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Just Another Night

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Summary: Daniel leads SG1 to Sunnydale to procure an interesting rock. . .err. . .artifact.

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Stargate > General(Site Founder)JinniFR1511,657084,88725 Apr 0425 Apr 04Yes
Title: Just Another Night

Author: Jinni (

Rated: Pg13

Characters: General

Disclaimer: All things BtVS belong to Joss Whedon, et al. All things SG1 belong to MGM, Gekko, et al.

Distribution: The normal places.

Dedication: Alyssa, in honor of her birthday this past week.

Summary: Daniel drags SG1 to Sunnydale to obtain a particularly interesting rock. . .err. . .artifact.


“They went –where-?” General George Hammdon shut his eyes, rubbing at the bridge of his nose. “I would imagine that they’re already there, sir. Yes. I am aware of that, however you realize SG1’s propensity for falling into trouble – no matter what planet they’re on. . .Yes, sir. I will let you know the moment I hear from them.”

The phone settled back into its cradle – the bright red color a stark contrast against the muted tones of the desk and surrounding furniture. It was the single most vibrant object in the entire room, and for good reason.

The General sighed and leaned back in his chair, a frown on his lips. Now why had SG1 used their downtime to run off to Sunnydale of all places?


Boring. Boring.

Ah, yes, more boring.

Colonel Jack O’Neill rolled his eyes at the altogether too quaint picture that Sunnydale painted, fixing Daniel with a ‘look’. “Why’d you drag us to this . . .place again, Danny?”

“I didn’t drag you, Jack,” the archaeologist rolled his eyes behind thin glasses, returning Jack’s look with one of his own. “I believe that you –wanted- to come with me.”

“Daniel Jackson is correct, Colonel O’Neill. You were most adamant that we accompany him to this place.”

“Yes, Sir,” Samantha Carter nodded, a hint of a smile turning up one corner of her mouth as she met his gaze head on, uncaring about the glare he was giving her in return. “Some fun ‘quality team downtime’, I think your words were.”

“Was either that or let Daniel go off by himself,” Jack muttered for their benefit, hiding his own smile. Downtime with his team, whether in this tiny little town or not, was a good thing. And keeping Daniel out of trouble, on Earth or P-whatever, was also a good thing.

“It’s amazing I managed to live so long without Mother Hen Jack to take care of me,” Daniel smirked, a soft laugh escaping from his lips. He paused, looking at the paper in his hand, then at the stores around them. Twilight had already settled over the quiet downtown area of the small city, and streetlights were giving off just enough illumination to, with the light of the moon as well, see by. “This is it, but it looks like they’re already closed for the night.”

Jack sighed, the sentiment echoed, though quieter, by Sam. Of course the shop was closed. Everything in this town seemed to lock up tighter than, well, the SGC itself as soon as the sun started going down. He’d watched the phenomenon with some interest, as they made their way down Main Street. Maybe there was a town-wide curfew that they weren’t aware of.

“Might as well go back to the hotel, I guess,” Daniel frowned, glancing at the shop one more time. The Magic Box. Didn’t really sound like the kind of place you’d find the type of rocks Daniel normally went for, but the younger man was absolutely sure they had what he was looking for. He’d already spoken to the shop’s owner and everything.

Apparently he hadn’t bothered getting their business hours during any of those conversations.


He watched as Sam and Daniel struck up a conversation, leading the way back towards their hotel, chattering along as if they didn’t have a care in the world. His second in command looked so at ease, so carefree, laughing at something Daniel had said.

And Jack couldn’t help but wish that he was the one making her laugh. Regs be damned.

But the regs couldn’t be damned. He liked his job and she liked hers. It was a pretty pathetic situation; he knew it and she knew it. So they were stuck like this. Him as her CO and friend. Daniel as a closer friend, because she could get closer to him without worrying about risking her career.

The town was too damned quiet as they walked through the empty streets, hardly passing by more than a half dozen actual town residents as they wandered back in the general direction of the cheap hotel they’d gotten for their impromptu visit to the west coast. Maybe if they had time they could do something at least halfway interesting after they got Daniel’s rock the next day. Like sightseeing in LA or San Diego. Neither was that far away, really, and –

He jerked to a sudden stop, nearly running into Teal’c’s back.

“There is fighting nearby,” the Jaffa murmured quietly, looking into the dark cemetery they had come to a stop outside of.

