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Buffy Z - The Super Slayers Emerge Saga

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This story is No. 7 in the series "Buffy Z". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A continuation of the Buffy Z saga. Starts with Episode 41.

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Anime > DB/DBZTDMasterFR2119178,98302417,7262 May 0422 Feb 05Yes

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Episode 41: Heartache - The Trials of Life

Title: Buffy Z - The Super Slayers Emerge Saga - Episode 41: Heartache - The Trials of LifeAuthor: 3D Master
Rating: 17+EVESW
Keywords: X-Over Dragonball/Z/GT, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Angst, Drama, Action, Humor.
Summary: Wedding preparations are made, will people fall by the wayside? A Honeymoon follows, are the enemies too powerful for slayers?
Disclaimer: The characters don’t belong to me; they belong to Paramount, Panzer/Davis Productions and 1013 Productions.
Author’s notes: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and its characters do not belong to me, but Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy Productions. Dragonball Z, its characters and the concept of the Saiyan race belong to Akira Toriyama.

Buffy Z - The Super Slayers Emerge Saga

Episode 41: Heartache

The Trials of Life

by 3D Master (

Author’s notes: It’s been a long while, in which I wrote a story not related to Buffy Z, and the DBZ / SM crossover interlude Hero Defined. But here it finally is: the third Buffy Z saga.

“It’s been nice having you around, Cole,” Xander told the ex-half-demon with a calm face. They hadn’t really gotten close; Cole was there to train, Xander had occasionally trained him. The rest of the gang were present as well, standing in front of the Summers’ house. They too said their goodbyes, and then Cole got into his car and drove off.

The gang watched the car drive off, and then they slowly turned around and walked back toward the house. “So,” Xander said with a mischievous grin, “the Wedding, it’s about time we decide on its basic execution - apart from Vegeta does the honors. How about Betazoid style?”

“Huh?” Buffy asked confused.

“We’re all nekkid,” Xander said with a leer at all the girls, making them laugh.

“We are /not/ going to be naked,” Anya said resolutely, stomping away that idea. They reached the entrance, and the group looked slightly surprised that Anya of all people would nix the naked idea. Xander looked mock disappointed, as the group entered the house and Anya continued, “We’re going to have a proper wedding - with gowns, and tuxedos and well, everything that a wedding is supposed to have.”

“Ooh, candles,” Willow put in nodding enthusiastically, then looked over at Tara who nodded once in approval.

“Candles?” Dawn asked confused.

“How else are you going to have Mother Earth bless your union?” Willow asked a little confused. “You need candles for that ceremony.”

Xander grinned evilly, saying, “Does that ceremony have to be performed naked?”

“Xander, we’re not going to be naked during the wedding,” Anya said in a huff, her eyes twinkling in amusement. “Get that through your head.”

Tara frowned some, and asked, “Do you even want Mother Earth to bless your union?”

“Well, certainly not during the big event, what will the king think? We’re getting royalty over, you know?” Anya said quickly, as the last of the group sat down in the Buffy’s living room. “But we could do it a few days beforehand, right?”

“Sure,” Tara answered confidently.

Buffy was the one who suddenly blurted out her idea, “What do we do about the demons?”

“What demons?” Dawn returned surprised.

“The ones who are going to crash the wedding,” Buffy replied, looking around the room like nothing was the matter. The others looked at her in confusion, not getting it.

“Buffy, how do you know demons are going to attack the wedding?” Xander asked her with bewilderment.

“Oh, come on,” the Slayer answered, folding her arms defensively over her chest. “Name me one big party, big event of us that /didn’t/ get crashed by demons?”

The others stayed silent, thinking, not having an answer. “Well,” Xander started, looking up, tapping his chin. He stopped and looked down at Buffy, “I suppose that falls under Slayer duties, eh?”

“Yeah, sure, I guess,” Buffy replied somewhat happy, somewhat unhappy.


