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Kind of Magic

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Summary: "Edward .....Its a Kind Of Magic".

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Anita Blake > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories > Crossover: Highlander
Highlander > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories > Crossover: Anita Blake
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2003 TtH Secret Santa Event

Disclaimer: The Anita Blake verse belongs to Laurell K Hamilton and Highlander to somebody else. Basically I own nothing.

Synopsis: Highlander/Anita Blake crossover (NC I think?)– but you don’t need to be a highlander fan to enjoy this. Trust me just read it.

This is my Santa Present to:

Happy Christmas



LA PETIT MORT (Jean Claude’s Newest Nightclub)

Jean Claude soothingly took Anita’s hand, kissing her fingers gently. “Relax Ma Petite, this Olaf cannot harm you here”.

Edward snorted, “Olaf is psycho not dumb, he will try and grab Anita when she is alone and vulnerable, most certainly in daylight hours. Your presence will cause him to up the ante so to speak, but do not underestimate him or Anita will die. However…”, he added “that is not the reason I am here, you can rest easy Anita, Olaf is at present somewhat engaged for the next six months in Puerto Rico, a slight matter of a drug cartel he is working for”.

Anita scowled she hated being frightened but when she heard Edward had requested a meeting with her and Jean Claude, she had assumed it was Olaf. She could think of no other reason that Edward would agree to meet with Jean Claude.”

They were seated in the VIP area, Jason as Jean Claude’s pet wolf and Asher as his second had joined them at the table in his newest venue - La Petit Mort. Anita had been horrified when she had heard the name, there was too much sexual innuendo in the name and the press had already caught the word association with her. The smallest executioner on record! Jean Claude had just given a gallic shrug when she had vocally voiced her suspicions. Perhaps if the bar hadn’t been a converted gallows and the toilets designed to look like electric chairs she might have been happier. .

“So why the secrecy Edward?”

Edward just smiled, swirling his wine in the glass, he enjoyed baiting Anita, liked drawing her out. Jean Claude at least understood the game and had settled back to watching Edward. He would be patient.

This time Anita snorted and wagged a finger at him, “Enough of this bullshit Edward, what’s happened, every time you are in town I end up in hospital. Well not this time I am fed up of all these scars….

Jason whistled interrupting them, his eyes lighting up, “Wheewee would you look at her, now that is a prime piece of tail, oh man she is hot”. He was practically panting, Asher casually glanced over his shoulder and now he too was agreeing with an animation that even had Jean Claude checking this mystery lady out.

Anita glared at Jean Claude and kicked him under the table. Jean Claude looked surprised, “But Ma petite surely I am allowed to look, to not appreciate such magnificence would be a crime”, the others agreed with him whole-heartedly. Anita scowled harder and resisted the urge to check out the competition ‘Jealous? Her? – Nah!’ Finally after Jason had finished describing the lady in minute detail she couldn’t help herself and craned her neck around for a better look.

Huh, she couldn’t see what all the fuss was about. Sure the women had a body to die for, legs that went on forever, honey coloured hair that shone under the lights. And a cleavage that just shouted out “Hello Boys”. And Ok she was dressed to kill in black leather skin-tight hot pants, black laced up knee high boots and a crimson red top that she was almost falling out of. She had a long black leather trench coat, which she was handing to the waiter. She supposed she did look rather dramatic, she should have looked slutty, but somehow she just looked dangerous. What really irked her was the outfit could almost have been chosen by Jean Claude. Damn it she would have to start letting him dress her up again. Well at least Edward was not acting like a dog in heat.

“What’s the matter Anita, your harem deserting you?” grinned Edward.

“Oh Man, look at that body, I’m going to try my luck”, panted Jason practically overturning his chair in his excitement.

