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Dungeons and Dragon Tamers

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Summary: A wizarding version of animal control comes to pick up a wayward beastie from the building of a software tycoon. (20 minute David Nabbit)

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Harry Potter > GeneralechoFR131795031,28116 Apr 0416 Apr 04Yes
title: Dungeons and Dragon Tamers
author: echo
rating: 11
summary: A wizarding version of animal control comes to pick up a wayward beastie from the building of a software tycoon.
disclaimer: Not mine. The HP characters are Rowling's. The AtS characters are Whedon's.
challenge: 20 minute David Nabbit
crossover: AtS/HP


"We're here to pick up the dragon."

David Nabbit looked up at the people his assistant had just shown into the room. A stocky man with dark red hair that was sticking off of his head stood there. His eyes had that look of an old west gunslinger. That sun squint. Next to him was a tall woman with her honey blonde hair pulled into a ponytail.

David didn't say anything. The woman strode forward with her hand extended, despite the redheaded man's best efforts to grab her.

"I'm Luna Lovegood."

"David Nabbit." He responded, taking her hand.

"That's Charlie Weasley. Perhaps you could show us where the dragon is, so we might take it to the reserve?"

"Oh... Oh! Right, um, she's... or possibly he's down here."

David led them down to the basement they had locked the thing it. His security team had tried to shoot the poor beast... until he'd gone haywire about it. He'd been reading of dragons since he was a boy. Imagine his delight upon seeing a real one.

Imagine the greater delight that someone from the American Association of Magic had phoned to say some people from a Romanian dragon reserve were coming to get to Rocky Mountain Spikeback in his building's basement, and she... he wasn't sure, but he liked to think of her as a she... she was doing well there. The woman on the phone had asked him to describe her, had identified her breed by his description, and old him how to care for her until the people who would take her to a reserve would come to get her.

And so they had.

David had been calling her Ghanima, you know after Paul's and Chani's daughter in Children of Dune.

"She's in here." David said as he unlocked the door. "Ghanima?"

She bounded up to him like a giant dog, reared back on her hind legs that were tinged blue, and licked his face with her forked tongue.

"Oh!" Luna said, delighted. "She likes YOU."

Ghanima turned and hissed at Luna and Charlie.

"Saesa omentien lle, Ghanima. Vanimle sila tiri." Charlie said as he got down on his hands and knees and crawled towards Ghanima.

David was in awe... and had this guy just spoken Elvish to a dragon?

"Charlie has a gift." Luna whispered.

Ghanima snuggled up to the redheaded man as he continued to whisper endearments to her in a different tongue.

"Most breeds respond to that language. It's-"

"Elvish." David replied. He knew many phrases in that and Klingon.

"You know Elvish?" Luna said, smiling in a way that made her pale eyes sparkle.

"I know Tolkien."

"And Frank Herbert, as well, I can assume."

"Yeah. So you guys, tame dragons or something? There's an actual reserve where you keep them? There are different kinds? I'd like to see them if you'd let me."

Luna had her wand out.

"You're a witch."

She jumped.

"Listen, I know about your kind. There's no need to obliviate me. I prefer to remember Ghanima, thanks."


"Look, it's ok. I know you're just doing your job and everything. You're taking her away in reality, so please let my keep her in my head."

Luna chewed her bottom lip.

"Works for me." Charlie said.


"He's not going to go blabbing, Lovegood. Ghanima took to him. Rocky Mountain Spikebacks don't take to people like that if there's some sort of meanness in them. It's not the breed's way. Leave him be."

Luna nodded.

"Thank you." David said.

"Don't mention it."

"I won't."

Charlie chuckled. Then he got a speculative look in his eyes. "Is it true you give business advice to demons?"

"I've been known to."

Luna's face showed some shock. "Do you really? Wicked."

"We've got to be going." Charlie said.

Luna nodded. Then she looked back at David. "If you're ever in Romania..."

David chuckled, but in his head he was already planning his trip. It would be nice to see real dragons.

There was some muttering, some wand waving, and with a loud pop, Luna Lovegood, Charlie Weasley, and Ghanima were gone.

David smiled. He made his way back to his office. He needed to get his secretary to cancel his appointments.

He wondered what sort of wardrobe he should pack. Would it be too insulting to their kind if he wore his purple wizard's cape? He really liked that cape. When he carried his sword, he thought he looked kinda cool in it.

But how would he get the sword through customs?


end ficlet

"Pleasure meeting you, Ghanima. Your beauty shines bright."

The End

You have reached the end of "Dungeons and Dragon Tamers". This story is complete.

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