Darkness claimed Sunnydale as it did every night, and some would assert it did even during the day. The stars twinkled up ahead. The grass of the graveyard was tranquil . . . until a figure ran across it, disturbing the peace. The vampire ran for its life, toward the trees, hoping against hope. Buffy Summers, the slayer, was after it. It had gotten lucky earlier. While Buffy waited for another vampire to rise, it had stumbled upon her and he had managed to sneak away before she noticed him. His luck didn’t hold however as the vampire she was waking for rose from the ground, and she blew him away with ease. Her senses no longer focused on the rising vampire, she had detected him quickly. Now he was running, and Buffy was in pursuit, rapidly gaining distance. Buffy could have run faster, could have blasted him away, could have done a lot of things, but killing the rising vampire and her senses suddenly picking him up had sent Buffy off on a completely different tangent. Her instincts had soared, her senses sensitive, every fiber of her being gripped by the predatory instincts of the slayer. Like a cat playing with a mouse, Buffy found herself suddenly playing with the fleeing vamp. Buffy was no longer Buffy, she was the Slayer, pure and simple.

With a bloodthirsty grin she suddenly sped up, passed the vampire by and then stood still in front of him. He skidded to a halt, fear in his yellow eyes, which were wide, trying to find a way out. He ran to the left, and Buffy was there, grinning at her prey. He quickly turned in the opposite direction, and after two steps, Buffy was there. Her hand suddenly lashed out, and grabbed the vampire by his neck. She lifted him off the ground easily, smiling at him. Almost casually she pulled out a stake and let it twirl a few times. Then, she stabbed it into the vampire’s heart and he turned to dust. Buffy looked down at the dust with satisfaction, and suddenly went rigid. She peered around, into the wild growth beyond, into the trees, and then grinned. The moment she did, there was sudden sound as a few demons - three in total - that had been hiding there ran for their lives.

The Slayer chuckled and then burst into action. She quickly caught up to the first one, and snapped its neck while running passed her. Moments later she reached the second. It turned around and attacked. Buffy grabbed the punched and flung him through the air as she twisted the punch back upon him. He got back up, and attacked again. Buffy ducked, and gave an uppercut, sending him flying through the air until he crashed against a tree. Quickly Buffy was above him, and rammed her stake through its throat. Buffy smiled satisfactorily when she felt the life drain out of the demon. Then she burst away to her left, after the third and final demon. She caught up to it quickly. It grabbed a long branch and threw it Buffy, who hacked it in half with ease. She was by him a moment later, and rammed her fist through his chest. The demon’s eyes bulged in shock, then Buffy tore its heart out, after which the heart and body, but not the blood, disappeared with a flash of light. Buffy grinned, and looked up. She closed her eyes, and then frowned. She looked to her right, and from underneath a bush and leaves another demon came whimpering, “Please don’t kill me, Slayer. Please, I’m a good demon.”

Buffy smiled at him, her mouth pulled to her left. She pointed her open hand at the demon, and a ball of energy formed. “Please,” the demon pleaded, and then the energy blast left Buffy’s hand. With a small explosion the demon was no more.

Buffy let her head hang back, and smiled deeply. She sighed with satisfaction then, relishing the look of the stars. Suddenly Buffy snapped back to reality and looked around her, seeing the corpse, then noticing the blood on her right hand. The memory of the last few minutes returned to her, but they were in a haze. “Oh, no, oh, no, oh, God!!” Buffy shook her head with denial, willing it wasn’t so, but the scene didn’t change, and the memories slowly became more focused, recalling for Buffy the bloodlust singing through her veins, and how good it felt to be in that state.

Buffy shook her head, and quickly left the place, shocked at what happened.


Buffy walked into the Bronze, and looked around. She spotted her sister with boyfriend, Xander with fiancee, and Willow with girlfriend standing around a table and talking to one another. She watched them interacting from afar, seeing how Xander was a little reserved around Dawn’s boyfriend. Buffy felt herself growing cold, and slowly veered away. She found a stairs and climbed up, then placed herself at the far railing, so she could look down upon her family member and two friends and significant others. Watching them chatting and having a good time, completely without her made her feel even colder, a growing well of despair threatening to engulf her completely. Once again it was obvious they didn’t need her. She was just excess baggage, a pity case.

