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A Summers at Hogwarts 2: Sorcerer’s Stone

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This story is No. 2 in the series "A Summer's at Hogwarts Series". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A sequel to A Summer at Hogwarts. Buffy's and Oliver's fifth year. It's Harry's first year. This basically my version of the Sorcerer's Stone. (Crossed W/HP). Buffy/Oliver Wood. R/R

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Chapter 3

NOTES: I have this story almost completed when I started posting this. Your reviews have helped me greatly. Thanks to all those who reviewed.

A special thanks to X-Lander for your review made me think if I had answered these questions in my story.

Disclaimer: See Part 1


            An hour later Buffy woke up to the concern faces of Oliver, Giles, and Snape. She looked by her bed to see all kinds of gifts.

“What happened?”

“You passed out on the way to the locker room. You should have told me you were in that much pain.” Oliver scolded her.

“You had a broken collar bone and a dislocated shoulder. I’ve repaired your broken collarbone and relocated your shoulder though it might be quite tender for a few days. How do you feel?" Madam Pomfrey asked her. Buffy move her arm a bit and hissed.

“Still hurts, but better than what I did. No thanks to Flint. Dirty snake took every chance he could to hit me in the shoulder. When did Hogwarts get a gift shop?”

“Those are mostly from the Weasley boys.” Giles told her.

“Yeah, it seems Fred and George are well stocked. They wanted you to know that they cared.”

“When can I get out of here?” She asked Madam Pomfrey.

“I’d like to keep you here a few more hours. You need to rest. So everyone out now.”

“Can Oliver stay with me? Please.” Madam Pomfrey considered it. “As long as he lets you rest.” Buffy smiled her thanks.

“I’d like to talk to Ms. Summers alone for a moment.” Snape told them.

“I’ll see you tonight at dinner.” Giles told her as he leaned down and kissed her on her forehead.

“I’ll be outside.” Oliver told her.

When everyone was gone Snape took a seat on the bed. His face instantly softened and became one of concern.

“Are sure you’re all right? You had me worried?”

“You’re not the only one. I keep thinking what would have happened if I hadn’t made it in time. What happened to me was minor but if that Bludger had hit somebody normal the damage could have been extensively worst.”

She felt her eyes start to tear up. A few tears slipped down her cheek. Snape brought his hand to her cheek and quickly wipes her tears away.

“Get some rest.”

He gave Buffy a gentle hug before getting up. She nodded already feeling sleepy. He walked out and Oliver came back in.

“That man is hardcore on the outside and softy on the inside. I almost feel sorry for the Slytherin’s. Almost, but not quite.”

“You want to explain?” He asked as he got on the bed with her.

“I’ll tell you at dinner.”

She snuggled into him her head resting on his chest. He stroked her hair. The rhythmic sound of his beating heart and the feel of his gentle touch soon put her to sleep.


            Monday at dinner Slytherin had been the talk of the table. Buffy had been right when she told them that following night that Slytherin would be in for quite a day. Marcus Flint had been on just about every professor’s list.

“What a day! I can’t believe Slytherin lost a hundred points.” Ron exclaimed.

“Yeah and most of them were taken away by Professor Snape.” Willow said.

“He usually favors the Slytherin’s." Harry responded. “He didn’t pick on me at all and that’s usually his favorite thing to do.”

“I blew up my cauldron and he didn’t even deduct points.” Neville said.

“Though it’s true Snape does favor his Slytherin’s he favors Buffy more. All the teachers do.” Oliver told them. “Somehow she has charmed her way into their hearts. They hate to see her hurt, sick, or upset.”

“Flint will think twice before he pulls another stunt like that against a Gryffindor. He is going to be in such pain tonight. McGonagall gave him detention with Giles. Giles is going to put him through one of my training sessions.”

They all grimaced.

“Buffy you have such an wicked sense of justice. That stunt you pulled this afternoon was wicked.” Willow said her eyes shining brightly.

“That was brilliant running into Flint like that.” Fred told her.

