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I Know What You Mean...

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Summary: Based on 'When I Woke Up': Xander, Buffy, Willow and Dawn are in for a shock the morning after... (implied Slash, no details of what did or did not occur between the characters)

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I Know What You Mean...

Title: I Know What You Mean...

Author: Kristy Marie

Rating: PG-13 bordering on R (for subject matter)

Pairing: X/? B/? W/? D/? (it's a suprise)

Genre: BtVS/Harry Potter, slight angst, lots of laughs

Dislclaimer: Of course Joss has the BtVS stuff and JKR has the HP stuff.
I just own my nice little iMac computer....

Distribution: TTH,, let me know where else it travels to...

Notes: This is based upon the 'When I Woke Up' fic by Jinni. It's also
my first HP crossover so take it easy on me.... Feedback is greatly desired
as it boosted my day from mediocore to a 'oh happy day' feeling.


Chapter 1: I Know What You Mean...


Giles had given them some money from the new council's funds and told them
to 'bloody get away for a week, so I can have some peace'. So, naturally they
ended up in Vegas and it all went downhill from there...

Buffy, Willow and Xander had been sitting at the bar for 30 minutes and had
only spoken to the bartender to get their drinks. Since Sunnydale went to hell
two weeks before, none of them could speak with other without an explosion of
words occuring. All Buffy had on her mind was 'He Who Must Not Be Named' aka
Spike. If anyone said his name she would began to rant and rave on how no-one
appreciated the fact that he gave his life for the rest of the world. In contrast,
Xander's sole thoughts were on 'She Who Can't Be Dead'. The only person he had
spoken with at any length was Andrew, and that was just to drag every last detail
of her death out of him. As a counter to Buffy and Xander's remembering the
dead thoughts, Willow was focused completed on the relationship that was NOT
happening with Kennedy. Kennedy had pushed her too far with the 'I'm a powerful
slayer now' kick and Willow had left her.

So with those thoughts, the trio sat so close to each other, nursing their
drinks, but were so far away. Even though a chasm divided their thoughts, one
person could bring them together in a scary force.

"Dawn! What the hell are you doing in here?!" was the echoing phrase
that came crashing out of three mouths.

"What do you all care what I'm doing here? You left me to rot in that
hotel room so you could come down here an wallow in your grief." Dawn turned
to Buffy with a pointed look, "Besides B , I
wanted to try out this kick ass ID F gave me so I could wallow in my grief too.
Five by five?" And Dawn held her smirk as she looked at three shocked faces.
Then she turned around and walked to a different area of the bar.

Buffy turned to her two, well at one time, best friends. "Can you believe
her? I am so going to kill Faith the next time I see her!" Buffy sat fuming
and wishing she had something to kill.

Xander gave her a pointed look, "Well, if you hadn't been all 'Spike is
my champion, do as I say or else, oh, did I mention, Spike is my champion' maybe
she wouldn't be like that!"

The argument was heated up. "So, the grieving one speaks. You are acting
so sad about your precious Anya, but probably hurt more than that Ubervamp every
did by leaving her at the alter!"

It was in that moment that a precious line was crossed. Xander's one eye held
unshed emotion as he glared at Buffy. "Thanks for letting me know how you
really feel Buff." He got up at stalked off across the crowded bar that
was anywhere else but where Buffy was.

Willow looked dejectily at Buffy. "You know, if you wanted time alone
to pine over Spike, you could have just said."

Buffy glared back at Willow, if she didn't find a release soon, she would explode.
"Thanks for the advice. I'll go find my own corner, with my own drink and
let you pine over that slay gal of yours." With
that said, all the scoobies were headed in their own directions and the stage
was set for a shocking night.



As Dawn walked away from the trio, she began to mumble to herself. "Why
does everything have to be so gloom and doom with them." She let out a
sigh and sat down with a drink, "They'll never let me grow up, I'll never
experience anything on my own. It'll always be Dawnie can't do this and don't
do that. Why can't they let anyone else in that little social clique of theirs..."
She dropped her head down to the bar.

"I know what you mean..."

Dawn jerked her head up to look for the source of the British voice she just



Willow watched as Buffy stormed away. Goddess, why couldn't live be normal.
It hadn't been normal since the day she met Buffy. Then there was the whole
relationship realm. No person alive could have a worse track record than her.
Oz, the Xander Fluke, Oz, Ta.., no can't think about her, Kennedy. Willow stared
back into her drink and began to mumble to herself. "Why can't they wake
up and see that I hurt too? No, they're too wrapped up in their own little world's
to see that I need some loving too..."

"I know what you mean..."

Willow turned her head up to find the source of the very British sounding voice.



As Buffy stalked away, she noticed a vamp at the far door leading a young girl
outside. 'Probably taking her to a dark ally, sneak a few kisses, then drain
her dry..' Why can't I give up slaying, it's like the vamps follow me... With
that thought, she followed the vamp out the door.

One dusty vamp later, Buffy sat at her own little corner of the bar nursing
a beer. Just as long as she didn't turn into cave-Buffy again all would be well.
Her eyes glazed over as she thought about the vamp she just staked. "Why
does it always have to be me? Why do I always have to save the day...",
she mumbled to herself.

"I know what you mean..."

For one split second, Buffy thought that Spike had returned, but when she saw
the source of the British voice, she knew it wasn't him.



He couldn't believe that Buffy had gone that far. They had all said things
to each other in the past, but they have never crossed the line that far. He
sat staring at his beer trying to determine where and when everything had gone
so wrong. Of course, one big flaw was that the others, save Dawn, never saw
him as more than food/fix-it guy. He could never make them see the depth that
was inside of him. As he started on a new drink, he began mumbling to himself...
"Why can't they see me for who I really am. I contribute, I'm a part of
the group. But no I'm just stupid Xander, the dumb one, the Zeppo..."

"I know what you mean..."

Xander jumped at the sound of the voice beside him. He had to turn his head
all the way, do to his blind side, to see the source of the Gilesish voice beside



TBC... upcoming chapters: Merciful Zeus!, Oh Goddess!, I'm Baked!, Buffy's
Gonna Kill Me!

Kudos to anyone who can guess my pre-planned pairings...
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