She wasn’t surprised when she felt his cold hands grasp her middle, just at her buttocks. She shuddered as she felt the thing that had let loose in the park growl inside her. It wanted to tear the blonde vampire behind her apart, it wanted to be let out and rage in the power, in the bloodlust. She clamped it down: she was not a sickening monster, not a beast without self control. She heard Spike whisper as his hands ran up her front to cup her breasts, “You belong with me, and you know it. Look at them, you’re friends, they don’t need you, they don’t even like you.” Buffy shuddered, hating the fact that his expert caresses stirred another primitive part withing her, disgusted with herself for it. His right hand went down, carefully reaching under and pulling up the skirt she had hastily changed into after washing the blood and gore of earlier from her, and dumping the ruined clothes in the trash. She felt his lips kiss her ear, and then his teeth nibbling on her earlobe, as his right hand reached into her panties, easily finding her now soaking cunt and tense clit. “Look at them, they hate you, they’d prefer to dump you. I love you, I need you, I like you, they don’t,” Spike whispered as he started manipulating her pleasure button. His other hand joined below, and gently tugged the panties aside. Buffy closed her eyes, a war raging within her, wanting to give in, not wanting to at all, the same going for the still present instinct to tear Spike limb from limb. Spike gently pushed her against the railing, making her bend over just a bit. He hiked up her skirt a little, and whispered onward, “Look at them, all in the light, they can’t understand you and I, we are creatures of darkness.” He unbuttoned his pants at the same time, and aimed his raging hard on. “You belong with me in the darkness,” he whispered, ready to plunge in with a quick, powerful, but gentle thrust. Buffy’s eyes snapped open, as she remembered again how the darkness earlier all but consumed her, had her engulfed completely. She snapped around, startling Spike, and with a quick yank on his shoulder she forced him to his knees. The vampire let out a muffled groan, afraid to attract the whole crowd down below, and once again being painfully reminded at just how much more powerful the Slayers and by extension the Saiyan really were.

Buffy looked cruelly down at him, and hissed softly, “If you want to please me, Spikey, use your lips and tongue.” Buffy grabbed Spike by the back of his head, and pulled him to her, forcing him quickly underneath her skirt. After another muffled groan, he found Buffy’s vagina with the requested parts of his body. Buffy moaned softly as he felt the tongue she’d trained in the past few months perform its duty. She leaned back, enjoying the ride. Spike’s expert ministrations, cold but velvet tongue, and cool lips had her climbing toward climax quickly. Within eight minutes after Spike started, she was ready to come.

“Spiky, why did you leave me?” the annoying voice of Harmony called as she became visible climbing the last few steps of the stairs. Harmony sucked in an annoyed and jealous breath as she saw Spike on his knees, his head beneath Buffy’s skirt.

“Shh, Harmony,” Buffy whispered, then added cruelly. “You can have him back in a few moments. Yes, right there.” Buffy released her moan in a deep breath, effectively keeping herself from making a sound. She shuddered a few times, coming into Spike’s mouth, and then relaxed and leaned back. Only for a few moments though, then she stood up straight, pushing Spike away from her. “Keep up the practice, I think I’ll be using that mouth of yours more often,” Buffy whispered evilly at Spike, as she pulled down her skirt. Then she casually walked away like nothing was the matter. Spike sat there in frustration, turned on as hell, but wanting more. He wanted Buffy to admit she loved him. He looked to his right, where Harmony stood close to him now, her arms folded across her ample chest, wearing a tiny miniskirt and a shirt that showed off some cleavage.

“Why can’t you just stay put for a change? If you had stayed with me, you wouldn’t be so used by Miss Prissy,” Harmony scolded him.

Spike vamped out, shocking Harmony just a little. He jumped up, and roughly - but careful not to make too much noise - shoved Harmony against the railing. Without even acknowledging her verbally, he pulled up her shirt, tore off her tiny panties and plunged deep inside the already welcoming wet cunt of the blonde vampiress. “Mmh, Spike,” Harmony gasped softly, pushing back against him.


It was the next day. Dawn’s boyfriend, Li-Huei, was sitting in his room, lying back on his bed. His three best friends were sitting on the floor, two of them playing a game on a computer game console.

Sean, a light brunet with glasses, the one not playing said, with a big grin, “So, I saw you with /Dawn/ and her . . . /odd/ family in the Bronze yesterday. That’s some step, and it’s been what? Two, three months now since you two hooked up? Exactly how serious are you two? Wedding plans yet?”

