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Draco's Ghost

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Summary: Response to challenge by Polgara 5. After 'Chosen', Spike is sent to Hogwarts as a ghost by the PTB-but only Draco can see him. Lavender's a slayer, Draco's a Watcher, and Hermione's there for support for Lavender. Please R&R! DM/HG!

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Draco's Ghost

This is a response to the
challenge by polgara 5.


challenge is:


Spike comes back as a ghost that only
Draco can see. He's there to help Draco become a watcher for a slayer who is
currently attending Hogwarts


Timeline:  I
have moved the episode ‘Chosen’
for plot purposes, so ‘Chosen’ is in mid-November.  Malfoy is in his sixth year, in

Spoilers:  All
seasons of BTVS, all books of Harry Potter, and all seasons of Angel, but I
will not be mentioning that much of Angel.

Disclaimer:  All
Buffy characters, places etc. belong to Joss Whedon, all Harry Potter
characters, places etc. belong to J.K Rowling.

The main characters will be Draco, Spike and Hermione,
and I probably will bring in the Scoobies, but they will not be a major part of
it.  If anyone wants Sirius to come back,
please tell me, but as Harry will not be a major character, it would make no
difference if Sirius was dead or alive.  Ideas
about this fic welcome and appreciated greatly!

I think that’s it for now, so please review!




Monday morning, 15th of November.


Draco Malfoy sat up slowly, his green bedspread
falling down to his waist.  Yawning, he
blinked several times, trying to keep awake. 
He swung his legs off the bed and rubbed his eyes, yawning again.  Slowly, he padded across the Slytherin 6th
year boys dormitory, and out into the landing. 
With his eyes half closed, he strolled lazily to the bathroom and turned
the hot water tap on, watching as the bath tub filled with hot water, the steam
rising.  He padded back to his dormitory
and took out his school uniform from his drawer, then padded back to the
bathroom, were the bath tub was full with hot water.  Setting down his clothes on the chair next to
the tub, he closed the tap and then took off his pyjamas, dumping them on the

“Ah, hot.”  He
whispered to himself as he stepped into the bath, wincing as the hot water
splashed against his cool skin.  Slowly,
he lowered himself into the water, and sighed peacefully as his body started to
warm up.

It was always cold in the Slytherin tower; it did not
matter if it was summer or winter, the tower always remained a nippy minus five
throughout the year.  That was why Draco
always liked to wake up early in the morning and warm himself up with a hot
bath or shower.

He closed his eyes, relaxing completely.  He was so tired; the last few days for him
had been hell.  He had lost
embarrassingly to Ravenclaw in the Quidditch match, which caused him to become
the laughing stock of Slytherin.  Thank
god Crabbe and Goyle had stuck by him. 
But they probably had not realised that it would have been better for
them if they had ditched Draco.  Pansy
had stuck by Draco too, but she had a large crush on him and could not bear to
be more than two metres away from her love.

The truth was, Draco had a
rough week for one reason, and one reason only.

Something was happening. 

Somewhere in the world, something was going down,
something that would change everything. 

Draco did not know if the change would be good or bad,
he only knew that it was very important. 
And he was absolutely sure that he was the only person in Hogwarts
castle that knew that.

How did he know something was going down?  Nights plagued with dreams of girls…well,
that was not so different from normal, but these girls were fighting, training,
dying.  Once during the past week, he had
obtained a sudden burst power, and he caused an elastic band to transfigure
into a large six foot snake that had frightened McGonagall into a stuttering
frenzy for two hours.  Then, during the
Ravenclaw game, he had felt an obvious lack of power.  He had felt weak, tired and he had followed
Cho Chang, the pretty Ravenclaw seeker, towards the Snitch that had been
winding its way between Slytherin and Ravenclaw players, diving down towards
the ground, Cho and Draco following.  But
unlike most of his games, Draco was way behind Cho.  He did not have enough strength; somehow, he
could not get his broom to go any faster. 
So Draco had watched, dismayed, when Cho clutched the Snitch, grinning
back at Draco smugly. 


*** The Hellmouth, Sunnydale, Principal’s office.


sat on the floor, her eyes closed and her red hair falling about her face,
candles were lit in a semi circle in front of her.  Kennedy sat opposite, watching her

“Come on Willow.”  Kennedy whispered softly.

started to do the spell, holding onto the scythe which was laid out in front of
her.  Feeling power rush through her
veins, coursing through her as blood normally would, Willow
became overcome with power and she looked up towards the ceiling, as scythe and
witch start to glow with a bright light. 



*** Gryffindor tower, Hogwarts.


Lavender Brown dropped her school uniform on the
carpeted floor, outside the girl’s bathroom. 
Sighing, she pulled down on the door knob hard, and slammed her shoulder
into the door.  Wincing in pain, as her
shoulder impacted with the hard wood, she leant back, and tried again.

“Damn door…always…stuck…”  She muttered under her breath, as she slammed
into the door with her shoulder.

Sighing again, she let go of the handle, and tried
again for the last time, before she would have to use the other bathroom, at
the top of the tower.  This happened
every morning, she was never strong enough to open the door, and she always
forgot her wand. 

Taking a deep breath, she slammed her whole body into
the wooden door, and the door came off its hinges and flew into the bathroom.

Lavender stared at where the door had landed with her
eyes and mouth wide with shock. 




*** Hellmouth, Sunnydale.


Spike smiled at Buffy. 
“No you don’t.  But thanks for
saying it.”  The ground gave another
shake, and Buffy looked around her in terror as she let go of Spike’s
hand.  “Now go!”  With a last look at Spike, Buffy ran up the
stairs, leaving Spike by himself.  “I
wanna see how it ends.”


***Slytherin tower. 
Boy’s bathroom.


Draco pulled the plug from the bath, and the water
swirled down the plug.  He was dressed in
his school uniform, but his robe and tie was still on the tub.  He wiped the condensation off the mirror and
took his brush to his hair.

And then, without warning, Draco collapsed to the
floor, holding his head in agony.


*** Hellmouth, Sunnydale.


Spike grinned as he stood in the sunlight, the amulet
around his neck destroying the Hellmouth. 
He laughed as the sunlight burnt him painfully, first his skin singed,
then his muscles, then his bones, and he was finally gone, as the Hellmouth
collapsed around his dust.


*** Slytherin tower. 
Boy’s bathroom.


Draco lay on the cold stone floor, panting, his messy
blond hair touching the floor.  He looked
up at the ceiling, thoroughly confused. 
“What the hell was that?”


*** Hogwarts castle, a small, isolated classroom. 

A large window faced the door of the classroom; a
blackboard was placed under the window. 
The window spoke of near sunrise, as pink and red hues rose from the
east.  There were not many desks, only
chairs, a few potion bottles, and a pile of dusty book in the corner.  There was one portrait on the wall, but the
occupant had vacated the painting long ago. 
In fact, hardly anyone entered this classroom, as it was too small for a
class, and too large for an office. 
Besides, there were plenty other rooms in the castle.

But, someone was going to enter this classroom, for
the first time in many decades.

A wind picked up in the classroom, which was odd,
because the glass on the window was not broken. 
It gathered in front of the desk, and moments later, dust particles
seemed to gather there, forming an outline of a body.  And more dust gathered as the outline filled,
and a man’s bone structure appeared in the outline.  More dust accumulated, and muscles appeared.  Then skin, and with a roar from the man, the
wind stopped.  He looked around the room,
confused and dazed.

“Bloody hell.”


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