, and hit harder than Buffy.
Buffy's Slayer senses screamed every time the being was near,
screaming the she was evil and dangerous and powerful.

Buffy and Glory had fought, and Buffy had been left sprawled at
the base of a concrete pillar. Glory had tossed her around like a
scarf, and walked away. She hadn't considered Buffy to be a threat,
and since Buffy hadn't been able to so much as break a nail on Glory
it looked like she just might be right in that assessment.

That was why they were researching, trying to learn what Glory
was, and hopefully how to defeat her. They weren't having much
luck. As near as they could tell, if there was anything in the
books, they didn't have enough information to recognize it. Willow
was on the couch, flipping though a thick green book, her girlfriend
snuggled up next to her with a square brown book written in German.
After hours of searching though old books, many handwritten, the
whole group was tired and frustrated. They had found a great deal
of nothing helpful.

Standing up and stretching stiffened and cramped muscles,
everyone separated to go to their respective homes. Buffy went
home, muttering about Dawn had better have her homework finished and
be in bed asleep. Xander and Anya went home, Anya trying to figure
out how much time they still had for sex. Willow and Tara, holding
hands set out for their apartment. They were murmuring little sweet
nothings, complimenting each other, each telling what they loved
about the other.

They were interrupted by a large figure, growling and charging
into the couple. A vampire, over six feet tall, very solid, and
very hungry. He thought the two girls looked perfect for a midnight
snack. Tara shrieked, frantically searching her purse for a cross
or holy water. Willow fell to the ground, looking up to see the
vampire grab her girlfriend, intending to drain her.

Willow didn't even pause - she chanted a few words in Greek, and
threw a small ball of flame at the vampire. With a loud roar, the
vampire burst into flames, dropping Tara to the sidewalk before
dissolving into smoking ashes. Tara remained on the sidewalk,
staring at the ashes of her attacker, her breathing rapid.

"Tara? Sweetie, are you okay? I think maybe we should get home
before we have any more unexpected company." Willow was worried
about her girlfriend. Tara was very pale, her eyes wide and she was
almost hyperventilating. The sooner they could get to the safety of
their home, the sooner she could make sure Tara was okay.

end part 1.

They had still not found much on Glory. Buffy and Willow were patrolling
in the cemeteries, and Willow was helping Buffy to review some of the material
for their psych class. Tara had been unable to join them and had voluntereed
to help Anya run the shop while Giles did more research. Willow had hoped
that she and her girlfriend could have some time together, walking under the
stars, but it seemed that that wouldn't be happening tonight.

Buffy was looking for some vampires or demons, something to cover the fact
that she hadn't paid enough attention to the chapter on depression. If they
had to get rid of some minor nasties, the quizzing about the chapter would end.
She gasped in horrified dismay. Surrounded by about six little wrinkled brown
creatures with hooked noses was Glory, wearing a shimmering gold dress that
ended about half way down her thighs. She looked to be giving orders to the
other creatures.

"That's Glory! What's she doing here?" Uncertain as to the motivation of
the dangerous woman, Buffy moved in closer, trying to overhear the orders being
given to the minions. She had a feeling that it might be useful to know what
Glory wanted.

"You are supposed to go find me a decent shampoo, something that will leave
my hair smelling nice. As for the rest of you, I want my Key back! So go out
and start looking." Glory tossed her mane of perfect curls, impatient to reclaim
her Key and frustrated at the feeble resources of this miserable town.

"Buffy?" Willow whispered to her friend, trying not to attract the attention
of the minions. "What's this Key thing? I don't think she just needs to get back
into her house, or start her car." She could feel the power emanating from Glory.
It flowed like dark honey, oozing over everything and leaving a feeling of stickiness
and a feeling as if she had been covered with a film of something greasy. It was
not a pleasant feeling. She felt dirty.

Buffy moved towards Glory, intending to try to delay or stop the dangerous
being. She was tense, ready for the conflict. Glory looked relaxed, merely
irritated by the Slayer's challenge.

"Slayer, Fluffy was it? Where's my Key? If you give it to me, I can let you
leave, maybe even live." Glory looked irritated.

