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Little Dragon

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Summary: Drusilla acquires a new companion. (20 minute Dru)

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Harry Potter > Drusilla-Centered > Pairing: Draco MalfoyechoFR1511,097381,81224 Apr 0424 Apr 04Yes
title: Little Dragon
author: echo
rating: 15
summary: Drusilla acquires a new companion.
disclaimer: Not mine. Dru belongs to Whedon. The other characters belong to JK Rowling.
challenge: 20 minute Dru
crossover: BtVS/HP


They were singing to her.

Songs of escape. If she could just get the boy to help her. The one who looked so like her Spike. His gray eyes held curiosity when they fell on her in her cage. She sensed he was not like the others. She could feel his dread every time he journeyed down into that dungeon. The boy held little goodness, but a fair amount of pride. She could nearly smell it. It was not that he disagreed with what was being done, per se. It was that he disagreed with the WAY it was being done, and his role in it. He had vision. He saw... beyond what was going on in these dank little dungeon rooms. He saw beyond her being used for amusement.

"Little one..." She hissed.

He looked at her with wide gray eyes. "Are you speaking to me... creature?"

"Your face is a puzzle... I could solve it for you."

The boy moved closer, intrigued.

"You." He scoffed. "Solve something of me?"

She curled her delicate fingers around the bars holding her and pulled her face closer. He was trying to remain aloof, but those silver eyes betrayed him. The boy was fascinated with her. It curled off of him like smoke.

"They can't see your power, your importance. They don't see you, dearie. They treat you like a minion because you have what they desire to recapture... youth. But age is nothing save a number. Their jealousy makes them small to you. They are weak because they follow a weakling who was bested by a child. That one's hungry for too much power. No moderation to speak of, dearie. It will end him. I seen it end others that way a'fore."

His mouth dropped open. Her accent had gotten so thick on that last line. It was pretty. He'd never cared for types that spoke like the chimney sweeps of muggle days long past, but there was dangerous beauty to this creature locked in her magical cage in his father's basement. He wondered what havoc she could wreck if set free.

Draco Malfoy smirked evilly and decided to find out. She was right. He was no one's flunky. He was more clever than that.

And he did so love to cause a little damage. Discord was always fun.


Drusilla licked the blood from her lips and turned to face the boy as his Aunt Bella fell stack and dead from the vampiress's arms. Drusilla proceeded to lick each of her fingers clean. She was absolutely spattered with blood. It was divine. The boy had stayed off to the side and used his wand to hex anyone who had gotten in the way of her feeding frenzy. He even wore a near-bored expression while doing so. He was positively wicked. She'd never known a human could be so bad. Well, she had, but she had never met one.

She should turn him. The stars were saying so. He was the brightest.

She slinked towards the boy.

He raised his wand to her. "Not yet. I don't fancy being THIS age for the rest of forever."

She giggled. He was smart, her new pet. A very clever boy, her new baby.

"My little Spike..."

"Nuh uh, sweetheart. I don't think so. The name's Draco. I'm nobody's replacement."

She could tell in his eyes that he knew exactly who he was dealing with. He knew her history. It made her wonder if she had lured him to her release or if he had planned it all along. Draco, he said he was called. Like the stars. He was part of them. That's why he called to her so.

"Come come, my little dragon, don't be cross." She said before placing her poutiest look upon her bloodied face.

"Don't you look ravishing with your big doe eyes and my parents, relatives, and their friends' blood all over you."

Drusilla giggled and spun around with her arms wide. He just watched her with an amused smirk on his face.

"I've ruined my dress though, little dragon."

"So you have. I'm sure Mother won't mind you borrowing something of hers until we can furnish you with your own apparel." He looked down into the surprised, yet dead, eyes of the blonde woman at his feet. "Would you, Mother?" He kicked her lifeless body for good measure. "See? She doesn't mind."

Oh she liked him. He didn't even need to be dead like her. He seemed worse already WITH his stinky soul. Drusilla jumped up and down clapping her hands. "More more more!"

"More? What a gluttonous little bird I've let from her cage."

"Perhaps we should seal our bargain with a kiss?"

"Perhaps you should shower first."

Drusilla whimpered.

"I don't like to get dirty, darling."

Her bottom lip jutted out even more.

"Oh bloody hell. Come here then."

She skipped over to him and smoothed down her bloodied dress. Draco took out a handkerchief and wiped the blood from her mouth.

"Only mouths. Don't touch my robes."

"If you're so worried perhaps we should be naked." Drusilla said before unzipping her dress and letting it fall.

She wore not a stitch underneath. Darla had always told her that sometimes underthings were overrated. One blonde eyebrow on her new boy's face went up.

"I can see there won't be many dull moments with you about."

Drusilla laughed delightedly and clapped her hands while jumping up and down. She was still quite naked but for her shoes, so the blonde brow went up a notch.

"Not dull at all."

She reached out and smeared a bloody finger across his pale cheek, leaving a mark. "Now you're all dirty."

"Gross." Draco snapped. "I can't believe you just did that."

"Let's go play in the shower and wash it off, dearie." Drusilla whispered.


"And then you can spank me cos I was a bad girl and got my little dragon dirty when he doesn't like the dirt. I crawled out of the dirt. Sometimes the mud is cool and thick to roll in. Like a dog. Ruff! Play in the water with me, pet, and then we can have tea and cakes. Or you can, luv. I was naughty. No tea and cakes. Bamboo canes and cat o'nine tails for Dru. Crisscross. Welts and bloody bruises."

The boy blinked. His skin had flushed a bit pink.

She held her hand out to him. "Play?"

He smirked before sliding his fingers into hers.



The End

You have reached the end of "Little Dragon". This story is complete.

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