Li’s three friends chuckled. “No! Not you too! My mom and dad are ready to bring out the bridal treasure. They’re constantly hounding me about marriage, I’m starting to wonder how much is joking, and how much is dead serious, ready to chain me up and wheel me to the church!” Li called out. He then sank back in his pillow, smiling himself, as his friends’ laughter increased. He sighed as he remembered his beautiful girlfriend’s smile. “She’s . . . incredible. Beautiful, sexy, intelligent . . . strong as hell, not afraid of anything I think . . . I’m a real, lucky bastard.”

“So, you and her . . . uh . . . did you have sex yet?” Keith, his raven-haired friend asked.

“Keith!” Li called out with a little irritation, “It’s not like that.”

“Come on, there’s something you’re not telling us,” Sean prompted smiling encouragingly, then looking back at the game in progress.

Li thought about it. He /had/ promised not to tell anyone, but he doubted Dawn hadn’t confided in anyone at all. Undoubtedly she had shared the experience, apparently good with one trusted friend, or confidante, and these were his friends; he trusted them blindly. And he wanted to share a little of it so badly. He sat up, and said gravely, “This does not leave this room, got that, guys?” A disaccorded, but uniform choruses of positives came from his friends. Li nodded slowly, and then said, “She gave me a blowjob.”

His friends went rigid, perking up immediately, on the screen Keith’s character died. “Tell! Details!” Sean called out excitedly as he pulled the controller from Keith’s hand - he wasn’t about to pass up his turn, he could play and listen all at the same time.

“It was incredible, and the reason why she did, she’s so . . . so . . . there are no words,” Li-Huei said looking dreamily up at the ceiling. “Ok, it was like this . . .” And Li spilled the whole story, softly, not wanting his story to accidentally carry through the walls. He explained of his painful awakening, and the gentleness, and understanding, mature, not mocking him way that Dawn had handled the situation, culminating in the blowjob. “It was so good,” he said dreamily, remembering. “Soft, velvet.” He shook his head, clearing his head before he got a new erection at the thought.

“You are one lucky son of a bitch. You don’t deserve her: /I/ do, but /you/ don’t,” Sean told him with an amazed look, one eye on the game.

“Yeah, I know, I must have done something right in a previous life,” Li grinned back.


Harmony was sitting in the darkened crypt, for vampires burn in the sun and all, that was a good thing. She looked over at Maxine, lying contently on the bed sleeping. Her arms were still tied to the bedposts in an awkward angle, but that didn’t seem to bother her. In fact, Harmony mused, the vampire fetishist seemed to enjoy a certain level of discomfort in such a way she slept better. The blonde shook her head. Spike had been exceptionally brutal to the both of them last night, being all worked up over what Buffy did to him, and Maxine had loved every second of it. Of course, so did Harmony, but she was a vampire, she was built for it, meant to enjoy it, and she was already healing up. Maxine would be uncomfortable merely sitting down for the next week at least, and probably the week after that.

Spike was out though, probably back at the Summers house, training - again. Harmony sighed theatrically, at which time her cell phone rang. Maxine stirred, Harmony didn’t give a damn. She casually got up and walked over to the phone lying on a night stand. “Harmony, here,” she answered the phone after picking it up and turning it on.

#Mistress Harmony, I’m not worthy,# the familiar voice of the vampire Disharmony sounded on the other side.

“Hey, Dis, how’s it going, my slave?” Harmony practically cooed in the phone.

#Very well, my mistress, oh, goddess of lovelyhood . . .# Dis sounded on the other side of the phone.

“Yes, yes, yes, yes,” Harmony interrupted him in irritation. Perhaps making him worship her before turning him wasn’t such perfect idea after all, still a good idea, but not quite perfect. “Get to the point, Dis.”

#Of course, exalted one. As per your brilliant instructions I have subdued Las Vegas, they are all paying tribute to you . . .# Dis let the sentence hang there, an unsaid ‘but’ floating across.

“But?” Harmony prompted in irritation.

