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Twisting Time

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Summary: HP BtVS crossover. Harry and his friends are thrown back 120 years in time to victorian London. There they end up bumping into four well known vampires who are terrorizing the town...

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Harry Potter > GeneralChelleFR1366,654122,40017 Apr 0421 May 04No

All Roads Lead to...

I know it’s been ages, sorry! Updates should be way more regular from now on.

Big thank you to libraflyter for proofing this chapter!


All Roads Lead to …

Harry looked at William and then switched his gaze to Angelus and Darla, trying to pull free of his restraints the entire time.

“Planning on going somewhere?” Angelus asked him, clearly amused by his efforts to free himself.

Harry realized it was useless and stopped struggling.

“Nice rescue,” Draco muttered.

“Like I’d try to rescue you,” Harry muttered back.

Angelus cleared his throat. When Harry and Draco continued to glare at each other, he seized Draco by the neck and grinned at him in full vamp face.

“We were having a conversation I believe. Do you want the chance to continue?”

Draco tried to nod yes.

“Well then?” Angelus waited for him to start talking.

“How can he talk if you’re strangling him?” William observed. Sometimes he just couldn’t understand how his grandsire had managed to survive for over a century.

Angelus let go of Draco. Draco gasped for breath and fervently hoped that his vocal chords were still working.

“You’re right.” he said hoarsely, “witches and wizards live apart from Muggles, people without magic.” He eyed Drusilla’s neglected doll and continued apprehensively, “You can’t use magic without being taught though, even if you’re born a wizard or witch. So there are schools…”

He didn’t notice that Dru was regarding him thoughtfully, her face unusually clear and a look resembling nostalgia in her eyes.

“Hermione must have read about you in a book at school,” his gaze was fixed nervously on Angelus, “That’s probably why she recognized you.”

“There are books written about me?” Angelus said, looking extremely pleased with himself.

“Don’t you think it obvious that Watchers would have written about you?” Darla commented in disdain. She was quite nettled actually. One hundred fifty years older than her childe, one hundred fifty years more of terrifying all humanity and he was the one recognized. She sighed. That was what came of spending too much time teaching him. Then again, he wouldn’t be the perfect monster he was if she hadn’t!

Harry had been looking at Draco with his jaw clenched, wanting nothing better than to shut him up once and for all.

“He’s lying,” he snarled at the vampires. “He’s making it all up!”

Angelus shook his head. There always had to be someone who wanted to play the hero. Well, if that was really what the boy wanted…

“Dru, hungry?” he asked her.

Dru gave him a dreamy smile, and then turned that same smile on Harry.

In a movement too quick for human eyes to follow, she dashed across the room, and buried her fangs in his neck.


“Are you crazy, you could have de-boned yourself!” Hermione screeched at Ron.

“You just can’t stand that anyone except you is capable of casting a spell!” Ron yelled back at her as he hobbled towards the library on his newly-mended leg.

“We already know you’re good at magic so stop trying to prove it!”

He could tell from the look on her face that he had hurt her feelings, but what he had just found out about his family hadn’t put him in the most charitable of moods, and while his leg might be fixed, it still hurt like hell.

And in his heart of hearts, he knew that he really did believe what he had just told her.

“What are you doing now?” she asked him with a hint of steel in her voice.

Ron was randomly pulling books off the library’s shelves.

“Finding out as much as I can about vampires, especially these ones. We both know that most normal curses don’t have any effect on them.”

“Oh, so you remembered that.” she remarked sarcastically.

“Yes Hermione, I’m not a genius but I’m not completely stupid. And someone has to come up with a plan to save Harry.”

“And Draco.” she added.

“Whatever,” he replied. He put the stack of books on the table and started flipping through the pages of one of them.

“What shall I do?” she asked.

“Try to find a spell to locate Harry and Malfoy, or at least that’ll tell us where the vampires’ lair is,” he told her while skimming the contents of a page.

“Alright. Good idea.” she said.

When he didn’t answer she pursed her mouth and went to look for the ingredients she’d need.


Harry opened his mouth to scream. Then his body went limp as he felt his life being drained out of him. Realization hit him. I’m going to die he thought.

If Harry’s eyes hadn’t still been open, Draco would have thought he had passed out again. Or that he was …

The scene in front him was shocking, gruesome. The vampiress was happily gulping down Harry’s blood, its redness smeared against her mouth.

The worst part was that Potter wasn’t even trying to resist. Draco had never seen his archenemy look so scared before, and he’d certainly never seen him give up.

“Get off of him!” he yelled, finding his voice. “Let him go!”

“If you were lying to us we have no need for either of you,” Darla said, savouring every moment of the boys’ fear.

“I wasn’t lying, let him go and I’ll show you myself, I’ll take you there!” he shouted urgently.

Angelus grabbed Dru around the waist and pulled her off Harry. She struggled against him, wanting to finish off her meal and not understanding why she wasn’t being allowed to.

Angelus handed her over to William, who tried to calm her down, to soothe her. He hated the way Angelus still hurt her broken mind, using her to do his dirty work.

Harry had blood running down his uniform from the two puncture holes on his throat. He was trying to breathe, gasping shallow breaths of air into his lungs. He stared at Draco, dazed, wondering if he was hallucinating.

“Well, where are you going to take us then?” Angelus asked.

“To Diagon Alley.” Draco answered, bowing his head in resignation.


Hope you liked this chapter, reviews are always appreciated!

And the reason for a bit of OOCness will be revealed further on. (^-^)

Hope you're enjoying so far, please read and review!

The End?

You have reached the end of "Twisting Time" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 21 May 04.

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