Edward smirked at her disgruntled expression, then casually glanced up at the lady in question, in that microsecond moment his whole body froze in absolute stillness. Death was pole-axed. Edward rapidly stood up, his chair overturning in his haste, as he grabbed the preening Jason by the collar, literally slamming him back down on his seat, before issuing a growling warning to him “I saw her first puppy”. Jason opened his mouth to protest, caught Edwards expression and remembered just in time who he was dealing with.

Asher, Jean Claude and Anita all exchanged ‘what the heck is going on glances’. As one they turned to watch Edward, making no attempt to disguise their curiosity. Edward jostled the dancers and waiters out of his way with ill concealed impatience, slamming his hand down on the lady’s table, before grabbing her and kissing her aggressively. The kiss seemed to last forever until he pushed her away violently they stood there glaring at each other.

Jean Claude laughed nastily, “He has such a debonair way… don’t look so glum my wolf”, he added to Jason “I think Edward will end up wearing that champagne”. Jason brightened at this and they all watched with bated breaths to see what would happen next. They were all caught up in this fascinating turn up of events, who would have thought Death would become enamoured with a woman on first sight!

Amazingly not only did the women, start to talk to him, but she gestured for him to sit down. Edward suddenly yanked her from her chair again and led her onto the dance floor where they disappeared in amongst the throng.

Anita scowled and fixing Jean Claude with a glare she demanded “We are dancing NOW, get up”. Stunned he allowed her to lead him onto the dance floor as she welded her way through the dancers in search of Edward.

Edward could not remember a time when he had been so shocked. When he first saw her, his emotions went into overdrive. Stunned, his amazement and gladness was swiftly followed by anger a slow burning anger. Actually he could remember a time when he had been just as shocked, a million years from now, and this women had been the cause then too, albeit in slightly less pleasant circumstances. He reached her table his anger now so intent that he could barely form a coherent thought let alone sentence. “Amanda”, he stated flatly as he reached her. She damn her and just smiled at him, with that annoying enigmatic smile that could mean anything. His rage boiled over and grabbing her, he leant her backward to an almost painful angle as he took possession of her mouth, punishing her in a kiss. She slipped her tongue between his, and the kiss became gentle and then fevered. With a snarl he pushed her away and they stood glaring at each other.

“I don’t suppose you would believe that this is a case of mistaken identity?” she queried hopefully, ”… or I have an evil twin?” Edward shook his head slowly in the negative .

She looked at him, raising a perfectly formed eyebrow before sitting down gracefully “ Have a seat Ted or is it Edward… No, No I remember its…”

Edward gave a slow growl, before yanking her off her seat again, “Lets dance Amanda, I remember how good you are at the dance”.

On the dance floor, he wrapped his arms around her moving his body with hers as he relaxed against her. They were both silent, both remembering a previous time.

Finally he could stand it no longer, cupping her chin he brought her face up to meet his gaze. “How?”

“It’s a kind of magic”, she whispered wryly.



Edward was unhappy, deeply unhappy, in his line of work anonymonity was not just a way of life, it was necessity. No traceability, no comeback, a cardinal rule that had been instilled into him from his first days of training. A rule he still followed religiously, it had saved his life more than once. But still, there were limits, he looked around his motel room with distaste, peeling wallpaper, torn blinds, you could even rent the room by the hour. The smell alone reeked of sex, sweat and stale cigarettes. When he complained about the stained sheets, the night porter had just given him a blank look, before turning back to his pornographic flick. Little realising in that moment how close to death he was.

Edward had stayed in worse. Marched and camped for months in leach infested swamps, shivered with malaria in jungles and melted in desert terrain. But even he had limits, standards to maintain. Sure the motel was ideal for his purposes they only accepted cash, no register to talk of, and they were as keen to avoid the men blue as he was. A perfect motel for the anonymous if they didn’t mind getting deloused afterwards. He sighed running his hand over his cropped newly dyed jet black hair. Was any job worth this? Up the road the Hilton beckoned, he could get a clean king sized bed, satellite TV, a scalding hot bath and then order room service for dinner with decent bottle of Chianti. His stomach rumbled and he looked distastefully at his pre-packaged tuna sandwich that he had picked up from a 24/7. Damn it, the gig wasn’t up until tomorrow night, he had a few hours to kill tonight perhaps he should find a decent bar. Do a spot of reconnaissance. His mind made up he grabbed his jacket and strode from the room.