Dis sounded positively mortified when he continued, #Forgive me, oh, beautiful, but there is a provision, they are all malcontent. They wish to see you, my Queen. They accuse me that you are but a ghost, and without you physical presence, and seeing for themselves the brilliance, the light, the beauty, and might that is you, there’s a good chance they’ll try to attack me and take over.#

Harmony took that in, nodding to herself. She grinned evilly then, and said, “Tell them to be patient for another three weeks, then I’ll arrive there, ok?”

#Yes, your highness, forgive me for my intrusion, Mistress Harmony,# Dis answered with glee.

“Good, see you in three weeks then, Dis,” Harmony answered with a wide grin. She hung up, and started pacing. She quickly found a way to get out of Sunnydale without being dusted; that one was easy enough, make it better for Xander for her to be gone, then to stay here. Now how to get Spike to come along? He was good in bed, and she saw how Spike was around Buffy - all obedient, and nice an such. She could so see Spike kneeling down before or beside her, ruling Las Vegas. ‘Knight Spike, kill the annoying green one, then lick my pussy.’ ‘Yes, my queen.’ Harmony nodded, grinning, if that frigid bitch Buffy could get Spike in that position, so could she, and it would be a fitting place for the blonde bastard who had betrayed her so often. Now, how to break Buffy’s hold over him, making Spike her obedient puppy dog after that shouldn’t be so hard, like she said, if Buffy could do it - not to mention an insane bitch like Drusilla - that should be easy. Breaking Buffy’s hold though, that would take some doing, and she had three weeks to do it in. An idea started to form, oh, yes, she was good.

“Harmony?” Maxine asked somewhat confused, at the evil grin adorning the vampiress’ face.

Harmony looked at her, grinned more widely, and then walked over in a few brisk steps. She yanked Maxine to her feet, and quickly undid her bindings, both frightening and arousing the girl. “I’m hungry,” Harmony told her with a wide grin. Maxine moved her head aside, exposing her throat. Harmony vamped out, and bit deeply drinking in the blood hungrily. After half a minute of subdued drinking she released Maxine, and muttered, “Damn, keeping them alive sure makes them a convenient blood bank, not to mention the good sex.” Maxine blushed in shame, and Harmony added, “Drink, eat, rest, build up your strength and blood, sweetie, I’m going to drink more from you later.” Maxine nodded, enjoying the disrespectful treatment, she knew she’d be masturbating by the time Harmony left, which the blonde vampire did moments later, navigating the catacombs.


Spike’s fist connected with Harmony’s jaw and sent her hurtling through the air. Harmony had been right, Spike was training in the gravity gym. She crashed against the force field, and with an ‘oof’ she sank to the floor. Harmony still had no increase in her chi, although her muscle strength had significantly increased because of the higher gravity. “Bloody pathetic,” Spike cursed, and shook his head, “there’s no way you could train with me.”

Harmony held back a scolding retort, there would be plenty of time left by the time Spike would consider her his queen. She groaned as she quickly got up, stretching herself out to remove the kinks from her body - not to mention show off her body in her skimpy training outfit. It had the desired effect, Spike halted his walk toward the other gym mat that he’d been training on, and was still at higher gravity levels. “I’ll try harder, ok?” Harmony asked sweetly as she quickly traversed the distance between them. When she reached him, she said innocently, “I can’t believe you let her walk all over you.”

“What?” Spike asked.

“Buffy,” Harmony clarified smiling sweetly. “The little slut just keeps using you for quick fucks and some pussy eating . . .”

“DON’T CALL HER THAT!” Spike growled out, rapidly grabbing Harmony by the back of her head and shook her roughly. “I love her, she loves me! We belong together, she doesn’t use me, she just knows how to fuck a vampire, that’s all!”

“Yeah, right,” Harmony said, snorting. Then gently again, “She’s the slayer bitch, Spike. She should know better, she should know who’s the superior one between you two. Come on, you’re the Slayer of Slayers - faced two slayers, killed two slayers - she should be the one servicing you.” Spike calmed down a little, going over Harmony’s words. He had to admit, his female counterpart had a point. Buffy should be the one begging for it, but he would break her down yet. “See, Spike, I know who’s boss here,” Harmony continued, and gently lowered herself to her knees, mirroring her words, “She should be the one on her knees, begging for the big bad to fuck her good, as a matter of fact, she should feel honored just giving you a blowjob.” Harmony unbuttoned Spike’s pants, and gently pulled it down a little, allowing her to retrieve his hardening vampirehood. “I mean, has she even given you one, Spiky? Has she been a good girl, and given it a lick yet.” Harmony added the deed to the words, licking Spike’s penis gently, reverently. “Mmh,” Harmony moaned sexily. “See, I know what the big bad wants.” Then she engulfed him, and proceeded to give him the oral sex of his unlife.


