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Draco's Ghost

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Summary: Response to challenge by Polgara 5. After 'Chosen', Spike is sent to Hogwarts as a ghost by the PTB-but only Draco can see him. Lavender's a slayer, Draco's a Watcher, and Hermione's there for support for Lavender. Please R&R! DM/HG!

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Chapter 2

Thanks for all the reviews!!  I’m really sorry this chapter is late, I completely
forgot about it to be honest.  Anyway…this
chapter is kind of a nothing chapter…but I’ll be updating soon I hope. 


Chapter 2. Disbelief.


Monday evening, 15th November.


Draco and Spike sat against a wall of an unused
corridor, one of many in the castle.  Draco’s
bag lay at his feet, his tie was loosened around his neck, and his top button
of his shirt unbuttoned.  His robe was
undone and it spilled around his body on the stone floor. 


Spike sat in his black jeans and black shirt, his
leather duster placed next to him.  He
looked cautiously at Draco, who had been silent for about ten minutes.  And Draco was making no sign of saying


Spike sighed and ran a hand through his hair, for the
fifth time that day.  He looked at Draco
again, who was staring at the wall opposite him, in a dazed expression.


“Say something.” 
Spike said, breaking the silence. 


Draco was silent.


“Bloody hell, are you deaf?”


Draco was silent.


“You mute?  Cat
got your tongue?”


Draco was silent.


“I can talk for bloody hours, I can, but right now, I
want you to talk.”


Draco was silent.


“Listen kid-“


“I have a name.”


Spike looked at Draco in mock amazement.  “And he can talk!  I was starting to worry about you mate.  So, tell me what you think.”


“What I think about what?”  Draco said dumbly.


“The whole thing, the slayers, the demons, the
visions, everything.”


“Honestly?  I
think you’re crazy.”  Draco said,
standing up.  Spike blinked and looked up
at him.




Draco looked coldly at Spike.  “Funny joke, very clever.  I have to go.”  He heaved his bag onto his back and started
to walk.  Spike rolled his eyes and
jumped up, hurrying after him.


“It’s not a joke! 
You’ve seen the visions, the dreams! 
It’s real and you know it!”  Spike
protested, walking at the same pace as Draco.


“The slayer’s yeah. 
I believe that.  Vampires, I
believe that.  Everything
else, no way in hell.” Draco retorted angrily, his face set in


“What don’t you believe?”  Spike asked, exasperated. 


“Everything else!”   Draco shouted stubbornly, quickening his


“Be specific kid.” 
Spike replied, an annoyed scowl on his face.


“My name is Draco Malfoy.”  He said, stopping in his tracks and facing
Spike angrily.  “And the things I don’t
believe?  I don’t believe I’m a
Watcher.  I don’t believe that you are
sent here to help me.  I don’t believe
that I have to train a slayer to keep her from dying.”  He started to walk again, but stopped and
turned back to Spike.  “And I don’t
believe that that’s your true hair colour.” 
Draco continued to walk and Spike rolled his eyes and ran after him.


“Can you just…just…slow down?!”  Spike said, reaching his hand out to grab
Draco’s shoulder.  When he made to clasp
Draco’s shoulder, Spike’s hand went through Draco’s shoulder and came out from
Draco’s bag.  Spike stopped, blinking as
he stared at his hand.  He would never be
able to get used to this.  He looked up
and saw that Draco was already turning the corner and Spike ran to catch up
with him.  Thank god he still had his
vampire speed; strength would be useless right about now.  He caught up with Draco who was walking at
military speed.  “You’re a Watcher
Malfoy.  Nothing can change that.  It’s your destiny, and apparently, my destiny
is to help you.”


“I did not ask for this.”  Draco said through gritted teeth.


“You think I did?” 
Spike yelled, angrily.  “Thing is,
we have no choice, ‘cos the bloody PTB gives us
things we never wanted.  We’re bloody
defenceless against them, and we can do nothing about it.”


“This is you selling technique?  Ratting out the thing I’m supposed to be
working for?”


Spike sighed.  This kid is impossible.  “You’re not working for them.  You’re fulfilling your bloody destiny.  And you have a choice.”


“What are you trying to say?  Do I have free will or not?”


“You are bloody annoying.”


“The feeling is entirely mutual, Casper.”


Spike glared at Draco, and Draco looked at the vampire
from the corner of his eye and smirked. 
“Don’t call me that, kid.”


Draco’s smirk dropped. “I am not a kid.  I have a name.”


“Kid!  Kid, kid, kid, kid!”  Spike yelled childishly as Draco stalked off.


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The End?

You have reached the end of "Draco's Ghost" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 15 May 04.

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