The notice outside Sam’s Bar read Good Beer and Good Grub. The food was certainly edible, it would never make a Michelin star with just hamburgers and fries on the menu, but it was filling and warm. He couldn’t comment on the beer, as beer was for grunts. Van Cleef had once told him that, and he had never touched the stuff since. The food wasn’t the only reason he had chosen this bar, the location was near enough the target for him to recce out they lay of land of the land so to speak. From what he had seen this was going to be a walk in the park, boring but easy money. Not much of a challenge, in fact he wouldn’t even break into a sweat but hey even death needs money.

He finished his burger feeling satisfied in a way that only high cholesterol food can give you. Out of the corner of his eye he could see her swinging one perfectly shaped calf backwards and forwards. If he closed his eyes he could catch a slight whiff of her perfume, Jasmine and roses, subtle but alluring. Edward frowned as she suddenly got up and ‘Holy shit’ he thought she was heading his way. He resisted the urge to run his hand over his hair and smell his breath. He shifted in his seat pretending not to be aware of the women walking towards him with complete intent and a predatory gleam in her eyes. But whom was he kidding, even without his training he would have had to be a eunuch not to notice her especially in a place like this. She sparkled like a rare diamond. Striking, beautiful but not in the usual way. Her head held tall and proud an arrogant tilt to her chin, a strong woman, not one to taking lightly and now she was striding towards him. She walked like a man and Edward swore as he felt himself stiffen. Perhaps she realised her effect on him for if anything her smile grew wider.

“Hello stranger, anybody sitting here”, the question was rhetorical and she never even waited for his reply before sliding her cute derrerie on the bar stool beside him.

Caught off guard, he dumbly nodded, cursing his lack of control. Damn it, he wasn’t here to make chit chat, even if she was the most enticing piece of eye candy he had seen.

“Sooooo, what’s a southern boy like you, doing all the way up here?”

“Just visiting, business you know”, he drawled the last syllable out, that was him good old Ted from the south, nothing interesting here lady just an out of town yokel visiting the big lights.

“Hmmm Business, I like the sound of that, what business are you in?”

Damn it this was getting out of hand, soon she would be asking for a resume and references. He could feel his body tensing, time to end this now, with the big guns if necessary.

He looked her up and down slowly and thoroughly his eyes lingering on her assets, nice assets too.

“Maam, if you want a good, hard long ride I will be happy to oblige. But if you’re looking for a trick, you’ve picked the wrong man”.

He let his face go blank and his eyes grow empty, his death face somebody had once called it before he blew their head away. He lifted his eyes to hers, to gauge her reaction, ready to roll out the way if she tried to throw his glass of wine in his face.

She looked startled, completely thrown, and for one micro second she even looked unsure. She lowered her eyelashes and Edward felt a small spasm of guilt.

She looked up again, her smile if possible even wider, pearly white perfect teeth in the most luscious mouth, a mouth just made for kissing and other naughty things.

“That’s a nice mask you wear, do you practice that look in the mirror?” She queried, her eyes sparkling mischievously.

Edward laughed, couldn’t help himself she was kind of infectious.

“I am sorry, I came on a bit strong, but you are the first decent looking man, to walk in here for days, I am not usually so presumptuous or forward, why I can be positively shy. Look lets start over again, no questions I promise. My name is Amanda.” She apologised holding out her hand.

“Somehow I doubt you have ever been shy, the names Ted”. He briefly considered kissing her hand, discarded that option as being too melodramatic, and settled for shaking her hand, surprised at her firm handshake. She shook like a man too.