“That dropping your books from pain was classic. I thought Flint was going to have a heart attack when Snape yelled his name.” George said laughing.

“You’re like the Ferris Bueller of the witch world.” Xander told her. Only Xander, Willow, and Buffy understood that movie reference.

“The worst acting job I ever did and he never doubted it for second. Flint’s has had this coming for a long time.”

“That’s my girl.”

Oliver said putting an arm around her waist hugging her. He gave her one of those smiles that she just melts over.

“We bow down to the queen of trickery.” Fred and George both stood up and did two exaggerated bows.

“Thank you. Thank you my loyal subjects. Now sit down before you attract attention.” She told the twins.

“Yes your majesty.” The group broke into laughter.


            The hall of Hogwarts was empty, as most students had gone home for the holiday. It was past midnight and students who remained were supposed to be in bed. Harry Potter was one of the students that remained. With his new invisibility cloak he was in the restricted section looking for a book on Nicholas Flamel. He pulled one of the books off the shelf to look at it. He opened the book to see a head pop out of the book and scream loudly.

“Who's there?”

Filch called out. Panicking Harry grabbed his cloak knocking his lantern over. Hiding himself within the cloak he began moving toward the exit.

“I know you’re in there you can’t hide. Who is it? Show yourself.”

Harry stood perfectly still until Filch passed and moved swiftly toward the exit. Once he had gotten to the hall Filch’s cat was moving toward him. He backed away from the cat quickly almost running. He stops when he comes to a corner and sees Snape pin Quirrell against the wall.

“Severus, I…” Quirrell stuttered.

“You don’t want me as your enemy, Quirrell.”

“I don’t know what you mean.”

"You know perfectly well what I mean." Snape's eyes turned and looked in Harry’s direction. He was about to reach out.

“Professors, have you seen Mr. Filch? Mrs. Norris here gave me quite the scare.”

Buffy said while coming around the corner with Mrs. Norris in her arms. Before they could ask her what she was doing here Mr. Filch came running up carrying the broken lantern. Buffy sat the cat down and it went to its master.

“Professors, I found this in the restricted section. It’s still hot.”

“I’m afraid that was mine. Giles sent me to the restricted section to get a book for him. I’m afraid I was a little jumpy. I heard a noise and knocked the lantern over. When I went investigate there was Mrs. Norris. I have my pass and everything.”

She showed them the pass and the key to get the book free from the chains. Mr. Filch left upset at not having caught a student. Snape glared at Quirrell that clearly said they would be talking later. Quirrell scampered off quickly.

“Anything I should worry about?”

“Nothing for you to be concerned about.” A small smile crept onto his face. “Get that book you need and get some rest. You look tired.” He said gently.

“I will.”

She returned his smile and then watched as he left. When she was sure he was gone and that no one else was around she turned around.

“Alright Harry. You can come from under the cloak now.”

She was looking straight at the space she knew he was standing at. Seconds later Harry appeared.

“How did you know?”

“Slayer senses. That and I knew that Dumbledore was giving it to you today. So what was so important in the restricted section that you’d risk getting caught?” Harry debated on whether he should tell her or not.

“What do you know about Nicholas Flamel?”

“Not much other than he’s an acquaintance of Dumbledore. Why?”

“Hagrid let it slip when he told us about the three headed dog Fluffy. He said that what that dog was guarding is strictly between Dumbledore and Nicholas Flamel.”

The two began walking. They hadn’t being paying attention to where they were going and ended up in an almost empty room.

“Harry trust me when I tell you to let Dumbledore handle this. He knows what he’s doing. Shit! We’re not supposed to be in here.”

“Why not?”

Harry said but he had already spotted the mirror and was moving toward it. His eyes were staring into the mirror before Buffy could stop him. She watched as his face changed emotions. Her slayer hearing picked up his soft words.

“Mum? Dad?”

She saw Harry’s hand go up to his shoulder as if someone was touching him. He looked at them.

“Do you see them Buffy? My parents.”

“Only you can see them Harry, because that is what your deepest and most desperate desires of your heart is.”

