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Consort of War

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Thrust Back". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: W/Ares. Sequel to "Tear in Time"

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Television > Xena-Hercules > Willow-Centered(Site Founder)JinniFR1511,591063,74129 Jan 0329 Jan 03Yes
Title: Consort of War
Author: Jinni (
Pairing: W/Ares
Rated: R
Genre: BtVS/Hercules-Xena Crossover.
Disclaimer: All things BtVS belong to Joss Whedon, et al. All things Hercules/Xena belong to their individual copyright holders.
Distribution: WLS, WLF, NHA, BMP, Aislin. Anyone who has permission for “Tear in Time”.
Author’s Note: Sequel to “Tear in Time”, treat for my Beta for winning in my little mini-contest to guess where I was going w/”Single, Blonde Elf”


“I will not be your slave.”

Ares met the sparkling green eyes of the woman in front of him, letting them linger on her face for only a moment before trailing them as gentle as a lover’s touch over her form. Down over breasts he had bound in a leather corset, over hips and stomach that were bare. The low rise of the shorts she was wearing started just below her navel and the intriguing glistening jewel she had pierced into her very flesh. This was a trend women of his world definitely needed to take up he decided after staring at it for minutes at a time. The way it twinkled and winked in the light, drawing attention to the taut flesh of her stomach.

Then, down lower. Her lower body was clad in leather shorts, matching the corset in their deep emerald green color. Her perfectly formed legs, with just a hint of musculature, went down, down, to a pair of heeled boots that also matched in their green hue.

It was that green color that made her look so vibrant. She would not be clad in blacks like the rest of those beneath him. No, she could wear this lovely shade of green that set off her skin and eyes and hair. Hair that was the color of the sunset, fiery and bright. It had been black when she first dropped in on him, a side-effect of her powers. It was as though she had a dual nature – this sweet little thing that stood before him, and that evil looking demigoddess that had fallen into this world right to his very feet.

And he liked *both*.

No, liked was too casual a word. He *adored*.

She was blazing power and cold calculation all wrapped up in this little package that he couldn’t wait to get into bed.

“Who said anything about slave?” He smirked, trailing a finger down her cheek. He dipped it lower, along the curve of her neck, and then lower still down along her chest, coming to a stop right at the top of that crevice where her breasts began. His eyes dared her to say ‘stop’.

But there was no demand for him to cease coming from her lips; lips that parted in the first stages of lust. It had been like this from the beginning, nearly a week before. She wanted him but didn’t dare wanted him. He wanted her and was playing the game of waiting until she gave herself to him willingly. He could have any woman he wanted by force, this one he wanted to want him, too.

And she did, if that look in her eyes was any indication.

“Then what am I?” She questioned, her eyes flickering downwards in the direction of his finger, and then back up to his eyes.

Ares chuckled and pulled the finger away, noting the disappointment that crossed her features, however briefly. What did she play at, this little vixen? She didn’t spur him on, yet she wanted the touches just as badly as he longed to give him. It was frustrating, to say the least.

“You are my companion?”

Willow raised an eyebrow at him, her hands fidgeting nervously at her sides.


“If you wish to be,” he smiled, and it was the grin of a predator on the hunt. “You can say no, of course. Make your own way in this world, for you will have to make your way in *this* world, my beauty. I doubt even my father could send you ‘home’ at this point. You were sent here for a reason.”

“And what reason would that be, oh Master of the Obvious?” she sneered, rolling her eyes. He shivered with internal delight at the coldness she exuded with her voice alone. This was darkness, evil, pure power in its most raw form, harnessed within this little witch from another world, another time. Even if he was not attracted to her in a purely instinctual, primal way he would still want her at his side. She was too powerful to play lackey to one of his siblings, and she could cause nothing but grief if she were to run into Hercules or Xena and take their side in everything.

“I haven’t the slightest clue,” he replied evenly, placing two fingers under her chin to lift it up, forcing her eyes to meet with his. “Maybe there really isn’t a purpose for you here. And, if that is the case, what better place to spend it than at the side of one of the most powerful Gods in existence?”

“I always did like the Egyptian pantheon better.” He heard her mutter under her breath as she averted her eyes, tearing her chin from his grasp.

“Well you’re not in Egypt, are you, my little Willow?” He smirked. “And unless you think you can do better than me on your own . . .”

He let the comment trail off, watching the emotions that ran across her face. If the truth was to be told, she would probably do just fine on her own, hiring herself out as a mercenary witch for any of the numerous bands of roaming warriors that graced the countryside. She could set up as the wise-woman for many of the local towns, some of them quite large, and do quite well.

But he didn’t want her to know that. Better that she think her options limited.

“What would being your companion entail?”

“You’d be my right hand girl, Willow,” Ares purred, stepping close enough to her that with every breath they took their bodies rubbed against one another. Could she feel his shirt brushing against her bare stomach? What did the cold leather feel like to her as it pressed against her flesh? “Helping me get things riled up. . . creating a little chaos. . . causing some trouble.”

She licked her lips, her eyes roaming anywhere in the room but his face. They would fly over him as if she were afraid what he would see within their depths. But he saw. He knew. Lust was a powerful emotion. He had it for her, she had it for him. The consummation would be explosive if she would just give in.

“I can do chaos,” she whispered, her eyes now resting on his chest, somewhere below that buttons that were undone if he was guessing properly. “Chaos could be a good thing. . .”

“Oh, it is,” he assured her, smirking into the top of her head, the only part of her body that she seemed willing to give him a good view of at that moment. “It is decadently wicked to stir things up and see where they go. . . without knowing that Fate had planned. Not caring if Destiny had any grand designs.”

She shivered when he brought his hand to her cheek, caressing her soft skin.

“I won’t be your underling. No man is above me.”

Ares chuckled, his hand sliding easily down over her neck to her shoulder, stopping there for the moment.

“You wouldn’t be my underling. Not an equal, but not an underling –“ He paused, a smile curving at his lips. “My consort, if you would.”

“C-Consort?” She stammered, and he could see in her eyes that she was cursing that stutter. She could be so innocent at times, so taintedly dark at others – both were equally alluring. She had been dark that first night, when he had come back from visiting torments upon his little brother. Not even then had she allowed him to touch her, luring him on with her teasing eyes and taunting words. She had played with his emotions, using her womanly skills to extract information on this world.

But in the morning that dark creature had been gone, replaced by this one who was delightfully innocent, though only in actions. It was as though she had woken up from a haze of blackness and come to her senses.

Thankfully those senses had still included talking to him, responding kindly to his flirting.

“But. . . that would imply. . .” she continued, unaware of the thoughts that were roaming through Ares’ mind. “Well, you know. . . that we were ‘together’.”

He laughed aloud when she made the little gesture with her hands, an indication that she meant so much more by the word ‘together’ than it truly would mean otherwise. She was blushing now, the color creeping across her pale skin; and the fire that burned in her heart was making its way into her eyes. The little hell cat was about to come out to play if he knew the signs by now.

“Would you have a problem with that?” he prompted with a wink. “Because, from where I’m standing, it seems like I would come out a winner. . .”

The corner of her mouth twitched, breaking into a half-smile, and he knew he had won their little game.

“I think I could get used to the idea of being the consort to the God of War,” she chuckled, pressing herself fully against him, finally taking the next step. When their lips met she could almost swear she heard the earth tremble in response.

Chaos and trouble.

She could handle that.

~*~The End~*~

The End

You have reached the end of "Consort of War". This story is complete.

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