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Pretty Meal

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Summary: A response to the “20 minutes with Drusilla” Challenge. Amanda learns that immortals aren’t the only familiar faces from her long past.

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Highlander > Drusilla-Centered(Past Donor)DanKnightFR131966021,37818 Apr 0418 Apr 04Yes
Title: Pretty Meal

Author: DanKnight (


Rating: PG at the absolute worst.

Pairing: None

Spoilers: None.

Crossover: Highlander/Buffy (features Dru and Amanda)

Archive: Ask first, but I am sure I will say yes

Feedback: Are you kidding? Of course I want feedback. Good, bad, indifferent, bring it on!

Synopsis: A response to the “20 minutes with Drusilla” Challenge. Amanda learns that immortals aren’t the only familiar faces from her long past.

Distribution: Twisting the Hellmouth and Any of the list I post this story on obviously can post it on their archives if they want. Other then that I would appreciate if anyone asked first. Not because I am picky about who shows it, but I would like to actually see where it is going.

Authors Note: This is a response to the “20 minutes with Drusilla” Challenge. The challenge was basically to spend 20 minutes writing Drusilla in a crossover situation.

Disclaimer: Drusilla and Spike do not belong to me. They are the property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and some other people and companies that aren’t me. Amanda doesn’t belong to me either. She and Highlander are the property of. Highlander is the property of Davis-Panzer, Anchor Bay, Spike TV, Gaumont Television and others who are also not me. This story is for fun and I am making no profit off any of it.

Authors Note 2: Made a tiny change to fix a conflict with Buffy cannon


Amanda walked down the streets of Paris enjoying the crisp night air. It was true what they said, Paris really was lovely in the springtime. She had hoped to catch MacLeod on her way through but unfortunately he wasn’t at his home. She took the liberty of “inviting” herself in and the place hadn’t looked lived in for a while. So it looked like her favorite Scottish immortal was currently back in Seacouver.

As Amanda walked down the street she suddenly heard a voice behind her. “Pretty meal?” an almost childlike voice asked from behind her.

Amanda spun around and what she saw was not something she had expected. It wasn’t unusual for her to see a face from her past. She was an immortal after all. It was unusual for one to sneak up on her.

“Can it be? Is my pretty food here?” The woman asked. Amanda looked her up and down, the red dress was more modern but it the image was all too familiar.

“You? It can’t be you, that’s not possible.” The immortal female said in shock. “Drusilla?”


It was in England some time in the late 1800’s that Amanda last saw that face. She had entered a scared town. The town was frightened and living in fear of tales of two creatures roaming the small town. A young man and woman who had the demon inside them. One was called Spike, the other was a madwoman named Drusilla.

Amanda had dismissed this all as superstition and poppycock, until one night when she heard a commotion from the local inn. She had heard the sounds of screaming as she entered to see people fleeing. And a young man and woman laying waste with the looks of glee on their faces.

The immortal had tried to help. Tried to get as many to the door as she could. But seemingly out of nowhere she felt herself grabbed by a pair of delicate yet strong female hands.

It was Drusilla. She started ranting that this victim was not like the others. Before her man insisted she kill her. Amanda never forgot the woman’s face. And the form it took as it bit down in her. Surely it was the look of something evil. It was the last thing Amanda saw before she felt a pair of sharp teeth biting down on her and all went black.

Amanda recovered, but by then the town had chased the two demons out. Amanda never did learn what happened.


She took comfort that whatever the woman was she was surely dead now. But here she was standing in front of her.

“You? You can’t be Drusilla. It’s not possible, you’re not one of us.” Amanda said.

“The woman talks nonsense but no one listens. Ranting of the spiders scurrying around when hers should be long gone.” Drusilla said. Then Amanda knew it was the same woman. No one else ever ranted so insanely in all of Amanda’s years.

Seeing she was distracted, although who knew at what, Amanda kicked at Drusilla. As she doubled over the immortal tried to flee. But just like before she felt the woman on her back, tacking her. She then felt those teeth bite into her once again as all went black.


Amanda awoken once again from her death. But she tried to move and noticed she couldn’t. Her hands were bound to a post in some sewer tunnel in Paris. Drusculla walked towards her.

“I knew it. Pretty food that always comes back. But it’s not my birthday?” She said suddenly confused.

“What the hell are you?” Amanda asked.

“I am one who lived forever. To eat my pretty food that does not run out of sweet nectar. Surely this is the works of some higher being.” Dru prattled, “And I shall enjoy you now. Knowing again you’re sweet blood will refill.”

Dru then moved towards Amanda but felt a fist across her face as she did. Amanda had broken free.

“How?” The brunette asked.

“You don’t tie up a thief that easily.” Amanda said with a smirk.

“You selfish meal!” Dru said as she lunged towards Amanda but the immortal dodged and reached into her coat for her sword. Amazingly the woman hadn’t taken the time to search her. Although considering her state that shouldn’t be that big of a surprise.

Drusilla lunged at Amanda but the immortal was ready this time and leaned in her sword striking her right in the gut. Amanda pulled out but was surprised to see that after briefly staggering the demon smiled and moved forward once again. “Mmmm…” the woman said almost as if orgasmic.

“What the hell?” She shouted in shock.

“Pretty one not nice to her eater. It’s not polite for food to play with you!” She said as her face suddenly changed once again to that grotesque form. “I will have to detain the running meal.” She said.

Instinctively in the middle of a battle Amanda swiped at the woman’s head. This wasn’t an immortal, at least not one like her but in the heat of battle she was relying on instinct.

She was shocked to see the form suddenly evaporate as she swiped through it. And then suddenly there was nothing. She was in the room alone with a pile of dust.

Amanda looked around. She didn’t know what had just happened. Apparently she had won. She decided not to stick around and find out as she left the sewers to look for the nearest exit back up to the city.

The End

You have reached the end of "Pretty Meal". This story is complete.

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