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Talking to Yourself

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Summary: Buffy gets a new friend. Crossover with His Dark Materials

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Literature > Fantasy > His Dark MaterialsSecondSilkFR71558011,30022 Apr 0422 Apr 04Yes
20 Minutes with Buffy Challenge.

Talking to Yourself.

By Rose Williams.

Rating: G.

Disclaimers: The world of Buffy the Vampire Slayer belongs
to Joss Whedon et al. The World of His Dark Materials belongs to Phillip
Pullman et al. This is for entertainment only.

This refers to the events in What’s in a Rat? and Can
You See What I Can See?

I’ve worked out that I’m using the metaphysics
of Phillip Pullman’s world to answer the questions raised in Joss
Whedon’s. I hope no one minds.



* * * * *

Once Buffy had heard everything that Mary and Andrew had to
say she left the room and went to stand in the sun. Only Giles’s
expression had kept her to hear that much. She was not about to admit that she
had been worried when Andrew ran away, and less willing to be pleased that he
was back. The fact that he had brought Amy back too did not endear him to her.

The ‘gift’ that he and Mary had so casually
offered her deserved thinking about — and that meant alone time.

“You’ve got to do it, B.”


Buffy had meant it as a warning, but Faith ignored her.

“Know thyself. Isn’t that what growing
up’s about?”

“I’m not sure I’m ready for it,”
Buffy admitted.

“Of course you aren’t. According to the doctor
in there people have their whole lives to get used to the idea. But a wolf, got
to be a good friend to have.”

Buffy turned to Faith, a little contemptuous.

“You weren’t listening. Only other people who
can see theirs can see yours. Most people will just walk through him.”

“For you, B. And you called him, ‘him.’
Does that mean you’ve decided? because the others wanted to wait for

“And you couldn’t be bothered?”

“No. I thought you would think of excuses. This is an
opportunity to know who you are. You can have someone who always knows what
you’re thinking and tells you what you need to hear. No matter what
happens, he’ll always be there for you. I think you need that.”

“You did better with the bullying,” Buffy said.

“But you’re going to do it?”

“Okay. Lead on, McDuff.”


Buffy stepped into the silver cage. She shivered as the door
closed, but Mary only smiled. The boy who had come with her, Will, handed Mary
the various leads, tools and charms she needed.

Something was turned on and the room was filled with

“Beside you, on your left,” Mary said.

Buffy looked down and was only slightly surprised to see a
large dark silver shape there. He looked up at her with bright, pale blue eyes.
Buffy smiled in greeting. The wolf grinned at her.

The bussing cut off with a sharp crack. Will opened the door
and Buffy’s wolf stepped out carefully.

“He’s a good looking wolf,” Will said

Buffy saw a cat appear from behind him and run up to the
silver animal beside her. The cat was obviously in charge for a moment, until
the wolf bared his teeth. Will began busying himself with tidying up the room.

“Wilmort,” the cat told Buffy.

“Wilmort,” the wolf repeated.

Buffy knew it would take a while to get used to talking to
her wolf-self. But for the first time in too long she was looking forward to
the challenge.


The End

You have reached the end of "Talking to Yourself". This story is complete.

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