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A Summers at Hogwarts 2: Sorcerer’s Stone

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This story is No. 2 in the series "A Summer's at Hogwarts Series". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A sequel to A Summer at Hogwarts. Buffy's and Oliver's fifth year. It's Harry's first year. This basically my version of the Sorcerer's Stone. (Crossed W/HP). Buffy/Oliver Wood. R/R

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Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Oliver WoodWildFR15515,776238,15828 Jan 0329 Jan 03Yes

Chapter 2

            Buffy was tracking the troll. Her slayer senses were telling her that the troll had long left the dungeon. The troll odor was strong and she could follow it easily. She wasn’t too far behind as she saw it head toward the girl’s bathroom. Hermione! She was in the bathroom. Buffy could hear the troll entering the bathroom. She ran as fast she could. She heard Hermione scream. Entering the bathroom she saw that the troll had taken out most of the stalls in the bathroom.

“Hey stupid!” The troll turned around to look at Buffy. “Glad to see you know your name. Why don’t you pick on somebody like me?”

She had her wand out and pointed at the troll’s club. The troll was interested in her now.

“Hermione run! Accio!”

The club of the troll flew to her. The club was bigger than her whole body, but using slayer strength she held it. The troll was mystified at how Buffy had gotten his club. By this time Harry and Ron had arrived and were helping Hermione. Buffy took the club using it to hit the troll in the stomach. It keeled over and she bashed it in the head so hard that she broke the club. The troll lay unconscious on the floor. Buffy dropped the broken club and used her wand to bind the troll. She turned to Hermione.

“Are you alright?” Hermione nodded.

“That was cool.” Ron said.

The sounds of steps were heard in the hall as McGonagall, Snape, Giles, and Quirrell came into the bathroom.

“Oh my goodness!” McGonagall said upon seeing the bathroom. Giles was right behind her.

“Buffy, are you alright?”

“Fine Giles. He made me mad. I beat him up for ruining my night off. Then bound him. I think he still alive.”

“What are you three doing here? Explain yourself.”

McGonagall said once she got over her concern. The three were standing there all about to talk at once.

“If you'll allow me Professor. You’ll get an answer you’ll understand. Hermione here was already in the bathroom before the whole troll thing started. Harry noticed her absence at dinner. I believe Harry and Ron came here to get Hermione. By that time I was already battling the troll.” Buffy told them.

“You three are very lucky that Miss Summers got to the troll before it got to you. I hope you realize how fortunate you are. Five points to Mr. Potter and Weasley for your willingness to check on Miss Granger.” McGonagall told them.

“I believe you three had best return to the Gryffindor tower.”

Giles suggest before anything else could happen. The three nodded and left quickly before anyone could change their minds about points.


            When Buffy returned to Gryffindor tower she almost groaned when she saw Harry, Hermione, and Ron sitting in the Common Room. She knew that they were waiting to ask her about what happened. The good thing about this was Willow and Xander were sitting on the couch, and Oliver was sitting in the armchair.

“Everything all right Buffy,” asked Willow.

“Hogwarts is troll free.” She said as she took a seat on the arm of Oliver’s chair. “The entire school’s been checked out. Hagrid and I even checked outside. We have no idea how a troll got in.”

“Speaking of the troll what happened to it?” Xander asked. Buffy shifted to get a more comfortable position on the armrest.

“Dumbledore sent it to a mountain far away from here.” Buffy told them. Oliver put his arms around her and pulled her onto his lap. “Oliver!”

“What?” He asked her innocently. “You were looking uncomfortable. Doesn’t this feel much better?”

“As long as you're comfortable.” He nodded.

“Beside these three have been trying to get information out of Xander, Willow, and myself since they came back.”

“Wouldn’t tell them huh?”

“Nope,” chimed Oliver, Willow, and Xander together.

“Alright, you three what questions do you have?”

“How did you do it?” Harry asked.

“It’s simple. I’m actually shocked you haven’t heard already. I’m the slayer. In every generation there is a Chosen One. She will fight the demons, the vampires, and the forces of darkness. So that entitles me to enhance strength."

“Wow! The slayer? When?” Ron asked.

“At the beginning of the last school year.”

“And they still let you play Quidditch?” Ron asked.

