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Stupid Wish

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Summary: Willow and Kennedy break up and someone ends up making a stupid wish.

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Willow-CenteredKatiFR1822,6030155,34519 Apr 0427 Apr 04No

Just as It Should Be

AN: First and foremost an immense thank you to those who reviewed the first part, I don’t usually get all that many reviews. It was a rather nice surprise.
Please do tell me if this is still something worth continuing.

Just as It Should Be

”Will you marry me?” Willow repeated.

He was getting that sort of ‘she’s crazy, why don’t I kill her’ look about him and Willow decided that it might be a good idea to get up. The dizziness was mostly gone.

He growled and stepped closer to her.

Or she could always stay down. That was good too.

“You want me to marry you? Why?” Willow thought he sounded curious, people probably didn’t usually react the way she had to being threatened.

Curiosity worked for her. Anything that postponed the killing her part was good with her. Not that he should be able to kill her of course. After all she was a witch and he… probably human.

“Well… I need a husband?” She was definitely starting too feel nervous. That hungry look he was directing at her wasn’t helping any. Definitely not since she wasn’t even sure if it meant he wanted to kill her or if he wanted… something else.

Maybe she should have thought about this a bit more?

Out of nowhere a fast moving, small, blonde shape flew at him.

“Buffy. No!” Willow shouted, as she realized who it was.

As the slayer hit the much larger man they both fell down on the roof.

He looked surprised, but who wouldn’t be when a woman less than half your size managed to take you down? His surprise didn’t last long though. He threw away the slayer and this time it was Buffy’s turn to be surprised by his strength.

The two blondes looked at each other. As no one was watching Willow she took the time to finally get up.

Before she’d even stood up completely the two blondes attacked each other.

Willow watched as Buffy just managed to avoid having her middle sliced open by those sharp claws, he only managed to scratch her slightly.

The slayer seemed more annoyed at having her shirt ruined than the fact that he’d drawn blood.

Sooner or later, Willow was sure the slayer would win.

“Is her solution to problems always to stick something sharp in it?”

Willow jumped, startled at the voice coming from beside her.

She turned her head to look at D’Hoffryn. She was a bit annoyed at him for startling her, but more than that she was grateful that he’d managed to shake her out of the daze she’d been in.

If he hadn’t arrived Willow would probably just have stood there staring at the two fighters.

“So he is your choice?” D’Hoffryn asked, completely ignoring the fight that was still going on.

Willow turned completely toward the demon, following his example to ignore the fight. She was sure Buffy could handle herself.

The thought that she could have tried to stop the fight didn’t even occur to her, but she did have other things on her mind.

“I guess so,” she answered the question. “Unless he’s already married. He isn’t, is he?”

“No he isn’t married,” D’Hoffryn answered.

Willow was getting the feeling that D’Hoffryn seemed to like her choice and she wasn’t sure that was such a good thing. “You know who he is?”

“His name is Sabertooth. He is quite the vicious killer, some of the things he has done… He puts some of my girls to shame.”


Willow groaned, blinked and realized she was lying on someone.

A very big, very solid, very male and most definitely very naked someone.

She was staring into a pair of blue eyes.

Sabertooth, she remembered D’Hoffryn calling him. She was almost sure she should know a normal name for him.

Willow knew distantly that she should be upset by the situation and embarrassed, but the only thing she managed to feel was a lazy sort of satisfaction.

Her head felt fuzzy.

“What the hell happened?” he growled at her.

Willow crawled away from him, wrapping a sheet around her. There was definitely something wrong with the situation; she should not be this comfortable about being in bed with a man.

The last thing she could remember was talking to D’Hoffryn.

Her eyes widened in realization. “I’m going to kill him.”

Now that she knew what had been done to her it wasn’t all that difficult to get rid of the lingering effects of the magic used on her. She closed her eyes and focused on her connection to the Earth, drawing on the power and letting it clear away the fuzziness from her mind.

As the haziness cleared away the memories of what had happened after D’Hoffryn’s arrival came flooding in.


“Oh…” Willow hadn’t thought it would be that bad, she’d already seen him kill people so that didn’t come as a surprise, but if he was worse than some of the vengeance demons… “You wouldn’t mind if I changed my mind, would you?”

“I’m afraid it’s too late for that,” D’Hoffryn said, smiling in a way that was less than reassuring.

Willow frowned at the slight dizzy feeling she was having. Something was wrong…

…she blinked for a moment there something had felt a bit off. She was probably just nervous.

Willow turned her head and smiled up at the demon holding her arm. D’Hoffryn smiled back at her.

She was lucky that D’Hoffryn had agreed to this. She would have wanted Giles to be the one to walk her down the aisle of course, but since he couldn’t be there D’Hoffryn had been nice enough to do it instead.

At least Buffy, Dawn, Faith and Xander were there. Willow knew it was her own fault that there wasn’t any one else present. That was what you got for deciding to suddenly get married in Las Vegas.

The place wasn’t perfect either. It was too gaudy for her, but as she looked at him all thoughts of her friends and this place flew right out of her mind; he made it perfect.

He didn’t look all too comfortable in the black suit, but since it was his marriage he’d agreed to wear it. He did look good though, strange as it was to see him in a suit.

“No regrets?” Willow heard D’Hoffryn ask silently as they walked toward the altar.

“No regrets,” Willow answered silently as she took the hand of her husband to be.

She looked into his blue eyes and knew that everything was just as it should be.

***End Flashback***

“How much do you remember?” Willow turned to ask the man she now remembered was her husband.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Stupid Wish" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 27 Apr 04.

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