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A World Remembered in Tears

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Summary: The First had an ace up its sleeve after its army was defeated. Stopping its plan called for one more sacrifice from Buffy. Now, she's no longer on Earth but on a planet where every drop of water is treasured. A desert planet, Arrakis, also called Dune..

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Literature > Sci-Fi > DuneLetoFR1313,2020212,16315 Apr 0415 Apr 04No
Disclaimer: I don't own Dune or anything that's associated with the series. It belongs to its creator Frank Herbert and whoever else owns it. This piece of literature is simply the work of a humble fan.
:::Author Notes:::

To read this story, I think it would be prudent to at least know what the Dune series is about. A good site to read about Dune is This story won't be too complicated, as I don't want to lose people, so don't worry about never having read the books. There will not be any Paul/ Buffy in this story. I can't do that to Chani. That's like breaking up Aragorn and Arwen. You just don't do it.
---Timeline: Buffy....At the end of Chosen. End of Season 7 -- Dune.... The middle part of the first Dune movie and book.


A World Remembered in Tears

Chapter One: A Victory isn't without Sacrifice

By: Leto

The sun shinned down its light onto the group gathered in the middle of a deserted road. The group stood before a huge crater that once used to be the town of Sunnydale, the Boca Del Infierno, or more commonly known as the Hellmouth. A feeling of victory swelled in the hearts of those gathered before the gaping hole in the earth. They were the saviors of the world, consisting of a handful of new Slayers, one Witch, a Carpenter, a Watcher, the son of a Slayer, the Key, a once evil boy now turned good, a former rogue Slayer, and the Slayer whom had escaped death twice.

"What are we going to do now, Buffy?"

Buffy smiled as the question reached her ears. She truly had no idea and that thought... made her heart fly.

She could do anything now. She was no longer the one and only, 'One girl in all the world'. Her destiny was hers to do as she saw fit. The possibilities of their future were endless now that they no longer had the duty of protecting the Mouth of Hell any longer. This place had taken so much from them all and yet they had gained something back... each other... for they were family now and forever.

"I really don't know about you guys, but I'm seriously thinking about killing all of you."

They spun around facing the new voice. Andrew made a squeaking noise in his throat as they came face to face with Buffy. Or at least something that looked remarkably like the blond slayer standing next to Dawn. The real Buffy put her hand on her hip staring at her doopelganger triumphantly.

"I figured you would be far away from here licking your wounds," taunted Buffy. "What? Come to cry."

The First wearing Buffy's face sneered at the Slayer. "Come to cry? Please, little girl. What the fuck do you think you've accomplished?"

"Gee, I don't know," said Faith suddenly, from where she stood beside Robin Wood. "How about the fact that we kicked your army's ass."

The First morphed into Glory, flicking back long, curly blond hair it let out a long laugh. A laugh that they couldn't help but shiver at. "So what, you defeated my army. Did you forget that I'm still here."

"Incorporeal and powerless," Buffy finished for the entity. In her hand she still held the Scythe that she had recovered from Caleb's vineyard. "You can't do anything. You don't have any power. So face it. We won. You lost."

The First still using Glory's face just smirked. "You really think so, don't you? Girl, I am evil. The First Evil. I was here at the birth of the Cosmos. You really think I don't have power. I. Am. Power. Pure and utter energy is what I am."

Buffy had a really bad feeling about this. She stepped in front of Dawn protectively, holding the weapon in her hand at ready in case of anything. "Its not like you can use you're so called power anyway. You're forbidden to. It breaks the rules. The Balance."

The First turned into Spike wearing his gameface. Buffy sucked in a breath seeing the vision before her. Her left hand clenched in anger, as FirstSpike smiled at her brightly. "You really are stupid aren't you. I mean, think about it Slutty. The Balance was tipped because you were brought back to life to play in the game. Then I was free to act against all of you. Now listen carefully... You created an army of Slayers to defend this world. What the fuck do you think that did to the Balance?"

"The scales are tipped in good's favor," breathed Willow realizing with horror the mistake in their well-crafted plan.

FirstSpike morphed into Angel. "Bingo! The Witch got it right! I always knew I liked you for a reason, including your whole whoa is me, my girlfriend is dead, so I'm going to end the world moment. Don't know what sense that made but it was brilliant, I tell ya."

Buffy was shaking with suppressed fury, seeing how the being was affecting them all. Willow looked down at the ground as tears came to her eyes. Kennedy drew her lover into her arms comforting her as best she could, knowing how deep the comment had cut Willow. The Scythe glittered in the sunlight as Buffy gave a yell and swung the weapon at the First. The image of Angel wavered as the mystical weapon went right through its incorporeal form. Her shoulders slumped in defeat as the First let out a long echoing laugh.

"Save your strength," laughed the FirstAngel. It pointed a finger at Buffy and a ray of white energy burst from its palm striking her in the chest. She flew backward landing on her back in front of her friends. They picked up the stunned young woman.

"Didn't think I could do that, did you? You created your army of Slayers and now that gives me free reign to act." The First grinned maniacally as it turned into the Master.