“Yes because I was already a good Quid-”

“Great Quidditch player.” Oliver corrected her.

“Well you might be a little biased.” She said giving him a kiss. “Anyway the stuff that makes me the slayer doesn’t really improve my game, and as long as I don’t throw the Quaffle with enough force to kill anyone I get to play.”

Buffy kissed Oliver again. This time was longer than the first. They only stopped when Hermione spoke.

“Aren’t you supposed to be setting an example for us?”

“You want somebody to set an example for you find Percy. I’m not the type. The life expectancy of a slayer isn’t very high. Most of them didn’t make it to their twenty's. I want to live my life to the fullest for as long as I can. Oliver and I have been together since we were twelve and I don’t plan on leaving him any time soon.”

“That’s good because I’m not ready to give you up.” He hugged her tightly. Giving her one of those smile that he knew made her melt.


            The first Quidditch match of the year and everyone was psyched. The Gryffindor team was eating breakfast when a package had come for Harry. Everyone knew what it was by the shape and Oliver looked to Buffy. She shook her head telling him that this wasn’t her doing. The team’s eyes went wide when they saw the new Nimbus Two Thousand in his hand. Now they were standing with their brooms waiting to be announced. Harry and Oliver would be the first to go in. They were followed by Buffy, Fred, George, Angelina Johnson, and Katie Bell. Oliver noticed that Harry was looking quite nervous.

“Scared Harry?” Oliver asked.

“A little.”

“It’s all right. I felt the same way before my first game.”

“What happened?” Harry asked nervously.

“I-ah-I don’t really remember. I took a Bludger to the head two minutes in. Woke up in the hospital a week later.” Harry’s face turned from a slightly panicked face to a really scared one.

“Don’t worry Harry the twins are great Beaters and I usually take the ones they miss. I don’t allow serious injuries. Besides they’ve been mostly aiming for me anyway. They find my moves hard to keep up with. You’ll be fine.”

Buffy reassured him. She gave Oliver a kiss for luck. The doors opened and both teams fly out on their brooms.

“Hello and Welcome to Hogwarts first Quidditch game of the season. Today’s game Slytherin versus Gryffindor!” Announcer Lee Jordan tells the crowd.

The crowd responds by cheering loudly. Willow, Xander, Ron, Hermione, and Hagrid were all sitting together.

“The players take their positions…as Madam Hooch steps onto the field to begin the game! The Bludgers are up, followed by the Golden Snitch. The Quaffle is released and the game begins! And Buffy Summers Chaser takes the Quaffle immediately for Gryffindor. She's really belting along. Dodging the Slytherin’s attempts to get near her, and the Bludger that was going for her head, she throws the ball into hoop to score. Buffy Summers scores! Ten points for Gryffindor!”

Harry was sitting out of the way looking for the Snitch but clapping that his team had scored. He managed to avoid being hit by a Bludger, but almost lost his balance.

“Slytherin takes possession of the Quaffle. Bletchley passes to Captain Marcus Flint. Flint dodges a Bludger and kicks Johnson away from him. He dodges the Bludger sent by Fred or George Weasley, throws at the hoop, and no he’s stopped by an excellent move by Gryffindor Keeper Oliver Wood.”

Buffy almost laughed at the look Wood had given Marcus Flint. It was one that said he was better. She followed her other teammates who had the Quaffle. Bell and Johnson were doing an excellent job of passing to one another as Johnson scored again. Buffy secretly cheered as she moved to get at Flint. Wiley King had the ball and passed it to Adrian Pucey. Once again Buffy moved like the wind keeping up with Flint. She saw a Bludger coming her way and was grateful to Fred for getting to it first. Pucey went to try and score again and she thought it was going in but once again Oliver stopped it. Buffy sighed in relief. She was about to turn around and join her fellow Chasers when she saw Flint take the Beater club from Bole and that a beater was coming their way fast. She wasn’t far away so she should be able stop if from hitting Oliver. Flint swung at the Bludger smiling as he hears it makes contact.

“Ohh! That had to hurt. I felt that one over here. A Bludger to her left shoulder hits Gryffindor Chasers Buffy Summers hard. It looks like she might be hurt.”