“ Oh yes I assure you when I was a child, a long time ago to be sure, I was painfully shy why I couldn’t even look at strangers let alone speak to them”

“Well not so shy Amanda, what’s your poison?” asked Edward motioning to the bartender.

Many Tequila’s later, Edward was grinning happily, he could not remember ever being so entertained and enchanted. Amanda true to her word had not asked any further questions but instead they she had regaled him with tales from her life, until he too began to share anecdotes and funny moments in their lives.

“Oh no that’s too strange, too weird, I can’t believe it”, Amanda was howling with laughter buoyed up by another round of Tequila’s.

“Its all true, cross my heart, there I was in the British consulate in Puerto Rico, absolute stark naked with new tattoo, etched forever on my left buttock, just as those stiff upper lipped ladies arrived for a tea party”.

“Oh …what then?”

Edward shrugged, smiling in fond remembrance, “well lets just say those Brits aren’t quite as strait laced as they like to pretend… and as for my so called buddy I actually owed him one for that. But still honour had to be upheld and he got strung up in full corset, suspenders and fish net tights at one of the Frenchie’s bashes a few months later”.

She threw her head back and laughed, before considering him thoughtfully, she bit her lip, looking at him coyly through her eyelashes, “sooooo what does your tattoo say Ted?”

Edward just smiled wickedly, raising his eyebrows Groucho fashion, he whispered enticingly in her ear “ I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours”.

Amanda grinned, as they shared a look of perfect understanding.

Somebody had put an Elvis number on the jukebox and Amanda was gentle swaying to the music, her fingers tapping out the beat on the bar.

Edward considered her, before sliding to his feet and offering her his hand “ My friends call me Edward, Amanda, Would you like this dance?”

“Edward ?…. better!”, she nodded approvingly “I would love to Edward”

They danced well together, bodies perfectly synchronised as they began to dance closer and closer, bodies brushing gently against each other, touches became lingering caresses until catching her head in his hands he kissed her gently, sweetly. They broke away looking into each other eyes, barely aware of the raucous cheers they were getting. “So Edward… Ted… you have 2 choices your room or mine?”

He thought of his seedy motel room, looked at the glamorous woman in front of him, “Yours definitely yours”


She was staying at the Hilton. The Penthouse, seems he had picked up some rich chick, he should have guessed from her clothes.

A Bottle of champagne lay chilling in an ice bucket, he had started feeling like a role reversal of pretty woman. Kind of liked it though, he liked strong women. And boy was she strong as she tugged him aggressively to the bed. They never made it.

They had started undressing each other slowly, which lasted all of ten seconds. Before they began to tear at each others’ clothing, rushing to feel bare skin against bare skin. Their first coupling was hard, fast and aggressive, just the way Amanda liked it as she came with an earthy scream, shouting his name, that Edward swallowed with a bruising kiss that left her panting, as he trailed kisses down her collar bone.

“Whew that was good, really good, those British ladies must have taught you a thing or too”, she admitted contentedly, planting a soft kiss on his shoulder and snuggling closer to him. “The first one is always good for tension relief”.

Edward laughed, as he surveyed their entwined bodies, lying a few metres from the bed. Her clothes were practically in tatters around her, not that she seemed to mind as she slid her leg between his, rubbing it up and down. His trousers were still around his ankles, which was probably a good thing as he caught a glimpse of his ankle holster complete with one of his favourite Beretta’s. He was just thankful that he was packing lightly as he gently nibbled, licked and kissed his way down Amanda’s body. Amanda groaned and tried to tug him back up to her. He had laughed and carried on, two missions in mind, he would show her tension relief.

He swiftly unsnapped his holster and removing it with his trousers, he wadded it all up together, before pushing it under a Louis IV chair. Then he concentrated on his second mission and with all the ruthlessness and tenacity he was renowned for, he reduced her to another quivering, shaking orgasm.

He gathered into his arms as she started to come back down. Smiling smugly at her. She had groaned, narrowing her eyes at him and said “my turn next”. Laughing he had replied “that he couldn’t wait to see what she was made of, before picking her up and tossing her on the bed.

