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Summary: Willow is helped by the current Black Ranger. He helps her sort out past demons, she retuns the favor. -W/Tommy

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Title: Onyx

Author: Ash (

Rated: Pg

Pairing: W/Tommy

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the scoobies or any of the rangers. I just use them for my own entertainment. ^^

Distribution: Anyone who wants it, just tell me where it is.

Spoilers: All seasons of Buffy, and all seasons, and various forms of Power Rangers up until now.

Note: Ok, so it’s a bit odd. But this idea just wouldn’t leave me alone!

White walls, white ceiling, ah white carpets. Was there anything in this damn room that wasn’t so bright? Well, it was bright to her. Her eyes felt like they were fire, and she wasn’t sure if they were worse when she opened or closed her eyes. And to top it all off, her head hurt whichever way she turned it.

‘Hmm,’ she wondered to herself. ‘I’m pretty sure I didn’t drink anything last night.’ There were things around doubting those thoughts at the moment however. Sighing she tried to get a better look around her. Red hair swayed around her face as she stopped. It hurt way too much to be doing that. “Alright, I am so confused right now.”

“Most are confused when they wake up in a strange place.” A deep voice came from the doorway. Willow merely blinked at the guy. He stood tall, but she wasn’t sure how tall he was. He had dark hair and nice eyes, and he wasn’t all that bad looking. For a guy at any-rate.

“You have strange people waking up in strange places a lot?” She ground out as she placed a hand to her head. The good thing was it didn’t hurt as much.

He grinned at her and shrugged. “Can’t say I have a lot, I leave that to my friend. He seems to like taking in lost kittens more then I do.” He walked closer into the room, and sat in a chair that was placed near the window. “There are times when it is needed. Like how it was needed today. Or rather, yesterday, you’ve been out of it for nearly a day.”

“You know, that’s all good of you, but it would be helpful to know what the hell happened.” There was that damn smile again!

“A couple of students of mine found you in the park. There was an attack, and well, we decided to help. You seemed rather reluctant to go to a hospital. And based on that we thought we should help. Well, they thought I should help.”

“Ok, so I was attacked and you helped?” He nodded. “Wow, thanks. I mean, wait, you aren’t evil and this is some kind of plot or anything?” The look he was giving looked like he was torn between confusion and amusement.

So he just tilted his head to the side for a moment, the eye glasses falling slightly down his nose. Which made him look adorable beyond all words; she wasn’t going to say anything though. “I can tell you, not evil. Not even the slightest.”

She gave an ‘hmm’ and looked at him again. “You sure about that, no evil or anything?”


She extended her hand to him; at the gesture he stood up from the chair and took her hand. “Good. Willow Rosenberg, nice to meet you.”

The grin was back on his face. “Tommy Oliver, the kids call me Dr. O. Just incase it confused you in the near future.” He took a seat on the bed.

“A doctor huh? Wow, I never thought when I got here I’d be playing the part of damsel in distress. Well thanks again for that.” She tried to smile, really she did. Her eyes still hurt and the pain in her head didn’t fade away completely.

“Well, not a medical doctor.” He stood up from the bed and headed out the door. “I pretty much think its common sense to continue this later; you look like you need to sleep whatever is left off. When you’re able to handle it, I’ll be down in the kitchen. I have loads of papers to mark. You can’t miss it.”

She laid back down into the pillows. “Thanks for being so nice. It was Tommy right?” He gave another nod. “Ok then, thanks Tommy.” She said softly as slumber took her over.

“Sweet dreams Willow.” He said before he shut the door behind him.
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