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Blood Child: Origins of Rebirth

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Summary: (Lost Boys) How did the Lost Boys come to be? From David's turning of Dwayne in the dark streets of Santa Carla through to Markos pain in the ranks of the enemy, this tells the origins of their rebirth

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Chapter 2

How did the Lost Boys come to be? What did David really do once he discovered his sire had left him? Follows my fic ‘Blood Child: Beginnings’ but tells it from the Boys points of view. What was it like for them? And you may recognise a certain place from the film, I’ve taken a scene and changed it a lot, basically I’ve just used the setting aka the tree where David takes Michael to watch them feed.

Blood Child: Origins of Rebirth

Chapter 2

When Dwayne awoke it seemed as if he were in another world, one that was completely alien to him. Santa Carla had always been his home, but this, it all seemed so different.

Pain laced through him, and he moaned, clutching at his stomach that clenched tighter. Arms encircled him gently and he looked into the cerulean eyes of David, who seemed to be so much paler than he did the night before. Ethereal. He stared at this being before him and he didn’t know how such a pale and angelic-looking being could exist.

David helped him to his feet, and grinned as he saw his first Childe’s amazement. He watched as the wonder grew as the raven-haired immortal took in his surroundings. They stood in what looked like a sunken hotel, hidden underground. David smirked, gazing at Dwayne as he inspected the cave with a careful eye.

He walked over to where his Childe was standing, which happened to be near the entrance to the back caves where he slept, and placed a firm hand on his shoulder. He had to be careful, younglings were easily impressed by their new vampiric abilities and had a strong bloodlust, so David had to play it safe, take his time.

Leading Dwayne outside into the warm night he guided him to where he kept his own bike. And beside his own was a gift for his newest son. “It’s yours.” He murmured unnecessarily. Dwayne turned to him, almost speechless, a smile formed on his lips and the two vampires revved up their engines and rode off into the night.

The thrill of speed was intoxicating as David and Dwayne wove in and out of people, bonfires and collected gangs on the sandy beaches of Santa Carla. The night was clear, David leading the younger immortal to the more secluded parts of the beach.

David stopped, throwing a slight smirk over to his younger companion who wore a confused expression. Motioning Dwayne forward, David crouched low behind a sand dune, the light from a bonfire making the cerulean blue of his eyes dance.

Dwayne tensed beside him, eyes fixated on the scene before them. It was a gang, spending a typical evening on the beach. It was late, so many were just leaving, one lone mortal left spread out near the bonfire.

The mortal was one of the most slender of the group, short black hair framed his face, slightly covering dark eyes. Dwayne kept his eyes on the mortal, not noticing that David had already begun to stride toward what would be his Childe’s first kill.

With a speed known only to them, David snatched the young mortal from his resting place, holding him firmly so he could not struggle. Dwayne’s heartbeat quickened, and he swallowed thickly. He could almost taste the blood, almost smell it.

Before he knew what he was doing he had joined his sire beside the young mortal, and David had moved the youth into his own arms. A primal desire ran over him, pulsated through him and his face turned feral as he bit sharply into the boys neck, revelling in the taste of the coppery blood that ran down his throat.

Having drunk the boy dry, he dropped the cold and lifeless body to the sands only to see David’s smiling. His sire pulled him into a tight embrace, and the two turned back to their bikes, riding across the coastline of Santa Carla, terrorizing the tourists as they went.
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