Ten hours later he finally admitted he had met his match, his equal. For hours they had indulged each other’s bodies, sometimes languorously slow and gentle, and occasionally they made the room shake. She was incredible and not just in bed, in between they had talked and shared feelings, fears and love. Edward wasn’t sure what this was, he didn’t trust this thing called love, but at the same time he had never been so fascinated, so at ease, so enamoured with anybody ever. He glanced at his watch he had a few hours left before he needed to leave for his meeting, he glanced at the sleeping woman beside him. He eased beside her, nuzzling her neck softly, she moaned and opened sleepy eyes “Again?” she asked incredulously. He winked at her, “Uh huh”, before getting back to his task. He rolled her over slowly entering her, she moaned again before reaching up to bring him closer her hips already rising to meet his trusts. She began to pant, short breathy gasps that he loved and whispered his name at him. He stopped so suddenly, that she made a small moue of protest. “No call me Julian, scream it for me”, he demanded before thrusting forward again. She complied and the room danced once again.

Edward coughed, her hair tickling his nose. Suddenly his eyes opened and he looked at his watch in shock, he had overslept he had an hour to make his appointment. He gently disengaged Amanda’s arms from his body and silently rose. Grabbing his clothes he swiftly strode to the bathroom. Rapidly dressing, he washed himself in the sink no time for anything else. He looked in the mirror and winced at his reflection, eyes bloodshot, yesterday’s stubble and breath that stank. Spying Amanda’s toothbrush, he unashamedly used it, she wouldn’t be squeamish after all they shared. He stopped at the bureau and wrote a quick note; plucking a rose from a bouquet he laid it next to her pillow, before gently kissing her forehead. Without looking back he strode from the room. His step light and he was whistling as he came down the lift. The porter shot him a knowing look and smirk. Outside he took a deep breath, life was good. He jumped into a Taxi, “Baker Building and make it snappy”.


Amanda rolled over, her hand reaching out, when she felt nothing she grumbled half asleep in annoyance and opened two bleary eyes. He wasn’t there! She woke up instantly and leaned up in the bed looking for him. “Ted? Edward?… Julian are you there? No answer. Amanda swore, wondering whether she had just been another one night stand. She looked down and spied the rose and coloured hotel paper.

‘Dear Amanda, Sorry babe, gotta run, a small business transaction which I promised to do. Last night was amazing, the best night of my life. Meet me at Sam’s for 2am Bye’ There was a big swirly J inside a love heart. Not exactly a message of undying love, but Amanda, closed her eyes, her grin from ear to ear. She glanced at the mantelpiece clock – six O’clock “Oh Shit?”, she was late, especially if she wanted to have time to clean up before meeting Ted no, no… Julian. Who the heck has three names anyhow, how absurd.


“You look like shit, Are you going to be able to do this?”

“He reeks of sex Master”,

‘Damn monsters’ thought Edward, he ignored the were-hyena, that was casually sniffing his crotch. He turned to face Diego, his eyes never leaving his, as he casually reached down grabbed the man by his hand, twisting as he brought him up to his level. The were yelped in pain and surprise.

“DO NOT SNIFF ME DOG BOY”, he gave a casual twist of his wrist and the hyena fell to the floor screaming in pain, as he held his broken wrist.

The other were-hyenas, growled warningly, and began to enclose in on him. Diego smiled, and waved his followers back.

“Enough I think our Mr Edward is perhaps capable of this small job”.

“Here is the 10,000 deposit, you will get the rest on completition, I trust everything is to your satisfaction, you understand the plan?”

“Yeah, you’re getting screwed by another gang leader, so you want to send a message mafia style by sending his prized thief back in a box, No police investigation, as you don’t want to be outed, I can do the deed, sending a message but nothing can be pinned to you, Anything else?”