“Buffy is correct young Harry.” Dumbledore had entered from another door. “You who have never known your family…you see them standing beside you. But remember this, Harry. This mirror gives us neither knowledge…or truth. Tomorrow it will be moved to a new home. And I must ask you…not to go looking for it again. It does not do to dwell on dreams…and to forget to live.”

“I’m sorry Professor. I didn't realize where we were at.”

“It’s quite alright Buffy. You and Harry should talk. You will find out that you have a lot in common beginning with parents.”

“Can I ask you something Headmaster?” Buffy asked him.

“Sure my dear.”

“Do you ever sleep? I've wanted to ask you that for five years. You’re always there no matter what time of the night it is.” He actually laughed at that.

“Like you my dear I only need a few hours to make it through the day. Now go and get your book Buffy.”

She nodded and ran to the restricted area. Harry waited for her by the door.


            Several months had passed. The Gryffindor’s were pissed. Harry, Hermione, and Ron had lost a hundred and fifty house points. That put Gryffindor into last place. The trio had snuck out the night before to talk to Hagrid about the Sorcerer’s Stone. Malfoy had followed them and squealed to McGonagall that they were out of bed. The only good thing about it was that Slytherin had lost fifty points for Malfoy being out of bed. All four of them had received detention. At breakfast that morning no one had talked to the three. Harry had gone up to Wood with an offer to resign from the team.

“We won’t get any points back if we can’t win at Quidditch.”

Buffy had missed her chance to talk them as she had missed breakfast and they didn’t show for lunch. The school day hadn’t been much better as people would point and talk none too quietly about them. They did make it through the day without losing any points. They were coming out of their last class when they heard her voice.

“I want to talk to you three.” Harry, Ron, and Hermione turned around to see Buffy standing there. She looked like she was in Slayer mode. “Follow me.”

They nodded and fell into step. They were thinking they were in big trouble because she was talking to them using slayer voice. All the other Gryffindor’s were thinking that to. Buffy led them to a portrait of a blonde child with a flower basket. The room was close to the Muggle defense room.

“Password?” The little girl giggled.

“Oliver’s Keeper.” Ron, Hermione, Harry looked at each other and laugher was in their eyes and their cheeks blushing. The door opened and Buffy stepped in and motioned for them to follow.

“Have a seat guys. Don’t look so grim. I just want to talk.”

“Where are we?” Hermione asked.

“This is my room. Dumbledore gave it to me when Giles became my guardian, but I chose to sleep in the dorm. I come here when I want to get away from people. You guys look like you could use a break from their glares.”

“Why? I thought you were mad at us too.” Ron stated.

“I am, but I mad at you for a different reason. You lost Gryffindor 150 points but I know you’ve guys have learned your lesson right?” They nodded. “I’m mad because I thought we were friends. Harry we had such a long talk that night that I thought you understood you could come to me. Last night could have been avoided if you would have told me. I could have taken you over to Hagrid’s. Then when Malfoy squealed I could have told her you were with me. We may have lost a few points but nowhere near what we did.”

“We’re sorry Buffy. We weren't thinking.” Harry told her.

“Harry’s right Buffy. We still want to be your friends. If you want us to be?" Hermione asked kind of quietly.

“Good. I know you know about the Sorcerer's Stone and I agree that something is going to happen. I know that you think Snape is behind it, but he’s not. He is one of the people trying to protect it. I trust Snape with my life.”

She paused to let it sink in.

“Now let’s talk about how you’re going to get some of those points back. I’m good but even I don't think I can get a hundred and fifty points back by myself. If you guys are willing I might have a way.”

“Anything. Just tell us.” Ron told her and the other two nodded.

“You know that message board in the common room. It has a list of item that other Gryffindor’s have lost. We can get some points back if you can find the items and return them. I’ll have a talk with the others. They have a right to be mad but it’s just rude of them to act the way they are. Keep a low profile in your classes. Don’t do anything that will lose any more points.”

“Thanks Buffy.” They all said to her.

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