“In the cemetery?” Daniel’s eyebrows rose above his glasses. He frowned, listening for himself. It took a minute, but even Jack heard it. The distinct sounds of a fight.

“C’mon, kids. Let’s see what the locals do for fun, shall we?” Jack drawled. Probably nothing more than a bunch of bored high school kids that had gotten out of hand. Partying in the local cemetery, where their parents were less likely to find them breaking curfew. He hopped the low wall easily, stalking off through the headstones, the noises getting louder and louder as he went.

“Ten points for creativity.”

Ten points? Jack turned, arching an eyebrow at his team, before continuing in the path he had chosen. They rounded a small copse of trees, stopping in sudden shock at the sight before them.

Not high schoolers, though not much older, either, if Jack had to guess. Two girls were sitting side by side on a large headstone, their feet swinging back and forth in time, grins on their faces. Another girl, next to a dark haired boy, had also found a place to sit on another headstone, and were sharing a bag of chips.

And then there was the girl on the ground, the one that was moving with almost inhuman speed as she successfully fought off not one, not two – but three attackers.

“Behind you, Buff.”

The blonde haired fighter whirled, sending a kick into the stomach of the man that had been approaching her. Jack did a double take. No, not a man. A. . .creature?

“Vampire,” Daniel hissed, eyes widening. Jack turned, incredulous.

“You’re joking, right? There’s no such thing –“

“There is, Sir,” Carter cut him off with a shake of her head, her voice a whisper in the darkness. So far the group hadn’t noticed that they were watching.

“Indeed, O’Neill. The creatures your people call ‘vampires’ are well-known amongst the System Lords. Parasites that not even the Goa’uld wish to come into contact with. Vermin.”

Jack’s eyebrows flew into his hairline. “So. . .she’s, what? A Vampire Slayer?”

He glanced over his shoulder at the blonde, surprised to see that the group of three ‘vampires’ had been whittled down to two; with no body in sight to show what had happened to the third. He swallowed, fighting back confusion. When they got back to the base he was going to sit Teal’c down with a book of myths and make the other man show him exactly what was and wasn’t known to the System Lords.

“Playing with them isn’t nice,” the red haired girl called out with a laugh; and now Jack noticed that she was holding hands with the girl sitting next to her. That they shared little smiles. More than just friends. What was this – a date night? Vampire fighting as a way to bring friends closer together?

“She’s right – hurry up,” the girl with the chips rolled her eyes. “Xander and I have plans for many orgasms tonight, after patrol. Slaying makes him hot and –“

“Enough, An,” the one apparently known as Xander groaned, his eyes closing with what Jack could only assume was embarrassment.

“Really,” the girl fighting laughed between breaths. “Waaaay too much info. And, on another note – ew, Xan. Ew!”

The group laughed, Sam and Daniel joining in softly.

“We should get out of here before they notice us, Sir.”

Jack opened his mouth to ask why, only to close it again. This had nothing to do with them, with the SGC. . .or with anything else they were remotely involved in. As interesting, and unbelievable, as the entire thing was, he didn’t want to stick around and see what the group had in store for four strangers sneaking up on them in the middle of their. . . festivities?

Funny, he’d never thought of fighting as being something to have fun with. Sure, leaping headfirst into trouble was SG1’s calling card, of sorts, but they never brought along chips and sodas.

Mental note – requisition chips and sodas for next raid into a Goa’uld mothership. Could make for interesting times.

He nodded, turning back to watch for one more minute. One more vampire down, and the last one was looking frightened. Jack licked dry lips, eyes scanning the scene with detachment as the friends began to pick up their jackets and snacks. The winner of the fight was a foregone conclusion, their movements seemed to indicate. The fact that this was old hand to them went without saying. It was all. . .routine.

Like walking through the Stargate was for him and his friends. He smirked.

The girl brought her arm around in a swing, and he saw the stake only one brief second before it plunged into the vampire’s chest.

Dust. That was why there weren’t any bodies laying around. Vampires became dust when they died.


He turned wordlessly, leading his team out of the cemetery before they could be spotted; his mind awhirl with questions for his team on how they had known these things existed, yet he hadn’t had a clue.

He felt a vibration on his hip and reached reflexively for the pager that was clipped to his belt, looking at the number with a faint frown of confusion.

Why was General Hammond paging him during their week off?

~*~End Fic~*~

The End

You have reached the end of "Just Another Night". This story is complete.

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