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I Know What You Mean...

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Summary: Based on 'When I Woke Up': Xander, Buffy, Willow and Dawn are in for a shock the morning after... (implied Slash, no details of what did or did not occur between the characters)

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Harry Potter > Multiple PairingskristymarieFR1522,0450144,14512 Apr 0413 Apr 04No

Merciful Zeus!

Title: I Know What You Mean...

Author: Kristy Marie

Rating: PG-13 bordering on R (for subject matter)

Pairing: X/? B/? W/? D/? (it's a suprise)

Genre: BtVS/Harry Potter, slight angst, lots of laughs

Dislclaimer: Of course Joss has the BtVS stuff and JKR has the HP stuff.
I just own my nice little iMac computer....

Distribution: TTH,, let me know where else it travels to...

Notes: This is based upon the 'When I Woke Up' fic by Jinni. It's also
my first HP crossover so take it easy on me.... Feedback is greatly desired
as it boosted my day from mediocore to a 'oh happy day' feeling.


Chapter 2: Merciful Zues


Something was causing warmth to spread across my face. It was a great feeling
for the whole two seconds it lasted. Then the ramifications of the previous
night's 'Let's have fun in Vegas since we all feel like crap after Sunnyhell'
actions kicked in. I've been drunk before, I've had a hangover before, but this,
it just wasn't meant to be.

My head was splitting, but I knew it was time to take inventory and make sure
I still had all of my functioning body parts. As I creaked my open, immediate
panic set in. I couldn't see! Oh, wait, the eye patch is on the wrong side.
Phew! Okay, chalk one up for the handicap guy who couldn't even keep his eye
patch on the right side. As I readjusted the eyewear, I began to have a sinking
feeling that more was wrong than just the eyepatch.

Oh god! There's a body in the bed with me! That's definitely skin touching
my skin. Must move, must run away... wait, can't move, it will wake up... Okay,
breathe, then try to figure this out. I opened my eye cautiously to survey the

Let's see, hotel room (plus), not MY hotel room (minus), umm, (come on Xand,
you can look at her)... I glance slowly toward the lump laying at my right side
and, OH MY GOD, I slept with Will, all I see is red hair peaking out from under
the covers.... this is bad, this is bad, this is.... wait, that hair is too
short for Willow.

Okay, let's try breathing again, let's go back to my list. NOT Willow (A++++)...
I cautiously reach my left hand up to rub the sleep from my eye when... OH DEAR
GOD, (great now I'm turning into Giles, and there is a freaking wedding band
on my hand. I know that was not there when I... wait, what is the last thing
I remember...

We went to the bar, Dawn showed up (must remember to "discuss" that
with her and Faith later), fighting ensued, Buffy pissed me off (what else is
new?), went off to another part of the building. There was something else, drinking,
moping (oh, wait I don't mope, no moping here), more drinking, hmmm, oh yeah,
the British voice, wait, there was red hair attached to that voice. THAT'S IT!
The red head in bed with me is the British voice I heard, mystery solved, case

No, wait, there's still the wedding band and who she is. Hmmm... do I try to
wake her up, maybe I just leave and she'll never know the difference (stop that
thought) can't leave another girl behind when that evilness called mariage is
looming. God, I must be cursed.

How about I just lay here until she wakes up. I"ll close my eye. That'll
work, I'll pretend I'm asleep, she'll wake up, then she'll decide what to do.
Maybe she'll just kick me out like Faith did, that would be my luck....

Oh wait a minute, the bed is moving, okay, more than just a small part of skin
touching, oh god arm wrapping around my...

"MERCIFUL ZEUS!!" I jump as far as I can from the bed, taking all
of the protective covers with me, leaving my very naked self staring at a very
naked red headed MAN (or is he a boy) who was staring back in shock at me.



authors's follow-up note: I'm writing each of these chapters quick and in hopes
of actually having *gasp* a completed fic. So any mistakes or logical thought
issues are solely my responsibility. Also, just for timeline issues: 3 weeks
after Chosen in Buffyverse and the HP trio just completed there 7th and are
18 years old. Also, as for the whole marriage issue, I'm taking a few liberties
an pretending that Vegas had joined the band wagon and was tossing the marriage
licenses out right and left. I know that's quite a few liberties, but this is
fanficiton after all ;-)

TBC... upcoming chapters: Oh Goddess!, I'm Baked!, Buffy's Gonna Kill Me!

The End?

You have reached the end of "I Know What You Mean..." – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 13 Apr 04.

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