Dawn smiled as she entered her school. Life was pretty good after all. She was still concerned about her big sister, but Willow had regained control and was back with Tara. The witches had even talked about Tara moving back in the house. Xander and Anya’s wedding was still very much on track, and her and Li’s relationship - Yes! She actually called it a relationship now! - was progressing nicely. The fact that he and her had been at the Bronze before the weekend, right along with her friends and family, and they seemed to be hitting it off pretty well, was cause for elation. Thus suitably in a good mood Dawn didn’t notice the whisperings at first. It wasn’t until the second period that she was noticing something was odd. When a boy walked up to her, grinning a smile a mile wide, and asked, “Hey, slut, how about you and I meet at the parking lot in a moment huh?”

There were sniggerings from all around her, from boys /and/ girls. Dawn could get angry, and beat the boy into a pulp, but kept herself from doing just that, and timidly said, “No.” Then she quickly passed him by and proceeded to her next class.

The boy wasn’t quite finished and called after, “You’ve got some lips, babe, you should use them more often!” There was more laughter.

Dawn didn’t understand, what was going on? They never treated her like this before. In class she now noticed the whisperings and the occasional pointing toward her. It unnerved her, got her scared. When the period was over, she hurried out of the classes, seeing more class mates look at her, some sympathetically, some curious, and some hostile. Dawn quickly went to her locker and fuddled with the lock.

“Shit, Dawn,” a girl’s voice said softly. Dawn looked over and recognized the girlfriend of one of the guys that Li and her occasionally hung out with. “Is it true?”

“Is what true!?” Dawn asked, driven to the breaking point, glad for the familiar voice and face, even though it wasn’t exactly a friend.

The girl came closer, and continued the conversation conspiratorially, “Word is out you apparently gave Li a blowjob and . . . uh . . . swallowed.”

“What!?” Dawn exclaimed in complete shock. How could anyone know?

The girl, her name was Daniella, took it to mean Dawn didn’t do it, that it was just a lie, she nodded, and said, “Thought so, just a lie. I’m sorry, Dawn, we should find whoever spread it, and snuff her out like the cockroach she is. Have you got any enemies?”

“What? No . . . I . . . no, I gotta talk to Li,” Dawn rapidly pulled out a book, and placed one she didn’t need anymore for the day back in. “Thanks,” she said, and Daniella nodded, before Dawn quickly sped off.


Li had just finished gym class, and he was hunched over and untying his shoe, the foot on a bench. “So,” one of his classmates said with a big green, “Dawn swallows, huh?” Li looked up at him, somewhat confused. “You know . . .” he finished with a rude gesture and sound that could mean only one thing.

Li went from confused to enraged in one moment. He stepped over the bench, grabbed his class mate by the neck and lifted him off the floor, slamming him against a row of lockers, and holding him up there, adrenaline giving him access to amazing abilities. “HOW DO YOU KNOW!?” he roared out.

“Ffffuck,” the class mate hissed out with difficulty. “Ssomeone . . . just told me,” he croaked out.

Li calmed down some, letting the guy go. He sank to this butt on the floor, coughing to get breath back into his lungs. The other guys backed away a few steps from the seething Li, one of them did have the guts to remark, “So it’s true then.” Li looked up, realizing the mistake too late.


Hating himself, Li left the locker room fully dressed, and saw Dawn standing there across the hallway, profoundly distraught. *Oh, Dawn,* he thought in defeat. He quickly went over and took her in his arms, hugging her. Dawn crashed against him, and she said, “Somewhere private.”

