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Xander Craving

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Summary: A group craves and Anya taunts them with what they can't have. HET w/ UST Slash

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > ComedyCaliadragonFR1511,100122,83012 Apr 0412 Apr 04Yes
Title: Xander Craving

Category: AU

Pairing: Xander/Anya, with a whole lotta UST

Part: 1/1

Warning: This is mainly het people; however there is a lot of slash UST.

Disclaimer: None of the character's belong to me.

Beta: Thanks to Edi for the beta

He was sex, innocence and violence. He was pain, grief and rage. He was stability, confusion and chaos. He was all of these things and so much more. The two vampires watched him with hunger and jealousy. The woman that held him in her arms was regarded with a combination of hatred and pride. Pride that a demon, ex or not, had claimed the unattainable. For years every demon, half demon and otherworldly being had tried to claim him. Some had come close, but in the end only one other had gotten a chance at the tempting boy.

When it had gotten out that the other woman had claimed the boy for one night and then thrown him away, every underworld creature in the town had known that she was crazy. They had known about the mortal girl who had thrown away a chance to claim the boy for life. They had known that the witch had cast a powerful spell over the boy and had caused him to seek her out for retribution. A spell that turned against her in the end, a spell that made the witch a target of the underworld. After all, the demons and sundry others couldn't let their chances be diminished. When it came out that the foolish witch had been turned into a rat, the underworld had celebrated.

Now the two vampires stood in the Magic Box and were forced to watch as Anya, former vengeance demon, claimed the attention of the mortal boy that they both craved the way they craved blood. It was a bone deep ache that stole the mind and soul. It was something that they could not understand, but wished they could. Xander Harris was a strange and compelling soul. If only they could figure out how to get rid of Anya.

Anya watched the two vampires and smirked at their hungry eyes. She knew very well that it was Xander that they wanted and not her. She also knew that the underworld had many demons and half-demons that would kill to have the boy she had. It was one of the reasons she did not want Xander fighting with the other Scoobies. That and her intense hatred of Buffy. Anya had gotten over her dislike of Willow. Spending time in the young witch's company had made her see just how close she and Xander were. It also helped that Willow had made it clear that there was nothing between her and Xander.

Except for the lust spell that Willow had inadvertently cast on herself and Xander, neither of them had done anything except be friends. Anya frowned slightly; friends really didn't describe the way that the two were with one another. Anya had seen lovers, friends and family interact over the centuries that she had lived. Only once had she ever seen a pair like her lover and his best friend. That had been nearly a hundred years earlier and that pair had died together.

Spike growled at the demon bint and heard an echoing growl from Angel. Anya merely grinned and pulled Xander into a passionate kiss. Xander pulled her closer and kissed her with all that he was. When he pulled away, the vampires and the other watchers in the room saw an affectionate smile on his face. Xander gently ran a finger down Anya's cheek and brushed her hair away from her face.

Buffy and Cordelia scowled as they watched the by-play between Anya and their Xander; both of them were furious at the ex-demon. Xander was theirs, damnit! Why Willow couldn't see that the bitch wasn't good enough for Xander they would never know. All they wanted was for her to do one freakin' spell and get rid of the bitch, but no, Willow had ta have a freakin' good guy complex.

Willow was giggling silently and looking at Tara. The little blonde shared a smile with her lover, then the pair turned back to watch the entertainment that everyone was providing. It was so cute that Xander was clueless; they just loved that about him.

Giles and Wesley shared a look, shook their heads and went back to their tea and research. They really hoped no one decided to spill blood; that would be rather bad for their research.

Doyle, Gunn, and Fred were all trying to figure out what had their friends in such a tizzy. Not that they wouldn't back them up one hundred percent, but it would be nice to know what they would be spilling blood over.

Riley sighed and wondered if he could make a call to get rid of Anya and take Xander someplace warm that allowed nudity. Graham would love to have a new companion and bed toy. He sighed and looked over at Buffy. On second thoughts, maybe he would leave Anya to be blamed for Xander's disappearance and let Buffy deal with her.

Xander grinned down at Anya and resisted the urge to laugh; she was so messing with someone’s head. Who, he didn't know, but knowing his girlfriend's mind it was probably anyone and everyone. "Let's go home sweetheart," Xander said with amusement clearly in his tone.

Anya narrowed her eyes, and then grinned as she realized that Xander knew exactly what she was doing and wasn't the least bit upset by it. Anya felt that that was just one more thing to lovAnya felt that that was just one more thing to love about him. She giggled and pulled him to his feet. After saying a quick good-bye to everyone, the pair left the Magic Box and headed towards home. "So, did you enjoy yourself tonight?" Xander asked her, amused.

Anya laughed and nodded. "Most certainly, they are fun to tease. Though I think I will keep you in bed for the weekend and not let anyone near you," she told him impishly.

Xander laughed and hugged her tight. He really loved having a girlfriend with as twisted a sense of humor as he had. Between the two of them the Scoobies, except Willow and Tara, never knew what they were up to from moment to moment. He loved his friends, but Anya completed his life in a way he never thought possible. Not since he blew things so totally with Willow, anyway, but thanks to Anya he had his best friend back as well as a new friend in Tara.

The End

The End

You have reached the end of "Xander Craving". This story is complete.

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