Both Flint and Wood look to the right where Buffy was hovering. Oliver could see that she was gripping her broom tightly as her head was down. It was obvious she was in pain. Flint grinned evilly before flying off. Wood gets Madam Hooch's attention and calls for a time out. She blows the whistles and the Gryffindor land and joins Wood and Buffy.

“Buffy! Are you alright?” He could see that several tears had fallen down her cheek.

“Shoulder dislocated.” She said in a raspy voice. Everyone realized how hard he must have hit the Bludger to damage the shoulder of a Slayer.

“We’ve got to Madam Pomfrey over here.”

“NO! Oliver I'm fine now. I’m going to finish this game! That’s what they want, us to be as short on as many players as possible.”

“You are looking a bit pale Buffy.” Harry told looking concerned.

“I’ll be fine. Just do me a favor and fine that damn Snitch soon.” Harry nodded. Madam Hooch was coming their way. She looks at Buffy.

“Are you alright?” Buffy nodded. Hooch turns to Wood. “Ready to resume play?”

“Yes.” They all got ready as Hooch blew her whistle. The game resumed.

Slytherin had the ball and had managed to score a goal on Wood who was now slightly distracted, as he was worried about Buffy. Angelina Johnson had the ball. Slytherin Captain Flint motioned to Chaser King to get on the other side of her. They were trying to force Angelina into the wall. Buffy who was waiting for Flint to pull something like this was ready. She flew alongside Flint and shoved him hard enough that he bumped Angelina who in turn bumps King who flew right in the wall. Angelina nodded her thanks as she heads for the goal.


            Pain reverberated through her body. She had used her left shoulder to nudge Flint, but it was worth it to see the look on his face. Buffy gives him a pained smile and flies off to help the others.

“What a play by Buffy Summers. She must be feeling all right to pull that off. Slytherin tried to force Gryffindor Angelina Johnson into the wall and it backfires, and King is gone. The Slytherin captain doesn’t look happy. Paybacks a bitch.”

Lee commentates to everyone.

“Jordan!” McGonagall warns him. She looked at Giles who was sniggering. “Don’t encourage him.”

The Gryffindor crowd cheered as the Slytherin crowd groaned. Willow was gripping Xander’s arm tightly as a Bludger barely missed Buffy. Hermione pointed to Harry who starts flying after the Snitch.

“Harry has spotted the Snitch.”

The five of them turned to watch Harry. Harry swerved around a pillar following the Snitch. He began following it to the middle of the field when his broom began to jerk and swerve like he was riding bucking bull. Harry was trying to hold on for dear life.

“What’s going on with Harry’s broomstick?” Hagrid asked.

Hermione had Hagrid’s binoculars and was looking through the crowd. Looking toward where the teachers were sitting she noticed that Snape was chanting and not blinking.

"It’s Snape. He’s jinxing the broom!” She told Ron quietly.

“Jinxing the broom? What do we do?”

“Leave it to me.”

As Hermione made her way over to where the teacher’s sat, Harry’s broom had finally flipped him off. He was holding on to his broom as his body dangled in the air. He was hanging by one arm as the game continued around him. Everyone in the crowd gasp except for the Slytherin’s who were laughing.

“Come on Hermione,” whispered Ron

Hermione was underneath the stands. She took out her wand pointed it at Snape’s cloak.

“Lacarnum Inflamarae.”

Snape’s robe caught on fire and caused enough commotion to break the spell. Buffy had been keeping an eye on Harry and was pleased to see him get on his broom again and go after the Snitch. Harry saw the Snitch and was racing to catch up with Slytherin Seeker Higgs. The two were neck and neck shoving each other try knock the other one off. The Snitch had gone into a dive. Both Seekers followed. Higgs was getting nervous the closer they got to the ground. He pulls out but Harry keeps going standing on his broom to right himself. The crowd gasp and Buffy smiled as she throws the Quaffle to score. Harry stood on his broom and caught the Snitch in his mouth. He spits it out and holds up.

“Harry Potter has the Snitch. 150 points for Gryffindor.”

Jordan tells the crowd. Hooch blows her whistle.

“Gryffindor wins!”

The crowd cheers loudly as the Harry’s teammates circle him in the air. After several minutes of cheering the teams headed back to the locker room.


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