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The Witches Watcher

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The Witches Watcher". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: COMPLETE!!! Dawn becomes a watcher and goes to Hogwarts to help Harry prepare for the fight of his life

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Harry Potter > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Harry Potter(Past Donor)KiaraFR132576,52918632,5161 May 0430 Jul 04Yes

The Witches Watcher

My first Story Ever- Ahhh!

DISCLAIMER: I own nothing

TIMELINE: After S7 Buffy and OofP HP. Dawn and HP gang are all 16 /17 depending on birthdays & me screwing with the timeline! After S7 Dawn get magic because of Willows spell unlocking the potential in everyone & is appointed Watcher to all the witch slayers (there are 6). Because of the Watchers council being blown up each watcher has lots of slayers to train.


CHAPTER 1- Welcome to Hogwarts!

“Let me get this straight,” Dawn Summers said to the ageing man sitting opposite her. “You want me to come to your school, where I will learn how to do magic using a wand, and I can bring my slayers with me?” The man nodded, his eyes twinkling

“I am so in!” Dawn exclaimed. She heard four similar exclamations coming from around her, from her slayers.

“Welcome to Hogwarts, my dear...but before you accept I ask one thing of you...”

As Dawn looked at the new world she would be living in for the next eight months, one word pretty much summed up what she was thinking: Wow.

Since the battle with the first, Buffy had finally realised that she could take care of herself. So when Giles had approached her about becoming a watcher for a few of the hundreds of potent...wait, no they were proper slayers now, that kept on popping out of the woodwork, it had hardly taken any persuasion to get her big sister to allow her to do it- especially with her newly discovered abilities.

That was another thing- when Willow unlocked the potentials potential, it seemed she hadn’t stopped there. Dawn’s ‘potential’ had too arisen; thanks to the key, she was one kick ass witch!

The best that it could be explained was that Dawn was still the key and that allowed her to do magic sort of like Wicca, but it was much easier for her to grasp. It felt natural to her, like she’d been doing it for years. And under Willow and Giles’ training, she was coming along quickly.

Anyway, so Dawn bypassed the watcher training, - “Dawn, you deciphered an ancient Samarian spell thingy; what’s more watchery than that? Do you honestly think you need to go to this training thing?” had been Buffy’s reaction to the training- and been given a new slayer to guide. Not an ordinary slayer though. Giles had thought that with her newfound ‘ability’ she would be the watcher best suited to the witch slayers.

So Dawn was to watcher-ize all of the slayers who were also witches. There weren’t that many of them, Giles estimated seven, because something about the witchyness made it unlikely for them to have the potential slayer in them. Seven. It seemed like two slayers was a lot for one watcher after Buffy died the first time, but due to the watchers council going kaboom (literally) the remaining six watchers, and that included Giles and the newly reinstated Wesley, had nearly twenty slayers each. So Dawn was getting off lightly really.

For the next month Dawn focused on learning about the wizarding world; learning spells, in particular the one that allowed her to locate witch- slayers, and training Felicity. Felicity, or Flick, was her slayer and by training Flick, who had never had a watcher before, Dawn was training herself as well. She was a good fighter for a human, maybe better than she should be, but she couldn’t win against a slayer without a lot of help from magic.

Part of being a watcher meant that Dawn had to go and collect any of her slayers that did not know what they were and bring them back to the new Slayer Academy in LA, formally the Hyperion Hotel. A location spell found, aside from Flick, one other slayer in America, one in Germany, one in France and two in England. Six in total.

First stop, Salem School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The biggest problem with the location spell was that with all the magic around the schools it couldn’t pick up on the slayer specifically. But because Salem was a relatively small school, Jaden Mormon was discovered with little difficulty.

Then Dawn, Felicity and Jaden were off to Germany and to Durmstrang Wizarding School. Here, with more difficulty, Skylar Von Martin was found to be the slayer.

Next the four went to France and to Beauxbatons Witching Academy. Finding the slayer here proved to be more difficult still, but eventually Robinette Chardon was proved to be the slayer.

Finally Dawn and her new slayers went to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in England, where the debatably crazy but undoubtedly kind headmaster allowed them all to stay so that the young witches could finish their education, something which they had all been worrying about, and so Dawn could learn more about her power.

After a conversation on a charmed phone with Buffy, Giles and the rest of the Scooby’s, it was decided. Dawn and the four slayers were to stay at Hogwarts, at least until they found out who the slayers were when the school returned in two months time when their summer vacation had finished. With that all settled, and when they had agreed to Dumbledore’s one request, the five teens did what they do!

They had gone to Diagon Alley to purchase school supplies. ‘And maybe go to the muggle world for some extra shopping afterwards; after all,’ Dawn pondered silently ‘Giles did say we were to use the watchers council’s account for any “slaying essentials”...wait a second, did I just say muggle world? I’ve been hanging around Skye and Jade too much!’

“Dawn! DAWN!” someone calling her name snapped Dawn out of her thoughts.

“What? What are you...whoa! What is this place” Her eyes opened wide as she looked up at the massive building in front of her. It was nothing like she’d ever seen before.

Flick giggled at her expression “Come on, dreamy. This is Gringrott’s- we’ll change your money into something that’s actually useful around here- wizards don’t take visa!”

“Where are Skye and Jade?” Dawn questioned as they went into the huge marble building

“Gone off somewhere together- we’re meeting at the Leaky Cauldron for lunch in a couple of hours.” Replied Robinette in her accented voice. Skylar and Jaden had immediately hit it off when they were introduced and were practically inseparable.