“No, No that is quite enough Mr Edward, I have given the time this thief will be entering the building, you must just lie in wait, while he disables the system, and then catch him in mid act, so I will be justified in my response. The guards have all been paid to look the other way, so you will have a clear scope for your…your activities.

Edward shook hands with Diego, the man was more monster than human, and the fact he was a were-hyena was only part of that. He was just plain evil.

Damn Monster politics, there was more to this than upmanship or a simple thief. Nah there was money here, a great deal of money, you didn’t pay for his type of services on a whim. However that was not his concern he had a job to do. End of story.


The professionalism in Edward, could not help but be impressed the thief had spent ten minutes traversing the rooftops, carefully out manoeuvring and then disabling the many alarm systems set up. The thief had stayed motionless for nearly five minutes while a guard patrolled beneath him, then he had performed am amazing set of acrobats and somersaults that completely bypassed the trip wires, and lasers. Finally he had prised a glass pane away and slithered down a wire.

As easy as pie thought Edward in admiration.

He waited five minutes, his watch suddenly beeped and he sprinted for the roof door, he had a one-minute window to get to the office area. A guard had been paid off to look the other way while he dashed to the ground floor, but it would all be for nought if this thief turned out to be a dud. All the alarms were connected to the main Police Depot, a guard could ignore a few flashing lights but if the system was not reset within 2 minutes, the whole place would automatically lock down harder than fort knox while the NYPD sped to the rescue.

He made it with seconds to spare and watched as the thief all encased in black, played with the computer terminal port in the directors office. Fingers flying nimbly over the keyboard, it took just mere minutes for the whole alarm system to be circuminvented. This floor was now in day mode and all the alarms for the exhibits were off in this floor, you could piss on a Van Gogh and not a peep would be heard.. The thief sighed softly, obviously well pleased with his work. Before exiting to the crown room.

Perhaps the thief had six sense but whatever the reason, just as Edward was reaching for his gun and silencer, The thief spun around, with lightening quick reflexes he dashed into a side room, with Edward in swift pursuit .

“Damn”, he swore, then ducked as a dagger went sailing past his head. He had only seconds to roll out the way as a sword descended where his head had been. The thief had entered an armourer exhibit, where weapons of every kind were displayed from Samurai swords to spiked balls. He grabbed the nearest sword on display just in time to intercept as the blade came crashing down again

They had been fighting for nearly ten minutes, short time to most but when you are in a knife fight or in this case sword fight, after a five minutes your muscles start to fatigue, tiredness sets in and the concentration falls, at this point usually Edward would make his move. But his opponent was skilled, very skilled, his movements fluid, showing no signs of tiredness. His moves somehow seemed familiar, and Edward not for the first time wondered whether this was a former associate. It was hard to tell, he was dressed completely in black, his face hidden by a black silk mask. Even without the mask it would have been difficult, it was so dark in here, the darkness smothering and distorting familiar objects until they looked sinister and evil. Edward could end it all by reaching for his gun, but somehow that seemed too easy, not quite his way. So he continued this dance of death.

It happened so quickly that later Edward could not remember quite how it had happened. A whisper of air was all his warning, and he dived to the side, shouting a warning to his opponent.

A painful gasp and a loud thud, told him he was too late. He cursed and rolled to the side as two more bullets whistled past.

Somebody laughed, an evil cackle. Diego the two -timing bastard! Suddenly the room was bright with light.

Edward squinted against the bright lights at Diego, and the six were-hyena’s accompanying him, two of whom were holding silenced Beretta’s, the rest carried machete’s and baseball bats.

Edward swore, he knew he should never have accepted a job from the monsters. He slowly stood up, the sword held loosely in his hand. “What gives Diego, you hired me for a job, I thought you wanted no involvement?”

“No, No, my friend I didn’t want any in-depth Police investigation… and there will not be. They will find my young thief’s body and an assassin’s corpse. They will deduce some evil doings but they will assume that you killed each other after a falling out. The CCTV coverage of the first part of your fight will insure that.”