Li lead her around, and he found a way to the basement. He sat her down in an old chair, and she sat there for a few moments. “They know about . . . about me sucking you off,” Dawn whispered shakily, briefly wondering if somehow via Tara - no way, if she had accidentally let something slip, she would have told Dawn, unless Tara didn’t know she had let something slip, but Dawn didn’t think that was possible. “Did you . . . did you tell anyone?” Dawn asked, hoping he’d say ‘no’, hoping he’d say ‘yes’, she didn’t know which was better. Li remembered his talk with his friends, and looked down to the floor guiltily. “You, bastard!” Dawn yelled at him, angry needing someone to vent at. “You fucking bastard! You’re going to tell everyone that’s a lie, got that!?”

Li’s head sunk lower, feeling horrible, and whispered, “Can’t.”

“What!?” Dawn asked, not having heard him.

“Can’t,” Li repeated better understandable after taking a deep breath. Dawn looked at him, both confused and with mounting anger. “I’m sorry, Dawn,” Li continued softly, guilty as sin. “In the locker room Jim asked, I attacked him, I was angry - I didn’t say something smart like, ‘Who told you that bullshit?’ I asked how he knew. Nobody missed what that meant.”

“We’re through!!” Dawn shrieked at him, tears flowing from her eyes. She grew angrier by the moment, and also sadder, she felt like her heart broke in a thousand pieces. “I don’t EVER want to see you again! I DON’T EVEN WANT TO HEAR YOUR VOICE ANYMORE!!” Dawn screamed hysterically and ran out on him back up the stairs, tears flowing from her eyes in ever increasing volume.

“I’m sorry,” Li answered pitifully, starting to cry himself.


Xander and Anya were sitting in the living room of their apartment, huddled close together. Wedding catalogues were lying in front of them on the low coffee table, and they were leafing through them. Xander was getting a little fed up, and so he suggested, “You know what? We’ll just do a Star Trek wedding. Both of us in skintight dress uniforms, Vegeta dressed like Captain Kirk. It’ll be great.”

Anya looked dangerously at Xander, and said, “We are /NOT/ having a Star Trek wedding, we will have a /traditional/ wedding . . .” Something occurred to Anya then, and she finished, “So what’s a traditional Saiyan wedding like?”

“Uh, well, the bride and groom go out into the woods in full body armor, and must slay a prey together within the hour. The prey must be at least the equivalent of an Earth wild boar, and I’m talking about the prehistoric giant one. If they fail, they’ll have to go into a fourteen days tasting test whether they are compatible enough, if they pass they can get married anyway. If they succeed right away, the woman must cook the prey, which will be served at the wedding meal, while the man must defeat his friends in battle who symbolize the tides against the bride and groom,” Xander began his explanation thinking hard to see if he forgot something.

“Wow, so what more?” Anya prompted her Saiyan fiancee.

“Ok, right,” Xander said, verifying he hadn’t forgotten anything so far. “Then the bride and groom go to whatever serves as the wedding hall, they both go down an isle, holding hands, showing they’re unbreakable connection. Then they reach a few, well, bridesmaids for lack of better word, they are made up out of friends and family of the bride and groom, and the couple needs to beat them in battle together. The bridesmaids symbolize all internal and trickery foes, as well as teach the couple they must now stand with each other, against all threats to their union, including family, and whatever their ideas are about the couple and what they should do. Then when they reach the elder, or village magistrate or whatever, they get a blessing heralding a new unstoppable couple.”

“That’s . . .” Anya thought it over, slowly gathering her thoughts on the subject. “That’s actually pretty romantic, and damn appropriate seeing our adoptive families.” Xander nodded slightly, waiting, as he saw the wheels turning in his fiancee’s head. Finally after a couple of minutes, she said, “How about we do a joint Saiyan - Human wedding?”

Xander raised his eyebrows, and asked intrigued, “What did you have in mind?”

“We can get rid of the whole hunting thing, that’s just completely impractical, but since I don’t have anyone to give me away, we might as well walk down the isle together,” Anya explained her eyes shining. “Tara, Willow, Dawn, Faith, and Buffy will be our bridesmaids, and they can stand before us. We ‘fight’ them aside, not actually fighting them, but enacting it, you know, symbolically, and then we reach the King and we do a whole Human wedding, with the vows and everything.”

Xander slowly smirked, her eyes filling up. Then he bent forward and kissed Anya on the lips, and then saying, “I love you, you are brilliant.”

