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Summary: Willow is helped by the current Black Ranger. He helps her sort out past demons, she retuns the favor. -W/Tommy

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Television > Power RangersAshFR1364,6790176,11824 Apr 0422 Jul 04No

Throwing you all a Bone

Willow wrung her hands as she waited at the hotel entrance. Tommy had insisted that he waited with her for her friend. She liked him, but he could act overprotective with everyone he knew. Including the kids, it seemed to irritate Conner and Ethan a bit, but she didn’t think that Kira minded. Something about being one of the only females in her family, she was used to it.

She looked at the watch again and sighed. Dawn was 10 minutes late, which was a bit odd seeing as she was usually on time. It could have been traffic or something or another. She’s turning 18 this year, so Willow figured she was well enough to take care of herself. Hell, when she was 18 she was helping Buffy kill the mayor. So age really didn’t matter, and it was one of the reasons she was starting to fight with Buffy was how she treated Dawn. How most of them did, she wasn’t a baby, and all they were doing was pissing her off.

Even her sweet Xander was! Anya’s death made him a bit bitter to the world and a bit bossy and controlling to the ones he loved as family. Quite frankly she was sick of it. And on top of that she had to deal with a power obsessed girlfriend. It was like dealing with the bad Faith, only she didn’t take her frustrations after slaying out on her. It probably would have freaked her out just a bit much. A small smile graced her features, though now? Not to sure it would have.

“Something on your mind?” A calming voice came from behind her. She slightly turned her head to see Tommy leaning on the wall with his arms crossed over his chest. Now he was confusing to her. He was making her feel things she shouldn’t. She was gay for goddess’ sake! She hadn’t felt this confused since she first fell for Tara. Maybe she was just bi? It was possible, she didn’t stop looking at good looking guys when she was with Tara or Kennedy, just the thoughts were changed slightly. And even now she still looked at gorgeous looking woman. Maybe she just liked who the person was, maybe that’s all there is to things like this.

She gave a full smile before answering him. “Just a bit. Thinking about the past. Wondering when my Dawnie will get here. That sort of stuff, the way I feel here.” It wasn’t a lie; it was how she was feeling here, since he was here. She blinked; if she didn’t stop she was going to confuse herself. Although she had a habit of confusing herself, so it wouldn’t be anything new.

“Yeah, nothing like having someone call you by the name I hate the most. And to a stranger no less.” The person who owned the voice took a glance at Tommy. “Wow. I’m having a Cordy moment.”

Willow gave a small smile to the teen. “Why the moment of our former Queen C?”

“I’m very much temped to say, but I won’t embarrass you.” The red head lifted an eyebrow at that. Dawn was growing up to be a slight oddball, but compared to the rest of the Scoobies she got off easy. She moved forward to give Dawn a hug. Slipping her arms around the younger woman, she could feel slight tears form in the corners of her eyes. It felt nice to be near family again.

“We miss you Wills.” She heard the whisper of the girl she called her little sister since Dawn was 12. But she’s grown a lot from that scrawny little girl, and even knowing deep down those memories weren’t real, she still though of them as such. Lifting her head off of the brunette’s shoulder, she looked over to Tommy. His head was slightly tilted away, as to give the two a moment. “So, is this the dashing Tommy Oliver I’ve been hearing so much about?” Blunt and to the point, you couldn’t ignore the fact she was a Summers woman.

“Yes, that would be me. And you would happen to be the ‘to smart for her own good’ Dawn Summers?” He gave a playful smile, and Dawn felt a little light headed. This was the guy Willow was staying with? Sheesh let me get attacked, and let me stay here! The girl though with an impish smile on her face. At that look Willow felt a little weary; she knew the kinds of thoughts that went threw her head when she smiled like that.

“Let’s head back? My feet are about to fall off, and I want to get some real food.” She pointed her thumb in Tommy’s direction. “He can cook way better then us.” She received a glare from Dawn. “Ok, that would be me then.”

The End?

You have reached the end of "Onyx" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 22 Jul 04.

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