"I don't have any idea what you're talking about, what Key?" Buffy was confused.
She had no idea what this key was, but didn't intend to let Glory have it.

"Alright, I've tried to be reasonable. I know that those blasted monks sent
the key to you, so WHERE IS IT?" Her voice rose into a shout at the end, and Glory
picked Buffy up by her jacket, shaking the slayer like a rag-doll.

Buffy gasped, and kicked out, connecting to Glory's stomach. Outraged, she
dropped Buffy to the ground. "You got mud all over this dress! Now, I'm going
to have to hurt you."

Willow could tell that Buffy was no match for Glory. There had to be something
that she could do... Willow remembered the teleportation spell that she had found
in one of Giles' books. She had tried it a few times, but still didn't have any
control over where the object would end up. As long as Glory was away, she didn't
see the danger.

Willow reached inside herself for the pool of power that enabled her to work magic.
She began to chant the words softly, focusing her will on sending Glory far away.
She felt something resisting her spell, as if Glory were anchored by something.
Willow poured more power into the spell, concentrating.

With a loud angry shriek, Glory vanished in a shower of green and gold sparks.
Buffy was picking herself up from the ground, her cheek already turning purple, a cut
over her cheekbone from the force of Glory's fist.

"Where did she go?" Buffy had seen the sparks, and knew that Glory had vanished,
but she wasn't sure if it had been the other blonde's intention.

"Umm, I'm not sure. I still haven't got all the bugs worked out of that teleportation
spell." Willow felt a slight tickle in her nose, and wiped away a thin trickle of
blood. Her head was pounding. "Can we go back now? I think that took a lot out of me."

They headed back to the Magic Box, pondering what the Key could be, and why did
Glory want it anyhow?

end part 2.

Willow and Buffy had returned to the Magic Box, both eager and in a hurry,
but for different reasons. Buffy wanted to tell Giles what they had learned, in
hopes that they could get answers now, even if only about this Key. Willow wanted
something for her head, which felt like it had a rock concert going full blast
inside her skull. That was all she wanted, she wasn't worried about vampires,
demons or homework, just getting something to dull the pain before her head exploded,
which might happen, this being the hellmouth.

Willow went directly to the cabinent that Giles used to store all the first aid
supplies, and pulled out a bottle of Excedrin migrane. She opened the bottle, and
shook out three of the small pills, before swallowing them down. She put the bottle
away, and helped herself to a cup of tea. Sipping at her tea, she rejoined the
others, sitting down beside Tara, seeking the comfort of her girlfriend's
presence. Buffy was telling Giles about their encounter with Glory, holding an ice
pack against her bruised cheek.

"So, Buffy. How did you manage to get away if this Glory is so powerful?" Giles
was worried and concerned. He was polishing his spotless glasses on the hem of
his shirt, clearly trying to maintain a semblence of calm.

"Well, right as she was about to kick my head in, she just poofed. Big cloud
of green sparkles, and she was gone. Willow teleported her somewhere." Buffy's
voice was quiet, a bit rueful that she'd needed saving, a lot concerned because of
how powerful Glory had been.

"Willow, can we talk in the other room?" Tara leaned over and whispered into
her girlfriend's ear. The two then slipped into the back room while Giles was
trying to get as much information from Buffy about what Glory had been seeking
as he could.

"Tara? What's the matter, you look very worried?" Willow's head was still
throbbing, but she was feeling a bit less pained. She had a feeling that Tara was
upset, and wasn't certain she'd like the answer to her question.

"I think you're using to much magic. It's not a toy, and whenever something
happens, the first thing you do is use magic to try to fix it!" Tara looked far
more lively than she had earlier.

"I only used it to save Buffy tonight, and last night to save you! I'm not
the slayer, I can't pummel a vampire into submission." Willow had the feeling
that Tara had brooded over this all day. That didn't bode well for the
coming discussion.

"There are other ways! Like a stake, or holy water, or avoiding danger. Most
people live their whole lives without using magic to deal with their problems.
You always have a good reason, but you keep using magic. It's like an addiction
to you!" Tara's words were nervous, afraid.