Buffy shook her head trying to shake off the frightening thoughts. "No, you can't do this!"

The FirstMaster nodded its head. "Oh, but I can." It laughed suddenly. "Know something? This is all your fault too. If you had stayed dead none of this would have happened. I had an army of ancient vampires working for me and you have an army of Slayers fighting for you, now that is pretty even don't you think. But you... You are an anomaly. A player that's died not once but twice pisses the universe off quite a bit. All these events stem from you. I'm the root of all evil and you're the root of all the bad shit that's going on."

Xander ground his teeth together angrily, seeing the way the First was hurting Buffy. "Hey, I got an idea. How's about you shutting up and leaving us the hell alone!"

The First Evil morphed into Anya and Xander went numb. Tears threatened to fall from his one reaming eye seeing his dead ex fiancee standing before him. Instantly all the anger left him replaced now with sorrow at seeing Anya before him, knowing in fact she didn't make it out of the battle only an hour before.

"And the Carpenter finally gets a backbone," smirked the FirstAnya. "I told you once and I wasn't lying. Screw the mortal coil. All the battles before you were cake. This time I'm going out with a bang!"

FirstAnya raised its arms to the sky and white light erupted from its form, shooting into the sky in a column of intense, white light that they had to shield their eyes from. Lightning erupted from the sky and struck the air near them. A loud tearing was heard and the air shimmered and vibrated till the very air tore away as if it was paper. A large jagged hole formed in the sky. It looked like someone had a taken a pair of scissors and went to work cutting a haphazard hole in the air. The phenomenon was an oddly colored dark red contrasting sharply against the blue background. A second passed and the hole got even bigger as the thunder in the air rumbled and sounded through the sky louder than any cannon.

"What's going on!" screamed Dawn over the booming of thunder. The wind began to pick up blowing around dirt and sand all through their petrified forms. The new Slayers screamed as lightning flashed in the sky striking the ground near them. Buffy shouted for them to calm down but they were frightened young girls more than they were Slayers, fighters for humanity.

FirstAnya grinned a cruel smile that looked sick and twisted. "What's going on? The End, the Omega, the Apocalypse, Armageddon! This is a portal that will suck this whole planet into oblivion. The best thing is... There is nothing you can do to stop it!" The First Evil waved and disappeared in a flash of white light and echoing laughter.

They watched in horror as the portal grew bigger and bigger stretching and expanding in the sky. Dawn clutched Buffy, Willow and Kennedy held each other, so did Wood and Faith. They all gathered together feeling utterly useless against the growing doom before them. There was nothing that they could do. The First Evil had truly beaten them. They had underestimated their foe. It had made them think it was powerless and that's what they believed, and boy were they wrong. If they had known they would have found a way to trap the entity or even found a way to destroy it... but they were too late.

"Buffy," Dawn said softly tears trailing down her cheeks. "What do we do?"

Buffy stared unblinking at the portal that was still growing. "I don't know..." she replied all hope gone from her voice. This was all her fault. All of it. The deaths, the end of the world, all of it... The First Evil's words were still ringing in her ears.

'If you had stayed dead none of this would have happened.... You are an anomaly. A player that's died not once but twice pisses the universe off quite a bit. All these events stem from you. I'm the root of all evil and you're the root of all the bad shit that's going on.'

Buffy's eyes suddenly lit up and the once smothered fire in her eyes rose full force. She was the root. All this started with her and it could end with her. The First only could act since she was alive. The universe couldn't handle the way she had cheated death twice, but if she was no longer on this Earth then maybe the First couldn't act any longer. If she died then the portal would stop and disappear and the scales would return to normal for both good and evil. Buffy quickly grabbed Dawn by the shoulders forcing the younger woman to look her in the eyes. Green met green in an intense stare.


"Dawn listen," interrupted Buffy. "I have to go."

Dawn's eyes widened catching Buffy's train of thought. "Buffy, no!"

"I have to. This is happening because I'm here. The First should never have any power to act freely like its doing, but the universe is letting it since good cheated twice. Both times by allowing me to come back to life. I'm not supposed to be here, Dawnie. I can't be here... I know this is hard, but you have to let me do this. I'm glad I got to spend this extra two years with you, but my number has finally been called... Dawn, I want you live your life right. Live it for me and for Mom, and especially for you. Help them to understand. Okay?"

Tears ran down Dawn's face like twin waterfalls, but she nodded her eyes dimmed in sadness. Those gathered looked to Buffy as the Slayer held the Scythe tightly in her hand and stepped toward the portal. They gasped realizing what she was about to do.

"Buffy, no don't do it!" screamed Willow at the same time both Giles and Xander screamed for her to stop also.

Buffy turned to those gathered her eyes sad but determined. Determined to this one last feat of courage for her friends. "Hey, it's alright guys. I got to do this." Her gaze traveled from face to face trying to convey her feelings in her gaze. "It has to be this way. I have to jump into this thing. It's the only way." Tears finally fell from her eyes and trickled down her cheeks. "I love you all, remember that. Live for me... Goodbye." Buffy spun around and sprinted towards the portal hearing the different cries of stop carried in the wind. Without stopping she leaped into the glowing hole in the air.

