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Ma Chaton

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Summary: A response to Jinni's five song challenge- Asher is sent by the council to investigate reports of military activity near the Hellmouth

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Ma Chaton

Title: Ma Chaton

Rating: PG 18

Pairing: Willow/Asher

Disclaimer: The Buffyverse belongs to Joss et al. Asher and the Vampire Council belongs to Laurell K. Hamilton. Please forgive me for trespassing.

Summary: Asher is sent by the Vampire Council to investigate a claim that the vampires on the Hellmouth are being abducted.

Author Notes: Yikes! I normally hate long author notes, but in this case, it’s a necessity. First of all, about timelines… This occurs right after Oz leaves in Buffy. This also predates all the action in the Anita Blake series, which sort of makes sense, if you figure that the books cover a total of three years, it’s 2004 now, the story takes place in 1999… work with me here… Lastly, I haven’t seen a single episode of Angel (gasp gasp) so it’s a complete AU as far as what Angel is doing in Los Angeles.

Second, this is a response to the five song challenge. I’ve included the challenge so you can see what I have to work with. I’m afraid my radio station is pretty odd, so the songs are really random. Anyways, that’s enough notes. Hope you enjoy, and let me know what you think!

A new kind of challenge for you guys.

Turn your radio to whatever station it is that you listen to on a regular basis.
Write down the names/artists of the next 5 songs that play. Don't skip a song.
Those 5 songs form the basis of the challenge. The challenge will, obviously, be
different for everyone, unless we somehow miraculously happen to be listening to
the same thing.

Now - with those 5 songs, find the lyrics (unless you know them all by heart) -
and do the following:


Use the song lyrics as dialogue in your fic. At least one line from each of the
5 songs you wrote down! The more the merrier, after all.
TTH - Fic should be a BtVS or AtS crossover.
At the end of the fic please enlighten us with the song name, artist name, and
the line(s) you used from each one.
Be creative! This isn't a "Songfic" - you're not just using the lyrics as a
divider in the fic. The character isn't listening to the song or SINGING it.
They are speaking the words as a matter of dialogue. Don't chooes the easiest
line in the song. Make it believable. Sure, if you listen to a hardcore rap
station, that might be tough - but I have faith in you guys.
Have at it.


~ Vampire Council Headquarters, outside Paris, France, Monday, 4:30 am ~
~(Translated from the original French, of course)~

Asher watched as the Council members came storming out of the private meeting chamber, each gliding quickly towards their own wing. Various toadies jumped up at the sight of their masters, following at a safe and deferential distance. Asher sighed to realize that he too qualified as naught but a toady, regardless of his gloried history and substantial powers.

“My darling boy, don’t brood like that, it makes your face look repulsive; well, more so than usual.” Ah yes, his mistress had finally appeared. Asher put on his mask of indifference and offered his arm to the stunningly beautiful Belle Morte, carefully shielding any of his atrocities from her sight.

“It looks like the meeting was eventful today.”

“Must we talk politics?”

“I am sorry, my queen.”

“I have had such a wretched night, and there is no one here to talk to.” Belle Morte pouted, as Asher led her to their wing. “I wish Jean-Claude were here.”

“Yes, madame.” Asher bitterly nodded.

“I do not want to talk to the little children tonight. Tell them to go away. I would like a bath.” She eyed her golden prince carefully. He was so strong, and big, and perfect. If only he had not flawed himself over such a waste of a girl. Still, he was older than any one else in her current entourage, he had been faithful longer than any other childe lurking these halls, and despite the flaws of the flesh, his voice was still the most tantalizing of her line. “You may bathe me.” She announced.

“Thank you, my grace.” Asher stopped in front of her door and bowed deeply in the royal fashion he had been taught as a boy. She disappeared into her chambers and he quickly ran to start her bath and dismiss the other attendants. The hot water had barely reached the right level, when there was a slight rap on the bathroom door.

“I am ready for my bath.” The voice sounded crystal clear despite the wooden door separating them.

Asher opened the door. “The bath is ready for you.” He said with another low bow.

She entered, dropping her robe and stepping into the tub in one fluid movement. “Why are you wearing so many ridiculous clothes? Strip.” She ordered, sighing as the bubbles flowed over her dainty neckline.

“But, my love, my form is unworthy of your gaze.”

“Yes, I am glad you have not forgotten that. However, I care to gaze on your unworthy skin. Strip.” Asher complied readily. She leaned forward in the tub, and Asher took the cue to sit behind her. His hands began kneading at the tense muscles in her shoulder. “Oh,” she sighed indulgently, “I wish my dark one was here.”

“Shall I have someone summon Jean-Claude? He is only in St. Louis; it would not take him too long to arrive.” Asher said bitterly.

“You yip like a puppy still. I remember when my puppies played nicely.” Asher could hear a thinly veiled threat in her words. With a deep sigh, Belle Morte finally reached the reason she had invited Asher into her room in the first place. “The meeting was atrocious. I do not like America. The whole continent can fall off the earth for all I care.”

“What is the matter?” Asher asked, slipping easily from his role as court eunuch to political advisor.

“The new ones, they have drawn such attention to themselves. All the Council has heard reports that the American vampires would like to declare independence. There is talk of involving the human king there.” Asher sighed, knowing that America had a president, not a king, but that it was pointless to correct Her.

“Why does it bother you so?”

“It would not matter, but Padma, the filthy animal, wants to start claiming territories there. I can tell. I simply cannot allow that upstart to take more power.”

“So beat him to it.” Asher advised, rubbing bath oil on his sire’s shoulders. “You are more powerful than he is. You have more offspring. You can force men to do your bidding, while Padma is limited to only beasts. Acquiring a country is nothing new for you.”

Belle Morte pouted slightly then her whole face lit up. “Ah, my golden childe, you are correct. That is why I have decided to send you there. You will act on behalf of the Council, of course, investigating this minor dispute that was raised; however you will truly act on my behalf.”

“Me, my love?” Asher felt his heart drop out. It had taken over a century of groveling to be allowed so close to his sire, and just when he thought he was forgiven it was only to be exiled across the ocean.

“Oui. You shall be perfect.” Belle Morte smiled. “Now, you shall leave and begin packing. Send Phillipe in; he is much prettier than you.”

“As you wish.” Asher said, reluctantly climbing out of the tub.

“Do not sound so glum.” Belle Morte said maliciously. “This is an opportunity for you to travel away from all those memories of Julianna. Perhaps if you return, I will no longer have to see that false longing on your face. Go, my golden one, and be of some use.”

“As you wish.” Asher wiped a sole tear away with his towel, and then hurried out of the bathroom to his suite. “Perhaps she is right. Perhaps I need to start over.” He mulled, throwing clothes haphazardly onto his bed. “At least I will not be here any longer.”
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