WIllow felt stung to the core. Why would Tara be afraid of her? "Tara? I'm
not addicted. I just don't have other options sometimes. I'd rather use magic
than become the latest casualty of some slimey thing."

"See, you always have a reason! How do I know that you aren't using magic
for other things? What's to stop you from using magic becasue it's convenient?
How do I know you won't start magicking things to go how you want them to?"
Tara sounded almost hysterical, heedless of the attention that she was drawing
from the other room.

Willow's voice was soft, hurt that her lover could have so little confidence
in her. "I wouldn't do that to someone that I love. If you know anything about
me, you should know that. Maybe it would be best if I spent tonight somewhere else."

Willow turned her back on her lover and walked out, past her friends and out
the door. Her parents were away, but she still had some things at the house.
She could stay there tonight, instead of with her lover that feared her.

end part 3.

She had argued with Willow. Tara thought that Willow used her magic too often,
too easily. If she turned to magic all the time, her powers might fail when
she needed them most, tapped dry by using her power to open doors and mend torn
clothing. Tara was so busy worrying about Willow overusing her powers that she
didn't notice the small brown creature following her.

When the thing grabbed her, putting one gnarled hand over her mouth, all she
could think to do was struggle and try to scream. Tara was too weak to escape
the things grasp, and she was carried thrashing into a warehouse. Her mind
was blank with fear.

The end of the warehouse held a huge bed and had been converted into a lavish
living area, decadent with every conceivable luxury. The bed was done in silks
and velvets, with expensive rugs covering the floor. Standing in the middle
of the decadent luxury was a beautiful blond woman with curls, wearing a
deep crimson dress.

"Oh Glorious One, I have brought you this unworthy offering, in hopes that
you might find some measure of use from her." With those words, the small
creature thrust Tara towards the blond woman, that had to be Glory.

Tara knew that this would be bad. The woman looked entirely healthy,
but annoyed. Tara could feel her power, crawling over her like ants, prickling
at her skin and leaving this gritty feeling, like dust on sweat. She
was afraid now.

Suddenly, Glory looked at Tara, who was sprawled trembling on the ground
before her, and smiled. "I think I could use a quick pick me up."

She siezed Tara by one arm, hauling her roughly to her feet. With a look
of sadistic glee, Glory reached her other hand towards Tara, and her fingers
began to sink into Tara's skull. Tara screamed in fear and agony, but she
knew, even as the waves of pain overcame her, turning the world into a red
that faded to black that nobody could save her tonight.

Glory dropped the still twitching body to the floor, allowing it to fall
on the green turkish carpet like a discarded wrapper falling to the ground.
She turned, and walked over to the large mirror, where she began twisting her
hair into different styles, trying to decide if there was one she liked.

"Someone dispose of the leftovers. You actually did quite well, she had
some useful information about the Red Witch. Seems Red's quite the computer
whiz, and she's good friends with the Slayer. If I get rid of her, I've removed
the only threat I've seen in this miserable little town. Now, I don't want to
let her see me working at it, she might be able to disrupt a spell. How to
remove her from the equation.." Glory stood there for a few moments, tapping
her lips thoughtfully with a finger.

"I think I'll just remove her. Send her out of this time completely. Where
to put the computer genius... I think a time without them. Better yet, a time
without computers and a really ambitious guy after my own heart. Well,
actually, he wasn't after me, but I did like his style.. Red has power, but
not too much training. She'd fail miserably against one of the most powerful
magi of the ancient world. Hmmm if I send her back too far, her arrival alone
could help win her allies, that just won't do." She was now pacing along the warehouse.

One minion removed Tara's corpse, obviously intending to remove it from the
presence of the Glorious One. She ignored him, as if he was beneath her notice.
"Yes, that's perfect. I'll just send her back to when he came out again.
Assuming she doesn't get locked away as a lunatic, Imhotep will finish her
off once and for all."

Knowing that the proper procedures made things work more easily, even for
such powers as herself, Glory began to focus her mind, and marked out a diagram
on the concrete floor of the unfinished section of the warehouse. She chanted
in a language that had been forgotten millenia ago.

