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Stupid Wish

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Summary: Willow and Kennedy break up and someone ends up making a stupid wish.

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Willow-CenteredKatiFR1822,6030155,34519 Apr 0427 Apr 04No

Stupid Wish

Title: Stupid Wish
Author: Kati
Disclaimer: I don’t own them.
Category: BtVS/X-men
Rating: R
Pairing: Willow/Sabertooth
Spoilers: After season seven of Buffy. I’m using things from the comics, not the X-men movies and I’ll probably just be picking things I like, so I don’t really know about spoilers.
Summary: Willow and Kennedy break up and someone ends up making a stupid wish.
AN: I decided that I’d try writing something that has no wrestling in it whatsoever.

Why Did You Say That?

Willow sat on the hotel roof watching down on an alley.

She’d wanted to be alone to think about things. She could have been alone in her hotel room of course, but it had started to feel cramped. The hotel roof had seemed a good idea and it was not likely any demons would attack her there, she simply wasn’t in the mood for that sort of thing right then.

It was the reason to why she was alone in Las Vegas that occupied her mind.

Kennedy had left her. Permanently. In itself that of course was not a reason to take the first flight to Las Vegas, but the wish Kennedy had found fit to make was.

She and Kennedy had fought a lot, lately even more than usually. They’d both said things they didn’t mean and some that they did. Willow didn’t think she’d done anything to deserve the wish Kennedy made or if she had then Kennedy would have deserved something equally bad.

Willow had known the relationship wouldn’t last, but she’d wanted it to and done her best to make it so. Still the fact that the relationship was over didn’t hurt all that much, but that Kennedy would hate her so much as to make that wish, now that did hurt.

Perhaps Kennedy hadn’t meant for the wish to come true, maybe she’d just been upset, but she should know better than to begin any sentence with the words “I wish.”

Willow supposed that she was lucky that Kennedy hadn’t exactly been all that specific in her wish and that D’Hoffryn had standing orders that any wish in any way involving Willow would be granted by him. He still had plans for her.

Willow didn’t really get the wish itself though, it was plain stupid. Why would Kennedy want her to get married to some guy she didn’t know and to stay married for the rest of their lives? Maybe it was because Willow was gay or maybe it was just the worst thing Kennedy could think of.

The reason didn’t really matter she supposed. What did matter however was that D’Hoffryn had granted the wish. In a bit unexpected way though.

D’Hoffryn still had hopes that she’d one day join his little family and he respected her. Most importantly though, D’Hoffryn knew that Willow was one of the few people that could seriously hurt him if she chose to. So he definitely wasn’t looking for a way to get her pissed off at him. Still he couldn’t really refuse a wish.

D’Hoffryn’s solution had been to give Willow a week to get married, to someone she didn’t know of course. If she hadn’t done it by then he’d do it.

That was the point were Kennedy had left, looking upset. Willow didn’t know, and honestly didn’t want to know, if she was upset because her wish hadn’t gone the way she wanted or because she’d made it in the first place. Willow didn’t even want to see Kennedy ever again, if she did she might get tempted to do some wishing of her own.

Willow had taken the first flight to Las Vegas, since it seemed the place to get married as fast as possible. That had been six days ago, tomorrow would be her last day.

It wasn’t easy to just pick out someone to get married to, since she knew that it would really be the death do us part kind of marriage and that was supposing she could convince them to get married in the first place.

Now to be married for the rest of their lives didn’t, as D’Hoffryn had pointed out need to mean the rest of Willow’s life. She hadn’t been thrilled about the idea of getting married just to kill her husband, though she had in all honesty given it quite a lot of thought.

Willow suddenly realized that there were people fighting in the alley she’d been watching. She’d been so caught up in her own thoughts that she hadn’t even noticed before.

She supposed she should do something to help, it was after all what they were supposed to do. Help people that is. She’d learned though that she could hardly expect to save everyone, in all honesty she didn’t even want to anymore. Now an apocalypse she would try to stop or some other big destructive thingy, but individual people... sometimes it didn’t seem worth the effort.

Besides in this particular instance she didn’t know who she was supposed to help. She wasn’t getting any demon vibes from any of the people down there. It was four against one though, but it seemed the one was doing far better than the four.

Willow watched fascinated as it went down to three against four and then two against one before the two remaining men did the smart thing and ran. She didn’t think the two that had been taken down would ever get up again. At one time in her life she would have felt horrified at watching people get killed, later on in her life she would just have felt guilty for not helping them, now she couldn’t really get herself to care all that much about people she didn’t know.

She watched the man who’d killed the two lick away some blood from his hand; he’d ripped open one of the men’s throat and there was blood splattered all over him now. If she hadn’t known better she might have taken him for some sort of demon. He was big, with long blond hair and by what he’d done she’d say his nails were a lot sharper than any human’s were supposed to be.

He seemed quite feral, like some big cat. Willow had the feeling he’d enjoyed what he did, but even so he wasn’t bothering to go after the two people who’d fled. Instead he turned his head upward and looked straight at Willow.

Willow felt as if she couldn’t look away from his eyes. He was too far away to say what color they were, but she was betting on them being blue.

How had he known she was there?

It was he who looked away first, but only it seemed in order to find a way to get up to her. The hotel was not all that tall a building, but even if it had been and even if there hadn’t been the fire escape to use Willow had a feeling he’d somehow gotten up on the roof anyway.

She seemed to have a lot of feelings about him.

The only thing Willow did was stand up as she waited for him. She didn’t need to wait for long, he really was surprisingly fast.

She didn’t think he’d expected her to just stand and wait for him, but he didn’t show any surprise. He just growled and then lunged for her.

Willow had about a split second to make her decision. She didn’t think he’d kill her right away. She trusted her life on that feeling and didn’t do anything to defend herself.

One hand wrapped around her throat and lifted her up in the air. Up this close she could see that his nails looked more like claws and that his eyes really were blue.

Not all that important things to notice when someone was choking you.

Her own hands went up to the hand choking her out of instinct. She knew she wouldn’t be able to get that hand away in that way. She could use magic, but she was still counting on him not wanting to kill her yet.

“Who are you?” he growled at her.

“Willow,” she managed to get out in answer.

Black spots had started to dance in her vision. Someone had to do something or she’d pass out.

She was faintly surprised that the choking sounds were coming from herself.

“What do you want with me? Did you send those men?”

He seemed to realize she wouldn’t be able to answer since he let go of her. Willow fell down on the roof, panting for air. Maybe it hadn’t been such a good idea to let him do that, but she was still alive.

“I’ve never seen them before,” Willow answered still a bit breathless, turning her head to look up at him. She didn’t feel like getting up just yet. “And I have no idea who they were or who you are for that matter.”

He seemed a bit skeptical at that. “I live at this hotel,” she explained. “I wanted some air and came up here, the rest is coincidence.”

Willow wasn’t sure if he believed her or not. She wondered if she should... oh to hell with it.

“Will you marry me?”

“What?” He asked looking like he didn’t believe what he’d just heard.

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