Edward swore, “Plan falls apart if you shoot me from over there”.

“True my friend, I promise you a quick death if you lay your weapon down”.

Edward just sneered and Diego sighed melodramatically and waved his were-hyena’s, forward “remember no shifting, there must be no evidence of that”. He cautioned.

There was a moan behind Edward, the hairs on the back of his neck stood up, it sounded so familiar,

“Julian”. A soft whisper of sound.

He spun around his heart hammering in his ribcage, ‘Oh god no, please no’, ignoring the approaching were’s he knelt beside the body, and gentled removed the mask. Soft honey brown hair cascaded over his arms and two pain filled eyes looked beseechingly up at him.

“Oh god Amanda, How can this be? I didn’t know it was you, I swear”. He looked down at her wound, it was a belly wound, there was too much blood, he had seen too many wounds like this to be under any illusion that it wasn’t fatal.”

“Me Too, I’m so sorry too Julian for everything”, She tried to smile and ended up coughing blood as her hand reached up to caress his face, “S’not your fault, don’t worry I’ll be ok, I…”.

Edward was dimly aware of Diego laughing, there were two soft thuds, her body spasmed and he was drenched in a fine spray of blood. Her eyes rolled back, the light dimming from them. She was dead. “NOOOOOOOOO”.

He looked around at the laughing were hyena’s, one of them was holding a smoking gun, He stayed on his knees. Looking up at them as they laughed, surrounding him, he felt his mind go blank, deep into that place - that killing place. His eyes grew cold and empty. One of the were’s stepped back nervously.

“You made 5 mistakes Diego, and for all them you are all going to die”.

“Die, oh I think not, but amuse me what mistakes did I make - this plan was perfect”.

“ONE you chose me”, with that he reached down and drew his own Berreta from his ankle holster, years of practice had made him quick, and less than a second later two dead Were hyena’s lay on the ground a bullet through their foreheads. The remaining Were’s growled and two pounced on him, Edward didn’t even blink, two more shots and two more dead monsters and he hadn’t even got to his feet yet. Diego had stopped laughing now and there was a shocked silence at the rapidly dwindling odds.

“TWO, you thought that just because I chose to fight hand to hand I was unarmed”, continued Edward as he rose to his feet. The were-hyenas looked at him and then at Diego unsure now that the prey had turned.

“Get him you fools, there is only one of him”.

“THREE, should have left the lights out, your night vision would have been your best advantage, but I guess a sick puppy like you likes to see the bloodshed in techni- colour.”

Edward hefted his sword in his hand and threw it at the second were. There was a gurgle, and he looked down surprised to see the sword imbedded through his heart before he too collapsed. The surviving were started backing up, his head shaking from side to side in fear. “No, please, no Don’t… Kill me”. His cries were pitiful, Edward was remorseless he picked up Amanda’s sword, and walked past the remaining were. The were hyena breathed a sigh of relief, until he saw Edward swing his sword at his neck as he passed. He never had a chance, his last image was of his headless corpse falling to the ground.

“FOUR, you should have killed me first”.

Diego chose at that moment to run, Edward let him get as far as the door, before shooting both his legs from under him. Diego lay screaming on the floor, his body contorting, unable now to change due to the massive blood loss and pain.

“ But do you know what your worst mistake was Diego”. Diego shook his head terrified.

“Number FIVE - You killed HER. And for that you die and I will make sure feel every second of it, you will be begging me to kill you”.

Edward then proceeded to dismember him limb by limb, Diego was conscious throughout the first hour, and was dead by the second. He only lasted less than 10 minutes before he was begging for death.

Edward closed his eyes, and then turned towards her body, kneeling beside her, he stroked her hair back, he felt tears running down his cheek. She was dead, just as he had found her. He face contorted with rage and he bent down and sobbed into her hair. “I swear I will only ever hunt the monsters, god help anybody that gets in my way”. He kissed her gently on the forehead and stumbled out the room.