“Figures. OHMIGOD!”

“Did we forget to mention that this place is run by goblins?” Flick said with a smirk, telling her that they purposely hadn’t told her.

“Err Yeah! Are they evil?”

“Only if you take more than you can afford and can’t pay them back. Then you have to watch out.”

“I heard that they lock you in a vault to starve.” Robin put in, looking warily at the goblins.

“Starve?” Dawn squeaked

“No” Flick assured her, “you’ll only get locked in a vault if you try to steal from the bank. Erm, hi. Vault 561 please” she told the goblin who cam to serve them.

“You could’ve warned me about that ride! I thought I was going to be sick” a slightly green looking Dawn moaned five minutes later.

“But ya weren’t were you? See, no harm, no foul!”

Dawn mumbled something uncomplimentary about “little green men with fast carts” and “my so called friends who never tell me anything...” before asking where they would be heading next. It was Robinette who answered her.

“We need to go to Flourish and Blotts for books; Madame Maulkins for our robes and Olivianders for your wand.”

“OK. Books first- is that OK with you two?” Dawn asked the slayers before heading off for the bookstore.

As it was nearing the end of Hogwarts’ summer holidays, Flourish and Blotts was full of students, several seeing people they knew.

“Lavender? Lavender! I love your hair!”

“Tom how was France?”

“George! Oh sorry Fred! How was your summer?”

“Hermione! So good to see you dear! Your parents are with you, yes? I must go and have a chat”

“Harry. Harry Potter! Over Here!”

At that name Dawn, Flick and Robinette all looked at the boy being called and then at each other.


“Welcome to Hogwarts, my dear...but before you accept I ask one thing of you.

“It is not unknown to me that you are very capable yourself, Miss Summers. And one slayer can defeat demons that I hope that I never meet but here in my office there are six slayers. Now I come to my request.

“No doubt you have heard of Mr Harry Potter who attends school here. He seems to have a knack for getting into situations that are some what life-threatening, well what I ask of you Miss Summers, is for you and your slayers to help in our fight in whichever way you are able and to help us to keep Harry safe.

“It is no secret that he is a target of Lord Voldemort who, as I am sure you know, has risen to power again. I fear that Hogwarts may not be enough to protect him and his friends, in particular Ronald Weasley, his younger sister Ginny and Hermione Granger, so I ask you to do your best to keep them and Harry safe if I cannot.”

Dawn looked at Professor Dumbledore and saw how much he cared for his students, particularly Harry. Flick had told her about Voldemort and how if he defeated Harry Potter and the rest of the wizarding world then he could rule the muggle world as well. Their world; sooner or later they would have to get involved.

He had shown Dawn a copy of the prophecy that was in a one- of- a- kind, magically updated book with all the wizarding prophecies that he had retrieved from the watchers council before it was blown up.

Felicity read the book over Dawn’s shoulder. “Professor, if this prophecy is true, then only Harry can kill Voldemort. What I mean is...well I just wondered...”

“How you can help him if only Harry can kill Voldemort?” at Flick’s nod he continued “I’m afraid it is true, my dear.”

Dumbledore’s eyes lost their twinkle and he suddenly looked much older. But as he looked up, Dawn saw some of the twinkle return and... was that hope?

“I heard of your sister’s past with prophesies- how they do not tell the whole story.” Dumbledore continued “Something occurred to me...Harry must strike the killing blow, but there is nothing saying that he can’t have as much help as he needs, the prophecy would still be fulfilled if Lord Voldemort was being held down by several slayers while Harry delivered the curse that will end Voldemort’s reign over our community.

“I am not saying it will be easy, Miss Summers...I am not saying you and your slayers will live through this war. All I can do is ask for your help and promise that I will do everything in my power to keep you all safe.”

Dawn looked to her slayers who were discussing the offer between themselves; she needed their consent before she engaged them in war.

“Well...what do you guys think?” Dawn asked quietly, seeing that they had come to a decision.

Felicity stood and walked over to her and then glanced back at the rest of the slayers who nodded their heads in encouragement. Their mind was made up.

“We don’t know.” She said honestly to Dawn “This war, well it involves us, our families we should say yes without a moments thought. But it’s not that easy.

“Ever since I was born I’ve known about the havoc he-who-must-not-be-named caused while he had power, the millions of innocent people he murdered, wizards and witches alike. It’s not like with The First. Voldemort can kill us all from across the battle field- no physical contact necessary and we don’t have the magical skills to stop him.

“But we know that if he beats Harry then he’ll kill us all and thousands of others anyway. Who knows, having a few slayers on the side of good might make all the difference in a battle? We’ll end up fighting eventually, we’re happy to be here from the beginning. But at the end of the day, you’re the watcher. If it were up to us, we’d probably stay, but it’s your decision.”

Dawn nodded. They were happy to stay; her gut was telling her to stay. But would it be fair to ask the slayers to fight when they could easily end up dead? Could she do that? But she had to make a decision.

“Professor, I think that we will stay and help.” Dawn said slightly uncertain. She looked back at her slayers. They looked scared and worried, but resolved. ‘I have a new respect for Giles’ she thought as she turned back to Dumbledore. “We’ll stay.” She said in a firm voice. “We’ll fight.”

************************************************ ************************************************

So what did you think? Please Review and tell me if I should post any more chapters.
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