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Getting Medieval

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Summary: A guest lecturer sparks a whole bundle of trouble for the Sunnydale crowd. Crossover with Indiana Jones.

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Movies > Indiana JonesWendyFR755,33422311,44430 Apr 0425 Sep 04No

Getting Medieval

Disclaimer: I keep forgetting these. Indy belongs to Spielberg and Lucas, Buffy to Whedon et al.
Notes: Thanks for the feedback.

“Oooh. Guest lecturer.” Willow pointed happily to a poster on the notice board outside the faulty office.

“Huh?” Buffy juggled her coffee and the large pile of books to look.

“For Medieval – Dr Henry Jones. He’s doing a lecture on the myth of the Holy Grail.” Willow ran her finger down the poster. “There’s not even any required reading”

“Somehow, I think I’m going to like Dr Jones.” Buffy finally gave up trying to read the poster and attempted to take a sip of the coffee. Willow winced as the top book slipped from Buffy’s arms and hit her foot.

“Why don’t you just get a backpack, Buff?” Willow carefully placed it on top of the tottering pile.

“And ruin the line of the dress? Be serious.”

The lecture room was packed – most people must have read the bit about no required reading and decided that they couldn’t be humiliated here. Buffy and Willow ended up in a seat in the back. As they got themselves arranged, Buffy nudged Willow and pointed a man in a rather old fashioned suit. “Check the Giles-a-like.”

“Giles’ suits were never that modern.” Willow muttered, as the man looked over rather sharply.

A wave of silence spread across the room as an elderly man in a bad hat, carrying a briefcase with an umbrella strolled in. “Good morning, class. It is wonderful to see so many of you. I am Dr Henry Jones, your lecturer for this morning.”

He peered over the top of his spectacles. “And I am here to talk about the deadly serious search for the Holy Grail.” There were a few muffled snickers from the front row, swiftly quelled.

Dr Jones soon had the class enthralled with his tales of the Grail, ranging from Arthur to the more modern Hollywood myths. His concluding remarks somewhat surprised the class, and set some alarm bells ringing in Buffy’s brain. “We know that Hitler sought the Holy Grail, insofar as he sent an expedition south from the ancient city of Alexandretta n 1938. Little else is known, except for the fact that no one who went on the expedition returned. It can only be presumed that the grail was guarded by some divine power, if, indeed, they did actually find it.”

He smiled, bowed slightly and gathered up his notes. The realization that the lecture was over spread through the class, and an enthusiastic round of applause echoed around the room.

Buffy and Willow were amongst the last to reach the steps to leave. On impulse, Buffy approached Dr Jones and asked, “Do you think they found the Grail? The Nazis?”

Dr Jones looked hard at Buffy. “I think they did. And I think that the power of the Grail was denied to Hitler and his minions. They collected – or at least tried to collect – many occult artifacts.”

“Yeah, Hitler was certainly into his black arts,” Willow added, and blushed as Dr Jones raised his eyebrows at her.

“There is yet another story, imparted to me by one who reputedly was involved, that they tried to acquire the Ark of the Covenant. And that the power of the Ark turned against its captors.” Buffy and Willow shared a look. They both knew of similar artifacts that could do the same.

“Are you sure it was the Ark?” Willow asked.

“Certain.” Dr Jones nodded.

“The man who had sat at the back of the room came forward then, placing a battered hat on his head. “I’m sure these young ladies aren’t interested in your tales, Dad.”

“It’s so nice to find those amongst the young that find power left in the old… myths.” There was a significant pause, as if Dr Jones had meant to say something else. “This is my son, Dr Jones Junior.”

“Buffy.” They solemnly shook hands.

“Willow.” She just waved.

“Call me Indy. Sounds more adult than Junior.” He said, tipping his hat to them. “And I think it’s lunchtime, Dad. Time to be going. Ladies.” And he led his Dad out of the room.

“Ladies? If only,” snorted Buffy.

The library was, as ever when approaching midterms, very crowded. Willow struggled to find any free seats until she happened on a spare chair right at the back of the comparative religions section. She supposed the lack of anything resembling natural daylight had something to do with the space. Sighing with relief, she plunked the books on the table and started to take notes. It was only after she’d come out of a particular odd psychology article, that she became aware of a quiet conversation taking place in the shelves behind her. About to admonish the perpetrators, she halted when she realized it was the guest lecturer and his son.

The subject startled her even more.

“How are we going to approach this expert of yours, Dad?” Junior asked.

“With tact I suppose. It’s not like we can come out and ask if he’s seen anything odd lately.” Dr Jones replied, rustling some papers. “He appears to live in this apartment block.”

“That’s near the center of town. When is he likely to be there?” Willow heard a briefcase being opened.

“My informant told me that he isn’t working. The school library was destroyed last year.” It took all her self-possession not to gasp out loud. They were talking about Giles!

“I’ll go talk to him, Dad. You see if you can find out anymore about the Staff’s location.” Willow ducked her head into her books as she heard a set of footsteps trailing off towards the exit. She jumped as the elder Dr Jones placed a hand on her shoulder.

“Willow. How nice to see you again.” He smiled.

“What do you want with Giles?” She asked, and then slapped her hand across her mouth.

“Mr. Giles? We have a mutual acquaintance.” Dr Jones looked at her suspiciously. “And you know Mr. Giles well?”

“Well enough to know that he isn’t going to help you without a really really good reason.” Willow stood up and folded her arms, trying to look tough.

“You are aware of the true nature of Sunnydale? The… vampires? ” Dr Jones was not phased by her act.

“Aware?” Willow snorted. “Been dusting the vamps for years.”

“But you are not the Slayer? Are you?” Dr Jones nodded sagely.

“You know who the Slayer is?” Willow sensed that this old guy really knew his stuff. Perhaps he was a Watcher.

“Miss Summers is the Slayer.” He stated. “Our research was extensive.”

“Buffy. And she is on her way to see Giles as we speak.” Willow said absently, deep in thought. How far could she trust this guy?

“Oh dear God.” Dr Jones went pure white.

“Huh?” Willow looked at him.

“Junior.” Dr Jones and Willow shared a look of near identical panic.
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