They had both been set up, Diego had not only hired him, but had hired his Amanda too, his beautiful thief who had stolen his heart. No doubt there was some convoluted plan behind all this, probably for millions or power, that’s all the monsters were good at. He was only vaguely aware of the dead guards, killed with one bullet to the back of the neck, by a double-dealing Diego. Edward was beyond anger, usually when he killed he was rarely angry but tonight, tonight he was death and death required retribution.

That Night was called Bloody Monday by the New York Times, by morning over 20 were hyena’s were dead, and two vampires, and that was not including the were’s found in the museum. Funnily enough in the newspaper report that Edward read before leaving the city, no mention was made of any dead women. For that he was almost pathetically grateful, he could not have borne to find out whom she was: if she was married, though she wore no ring, if there had been children, loving parents. No he preferred not to know. But he would carry the memory of that night forever in a small secret part of him.

After a few months the Police filed the killings under unsolved, they had more important things to do than waste time over gang murders, especially when it involved were monsters.




“I don’t sleep with the monsters”. He challenged her.

“Neither do I”

He changed tack, “I thought you were dead”,

“I know I am sorry, I tried to find you, but you had disappeared into you shadow world. I looked for a long time, but you inhabit a different world from mine and it was too dangerous to look too deeply. Besides I knew we would meet again, it is Fate my love”.

Edward nodded, his anger slightly mollified by her admission and by her use of the L word. “But what are you, you are not vamp, or a were…. A human servant?, a witch?”

“UH OH Pleeasse”, she ugged dramatically “I am as much of a human as you”

“Somehow that is not quite reassuring”.

Amanda rolled her eyes, “If you want reassuring you wouldn’t be who you are, if I can accept what you are, then surely you can accept that I might just have an extra bit of zing in my life”.

“Ok I can accept that, but WHAT are you?” Edward twirled her around and then brought her hard up against his body, she smiled seductively and then sashayed her body, hips swaying invitingly.

“I think we should retire and do a bit of show and tell. I will let you in on my biggest secret and you can let me see that famous tattoo”.

“Yeah”, replied Edward in agreement, his mind distracted as he suddenly spied Anita dancing with Jean Claude, when did Anita dance! “It’s getting kind of crowded in here.” Amanda followed his gaze, her eyes lightening up when she spotted the couple, “Oh my Edward you do have glamorous friends”. She waved to them cheerily.

Edward snorted and attempted to steer her away, Jean Claude a master at such manoeuvres, intercepted them with Anita in tow. Bowing low, he gently kissed Amanda’s hand.

“Why Edward, you are not going to introduce such an exotic flower?”, his words were like honey. Anita just shot Amanda suspicious looks.

“Amanda – Meet Jean Claude the owner of this establishment and Anita his latest squeeze”, he added the last spitefully in retaliation at Anita’s nosiness.

Jean Claude smile widened, as Anita’s scowl grew blacker.

“The owner?” mumbled Amanda, “Oh Dear…ermm pleased to meet you, but we are leaving”.

Edward narrowed his eyes at her, “We are?” although that was his plan too.

“Uh huh”.

“Your room or mine?”

“I’m staying at the Carlton?”

“Definitely yours.” Their minds completely in tune they dashed out the door like young lovers leaving a bemused Jean Claude and an irritable Anita.

Just as they crossed out into the street, Amanda faintly heard some man screaching “Jean Claude, Jean Claude the safe has been robbed”. She smiled at Edward, “oooopps”, and shrugged her shoulders. Edward stared at her then laughed.


This is my Santa Challenge, especially difficult as my choices were WWW – no idea what that is all about. Merry – Didn’t like it? And Highlander, …..I had to go out and get the video especially – and yeah I did enjoy. Anyhow I liked the character Amanda which I ran across in fanfiction. So I hope I got her right, if not well damn it I have been writing this for a week so be grateful! It was only going to be 4 pages long but I got carried away.

Happy Christmas,

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The End

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