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Summary: HP Drabbles about Willow's or Giles's relationships. Or possibly Dawn's.

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By Rose Williams

Rating: PG

Set after season six and book five. It is the same universe
as my story Dark Threads, but I’ll explain anything that might actually
need explaining.

J.K Rowling and Joss Whedon own most of this, and it is not
for profit.

I wrote these for

I’ll post anymore that are a part of this universe in
this story.

They are not necessarily in chronologic order.


* * *

One Dark Night. (Love at First… Curse)


The sound of the voice took Giles by surprise more than the
words themselves. The voice was definitely feminine, but deep and held a
strength that Willow’s had had when she had been evil.

He was on the floor before he managed to work out what the
curse meant. He didn’t even bother to struggle. This was Hogwarts; that
the curse would do exactly what it said it would. The only question was whose
prisoner he had become.

A face appeared over his own. He couldn’t see her
features well in the candle lit hallway; but she looked amazing. The shadows
drew attention to her fine features and glossy hair. A pair of bright, dark
eyes looked at him upside down. He couldn’t frown at the curiosity on her

But, then, they had never met. She had no idea who he was or
how he had managed to get into the castle.

“My name is Delta Vector,” she stated.

Giles’s laugh was contained in the bonds of the curse,
which was just as well. It would only take him seven and half minutes to earn
another curse once she had ended the spell. But he was already in love.


* * *

Points of View (Slip of the Tongue)


“I didn’t mean it, I swear I didn’t mean
it like that,” Giles stammered. He was pressed back against the wall with
Delta’s wand pressed against his chest. It was still strange to him how
aware people were of their wands; how unaware of the magic around them. He was
currently very focussed on the wand.

“I’m sure you did,” its owner said, her
soft voice calm.

“No, it was just a slip of the tongue,” Giles
tried to argue.

The wand was pressed deeper; he felt sure it would leave a
mark on his chest through his robes.

“Like when you called Minerva a witch?” Delta
asked, voice still calm.

Giles swallowed. He sighed with relief when the door opened.
Delta turned quickly to point her wand at the intruder.

“Professor Vector, I just wanted… to come back

“Thank you, Hermione.”

When she turned back to him she was smiling. Giles shivered,
despite the fire, and he wasn’t sure that it was a good sign.

“So, would like an opportunity to correct

Her voice had become almost sweet.

“Arithmancy is more beautiful than history. But not as
beautiful as you.”

“You’ll have to do better than that.”
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