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With the Last Beat of Your Heart

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Summary: Elisabeth kills her last for someone else's pleasure. (20 minute Elisabeth)

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title: With the Last Beat of Your Heart
author: echo
rating: 18
summary: Elisabeth kills her last for someone else's pleasure.
disclaimer: The AtS characters belong to Joss Whedon. The HP characters belong to JK Rowling.
challenge: 20 minute Elisabeth
note: Elisabeth is the blonde vampire that Angel staked in the season 3 episode "Heartthrob". Her lover was James, and the two of them ran with Angelus and Darla back in the day (information provided here because not a lot of people remember who Elisabeth was).
warning: This one's a shade darker than I normally go fic-wise.


Elisabeth sighed. She needed to return to James. They'd had a little tiff, and she had left him. She was certain he had suffered enough by now. So had she though. What ever had possessed her to join ranks with a dark wizard? She would do this last bidding, then she would find James... and perhaps Darla, though she knew Darla got quite annoyed with herself and James when they were together. Perhaps now they would be less annoying since they'd had time apart. Perhaps she would get to meet Spike and Drusilla this time. Darla had spoken of them upon their last meeting.

But back to present circumstances. She needed to kill this poor boy and go back to her James. It broke her heart. He was so young and lovely. If the Dark Lord did not want proof of his death by way of a body, Elisabeth would secret him away. Perhaps he could have amused Darla, fill the void left by Angelus.

He walked inside then. Elisabeth's heart swelled with something close to remorse. This is why she was leaving the Dark Lord's service. He had a habit of wanting to destroy beautiful things... and this human child was so pretty to her green eyes.

"The Dark Lord s-said you wished to see me, milady?"

Elisabeth smiled sadly and brushed some golden hair from her shoulder. "Regulus, darling boy, you know why you're here."

"You'll forgive me if I turn and run then?"

"The door was locked behind you."

He swallowed so hard she could see his Adam's apple bob from across the room.

"Just so you know, you will be my last here in this service. I will try to make it quick. I will try to make it as painless as possible."

"Mercy? From the Dark Lord's vampire assassin? Why?"

"Because, were I able, I would keep you and turn you with the last beat of your heart."


"Regulus Black, you are beautiful... and I like pretty things."

"Where will you go?"

"Back to my one and only. I was angry. I never should have left him. This last year has been terrible without him."

He stepped towards her. His black hair looked a bit unkempt for once, and his blue eyes had dark circles under them. The lines on his forehead told of deep worry. With a deep sigh, he took the chair next to the one she had seated herself in while waiting for him to arrive.

"You tried to leave.... that's why." She spoke softly.


"Oh, Regulus."

"I know. You would take me with you if you could."

"Why were you so open in your leaving? Had you just slinked away..."

"Not in my nature. And my elder brother was right. I'm not a follower. I don't know what the bloody hell I thought I was about signing up for this.... murdering and raping for the sake of murdering and raping. There's no rhyme or reason to any of it. It lacks... poetry."

Elisabeth reached out and touched his arm over where his dark mark was hidden by his black robes. She had not been lying. She would take him if she could, but it would be more difficult to leave with the one she was supposed to kill than alone. She needed to just slip away into the sweet darkness with no sound.

But could she take him with her...

It was a pity. It would be ever so nice to return with an apology and a present.

"Well, I think I have kept you from your one and only long enough, milady. Perhaps you could get on with it? The anticipation is making me a bit... nervous."

Elisabeth slid her hand up his arm and behind his neck. She pulled him closer... but did not bite. No. She drew his youthful mouth to her own and kissed him. Chaste at first, but then it deepened into the dark passion the she always held at bay. A lady never showed her gentleman too much. Unless she was a harlot. Elisabeth was no harlot, undead or no. She was a lady to her very core, but she wanted to burn the boy a bit.

Plus, if she could distract him a bit, this might be easier.

The boy was enthusiastic to say the very least. He had deftly pulled her into his lap, and his hand was already traveling up the skirt of her Death Eater robes. Fingers brushed lightly across her knee. Elisabeth kept kissing him as his hand wandered higher, and she unbuttoned the collar of his shirt. He lips trailed lightly from his mouth to his jaw and down to his rapid pulse. He had somehow unclasped her robes, and his hand was massaging her breast.

She reached between them and removed the last barriers of clothing so they could see this to its end. Regulus hissed in pleasure when she sank herself onto him. The wooden chair under the boy creaked with the force of their joining. Elisabeth had no more time left. She knew this. She grasped his shoulder tightly and began moving as quickly as she dared without breaking something on him. It fairly short order, Regulus cried out in release.

Elisabeth swiftly changed to her vampiric visage and sank her fangs into his throat.

He cried out again as his body jerked beneath hers, not sure if it was feeling pain or pleasure at this point. He tried in vain to throw her off, but she was the stronger, and by the time he had realized what she was doing, he'd lost too much blood to properly resist.

She kept her body moving as he rode out his orgasm. When his breath became harsh rattles, she stopped drinking. Elisabeth pulled back and stared into his dying eyes one last time. He sighed one last time. She leaned forward and kissed him... one last time... before she leaned back, grabbed his head, and broke his neck.

Elisabeth stared dispassionately at Regulus as she climbed off of him. She tucked him back into his pants and redid all his buttons and clasps. She arranged his hands neatly in his lap. He was still sitting up in his chair. Elisabeth swiped a hand down his eyelids to close those great blue eyes one last time. She situated her own clothing then leaned down and placed on last kiss on his already cold cheek.

"May flights of devils win you to your rest." She whispered. "I certainly hope this was poetic enough for you. Goodnight, Regulus Black."

With that, Elisabeth spun on her heel. She was leaving this room, these dungeons, this country. She had killed her last in the name of the Dark Lord. She was like Regulus. She was no follower either. From now on every life she took would be because SHE wanted to take it.

Her James was out there somewhere waiting for her.

Elisabeth slipped off into the sweet night to find him again.



The End

You have reached the end of "With the Last Beat of Your Heart". This story is complete.

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