Focused by her will, and given shape by her awesome power, the spell took
shape. Seeking the image in her mind of the Red Witch, the spell to cast Willow
back in time took effect with a flash of red light.

end part 4.

Willow sat up in her bed, suddenly convinced that something terrible
had happened to Tara. She didn't know what, but she knew, down into her bones,
that she would never see the Tara that she had known and loved again. Willow
cast a minor spell, one that should show her Tara if she were alive, no matter
how far away she was, but the mirror only reflected the room at her parent's
house, and Willow's pale face, her eyes dark ringed with exhaustion and headache.

Pulling some clothing on, Willow debated if she wanted to call someone, or
to go to the apartment that she had shared with Tara. Just as she had picked
up her purse, she felt a disturbance in the flow of energy in Sunnydale.
Someone was working some very powerful magic. Willow didn't know who it was,
or what they were attempting, but she had a feeling that somehow, it would turn
out to be bad news. It always was bad news in Sunnydale.

She felt something, like a wind touch her aura, and she tried to get to
the door, futilely trying to escape the touch of magic on her. She felt raw
power wrap around her, siezing her like the wind catches a leaf in the autumn,
sweeping her away from Sunnydale and everthing she knew. The world blurred
into mere swirls of color around her, fragmenting apart into chaos and power.

Eventually, after an eternity a few rapid heartbeats long, Willow realized
that the wild rush of power that surrounded her was shaping itself into
something she could make sense of. She wasn't going to spend the rest of
eternity trapped in a whirl of power. She reformed and dropped about two
feet onto the polished wooden floor of a library. Shelves of leather-bound
books reached high over her head, and there was a soothingly familiar scent
of leather bookbindings, ink, and paper, as well as wood polish and a faint
hint of tea.

This library was impressive, well kept, and she had never seen it before
in her life. Willow carefully stood up, relieved to find herself possibly
bruised, but otherwise fine. Looking at some of the books, she saw histories,
and books on all sorts of archeology and grography. Nothing about demons,
or magic, which meant this probably wasn't the library of a Watcher, although
maybe she should check the other bookcases before making that judgement.

The door opened, and a brown haired man was holding a gun, aimed right
at her. Willow froze, her eyes widening in surprise and fear. Something
seemed a bit odd about his clothing, but most of her attention was on the
gun in his hand. He looked quite steady, and as if he would be perfectly
willing to shoot her if he felt it nesecarry.

Willow had imagined her death on many occasions, in a variety of painful
and often gruesome methods. She had never taken the time to consider death
by gunshot before. It was suddenly being given much dreadful contemplation.

"Evie! We have company. Has your brother been inviting people over again?"
The man called to someone down the hall. His voice was cautios. Willow
began to hope that she wouldn't be shot after all.

A woman's voice answered. "I don't think Jonothan's been here recently,
and where are you.. Ahh. I sincerely doubt that any of the people my brother
would invite over for company would be in the library, and why do you have that
out, you promised you'd try to keep those away from Alex. What exactly is
going on here?"

A dark haired woman came down the hall, coming to stand behind the man with
a gun. Willow recognized her babbling habit, and had no dificulty interpreting
the other woman's sentances, although the context.. hmm. The dark haired woman
had a brother named Jonathan. His company wasn't known for being literary. The
big guy was supposed to be keeping guns away from somone named Alex. They
sounded... well, she sounded British at least. They were both speaking english,
which was a definate plus.

"ummm please don't shoot me?" Willow's voice was tenative. She had no
idea who these people were, and no idea how to predict their reactions.
Perhaps if she established that she was not a threat to them?

The dark haired woman looked into the library, where Willow stood, her
hands in view, shaking slightly. Her eyes were wide with fright, and she
looked terrified and defenseless. She had no weapons, and was clearly
alive. As added reassurance, there was no way this young woman could be
mistaken for an egyptian.

"Rick, put the gun away. I don't think she looks very dangerous. I
am a bit curious how she got into our library, but that perhaps should be
discussed over tea, not across a gun barrel."

end part 5.
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