Shouts rang through the air as Buffy jumped into the portal. There was a great boom then there was bright, white light everywhere and when they opened their eyes all was quiet. The portal was gone as if never there and sun still shinned down its light on them through the clear sky. Dawn dropped to her knees her heart breaking in two as one name fell from her lips.


Buffy gave an agonized scream as she felt her body being pulled apart molecule by molecule and scattered in one flowing direction. She sensed more than she saw herself going though an ongoing twisting and turning tunnel of purple and red, and silver and white light that shifted and changed colors. She didn't know how much time passed before she felt herself being put back together and spit through the end of the tunnel of light.

In a barren desert filled with sand going as far as the eye could see the portal opened ten feet in the air. Buffy gave a scream as she fell from it falling quickly though the air. Twisting in midair she turned her body so she landed on her back with a soft thud. Buffy laid there for almost ten minutes catching her breath and letting the memories of what she had just done wash over her. A tear slipped down her cheek thinking of the family she left behind, but the knowledge that they were safe and still alive comforted her enough for her to pick herself up from the ground. Buffy caught a flash of red near her and sticking in the sand, blade struck into the ground, was her scythe. She picked the weapon up holding it close as she looked around the desert. There was nothing but sand and dunes all around her as far as she could see.

"Definitely not in Sunnydale," she commented aloud softly.

Buffy smelled the air taking a deep breath, wondering why it smelled so foreign... like cinnamon. Buffy held up her hand to her eyes, shielding her vision against the harsh light of the hot sun. She squinted and her vision magnified thanks to her Slayer enhanced senses. Vaguely up ahead she could make out an outcropping of rocks. It had to be miles away if her judgment was correct. With nowhere else to go, she began to walk toward the rock formation knowing that it was miles away.

Buffy was right alright, it was miles from there to the rock formation. Approximately sixteen miles she could estimate. Exhausted, skin red, and mouth dry, Buffy looked up from the ground to the huge rock formation before here. Licking her dry lips she sighed heavily knowing it was going to be a long way up to the shelf she could make out from the ground. But being up high was better than sleeping in the middle of an unknown desert any day. Who knows what came out at night in this strange place. Sighing again, Buffy grabbed the nearest handhold and began climbing the rock, thankful that her P.E. teacher back in middle school forced her whole gym class to learn how to rock climb. He used to be in the Army and was gung ho about having them prepared for anything.

Buffy paused in her climb to take a breath, she turned her head resting it against the warm surface of the rock. She squinted her eyes making out a strange shape in the rocks near her. Buffy climbed over and sure enough the strange shape was actually a cleverly hidden man made stairwell built into the rock outcropping. Her feet touched the surface of the stair and she let out a breath thankful that she didn't have to climb anymore. But it also meant that someone had made these stairs and that someone could still be here... she wasn't alone. The Scythe was tucked on her back held there by her belt.

Buffy walked up the steps careful to make sure she didn't make a lot of noise. She kept an eye open making sure that she wasn't being watched. Finally, Buffy made it to the top and found a natural opening that led into a cave. Silently, she walked in taking note that inside the cave moisture had collected making the place cooler than the outside. The smell of cinnamon was still in the air but it was nowhere as strong as it was outside in the desert. She walked into a spacious, rocky room that had a very high ceiling and along the wall were various openings that led places she couldn't tell. She walked around the room and hadn't walked more than five feet when her arm was grabbed. Buffy reacted instinctively by grabbing the offending attacker and flipping them onto their back. Another person appeared from the shadows and Buffy quickly punched them in the solar plexus sending them to the floor moaning in pain.

More and more of these strange people rushed at Buffy coming from the openings in the wall. They all were dressed the same in light colored, tight fitting suits. Fueled by fear and self preservation Buffy took out any that came near her, sending them to the ground joining their fallen comrades. Knocking out another stranger, Buffy suddenly felt something hard and metallic pressing against the base of her neck. She swallowed slowly putting her hands up knowing a gun was held against her neck.

"Surrender or I shall spill your water upon the ground!"

Buffy slowly turned around to face the deep voice. Her eyes widened as she looked into the most odd eyes she had ever seen. Blue on blue like waves of the ocean. No white appeared in either eye. Only endless, deep blue that made her stare in wonder. The eyes belonged to a young man with spiky brown hair and handsome features. If Buffy didn't know better she could have said she was looking at an Abercrombie and Fitch model but looks could be deceiving. She gave a weak grin her arms still raised in the air. Her mind was going in overdrive and only one thing came to the front at the moment. Her right hand fingers moved till they formed a 'V'.

"I come in Peace... I mean, live long and prosper." Seeing his expression hadn't changed from his cold glare she shrugged weakly. "E.T. phone home..."

I swear this story idea just came from nowhere. It was just begging to be written. Should I continue this?

The End?

You have reached the end of "A World Remembered in Tears" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 15 Apr 04.

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