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Now I Need A Strong Drink

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Summary: What happened if O'Neill was asked to take command of the Initative? Well...

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Chapter One

Title: Now I Need A Strong Drink
Author: Wendy
Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me.
Notes: Sorry this is so short - I plan on writing this at work, so expect short sporadic updates and bad spelling. Feedback always welcome.

Jack was surprised to be dragged into the General's office just before he was due for a nice long vacation. The look on Hammond's face suggested that he was not getting the vacation at all, especially since Hammond gestured to a large pile of manila files positively bulging with paper. He didn't take him too long to get to the point.

"Colonel, you are being temporarily reassigned." Not a happy general.

"Why? What did I do now?" O'Neill was ready to defend his summer vacation with all his marrow.

"There's a special operation that has just fallen apart. It requires someone of your talents to clear up the mess." Hammond kept a straight face at that.

"My... talents?" Jack was not as subtle.

"It's an odd situation. All the information is in the files. You are to evaluate morale and see if any of these soldiers would be an asset to Stargate Command."

"So I'm a recruitment sergeant now." Hammond was used to Jack's sarcasm.

"No, your recruitment sergeant is going to be Teal'c. Sergeant Murray, as he is going to be known." Hammond handed Jack the files. "Think you've got a bit of reading to do."

It took Jack a little less than an hour to make his way back to Hammond. "Demons. Vampires. Are you sure this isn't a delayed April Fool's?"

"Just think of them as slightly more terrestrial aliens." Hammond recommended. He had made much the same comment when he'd been briefed about it.

"Hostile Sub-Terrestrials?" Jack remained incredulous.

"That's right" Hammond secretly took pleasure in Jack's discomfort.

"I am never going to live this down." Jack muttered. "So say I believe you. When are we leaving?"

"Tomorrow morning. You are off to Sunnydale, California."

"Make a nice change from Colorado." Jack jauntily walked from the room. They were not going to get him. He was sure this was some huge joke.

But sure enough, in the morning he and Teal'c piled into a transport and headed for California.

"O'Neill - we are going to California. Will I see Hollywood?" Teal'c was looking through some brochures that some wag at the airstrip had handed him.

"Only if you are very unlucky, Teal'c. Very unlucky."
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