Anya smiled brightly, and then asked, concerned, “What about your family? Your adoptive family? I know this really shouldn’t come until we discuss the guest list . . .”

“Uncle Rory we’ll invite, the rest: no way in /hell/ will they come to our wedding,” Xander told her, and she nodded in agreement.

“Okay . . .” the both of them trailed off. Xander turned the volume of the radio up a little, and the news broadcast sounded, telling off two volcanic eruptions. One in Alaska, not claiming any victims, a second in Indonesia, wiping out several villages. “You wanna help?” Anya asked slightly.

“No,” Xander answered with a slightly smile, “they’ve handled volcanic eruptions for centuries, they don’t need me to barge in there, and not knowing their language make things worse. Besides, I’m planning my wedding here, with the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen, who also happens to be my fiancee.” Anya kissed him, deeply, hungrily.


Willow and Tara sat in the center of the living room, of the Summers’ household. The both sat across from each other in a circle made with a ribbon, in the lotus position. A few candles burned at the apexes of an invisible pentagram, and Tara gently chanted, “We call on thee, oh, Great Mother. Show us the way, show us the ones called Wolf, Ram, & Hart.” Tara continued onward with her chanting, a sphere of energy surrounding the two witches, the flames of the candles grew in length and intensity.

The slamming door did not shake their concentration, Dawn’s crying did. The sphere of energy disappeared, and both witches looked over at the weak Dawn, tears freely streaming from her eyes, pulling along her makeup. “Dawn!” Tara exclaimed concerned, and quickly got up. She ran over, and enveloped the other girl in a hug. Dawn slung her hands around Tara’s back, and cried out, hiccupping through her sobs.

Willow had walked over, until she was almost there, and then stayed away, conscious of what she had put all of them through in her brief, I-rule-all phase. Tara looked at Willow out of the corner of her eyes, and gave a slight nod. Willow smiled deeply for a moment, and then her face went to deep sympathy, and she slung her arms around both girls.

When Dawn’s crying lessened just a bit, Tara asked, “What happened, sweety?”

“Li told,” Dawn wheezed out, gasping for breath, in deep breathy sobs. Tara gently walked backward and sat down on the stairs, Dawn sitting down in her lap, and Willow sat down next to her, looking deeply saddened. “Everybody . . . kn-kn-knnows . . .” Dawn’s body shuddered with more tears and sobs, “ . . . I gave . . . mb-mb-blowjob.” Willow gasped out at the revelation, and Tara quickly silenced her with an angry look. Dawn cried more. “Everybody . . . hates me,” Dawn said, and then wailed out with the sadness and pain. “T-t-told him . . . didn’t . . . wa-ant to . . . see hi-hi-hi-him ag-g-gain,” she wailed out, crying for all she was worth.

Tara tightened the hug, and rubbed her supportively. “Everything’s going to be alright, Dawn,” Tara soothed, tears coming from her own eyes as Dawn’s sadness got to her. Willow too was tearing up. “Just let it out, sweety, it’s ok, just cry.” The three girls stayed together on the couch there, crying together. Willow wrapped her arms back around Tara and Dawn. Dawn took Tara’s advice, not that she had enough self-control to do anything else. She just sat there, crying. Eventually her crying turned to sobs, and then they slowly came to an end.

“Thank you,” Dawn whispered softly, wiping away a few tears. She slowly sat up a bit. “I . . .” Dawn started, and for the first time really noticed Willow, and remembered what she confessed. She was ashamed instantly, not just to Willow, but to Tara as well, that she had let herself be torn down like this. She got up, and quickly went up the stairs, her shame propelling her.

Tara got up, and slowly climbed the stairs, Willow quickly joined her. The reached the teen’s door, and Tara gently knocked on the door. “Go away!” Dawn yelled out half-heartedly.

Tara knocked again, and prompted, “Dawn.”

A few moments later the door slowly opened, Dawn was already on her way back to a chair at a window. Tara gave Willow a look, and she stayed behind, as Tara gently walked in and placed herself on the bed. “There’s nothing to be ashamed of, Dawn,” Tara said gently. Dawn didn’t answer, dying on the inside. “Are you afraid of what the other kids are going to say?” Tara asked.

“Do,” Dawn corrected. She sniffed and took a deep breath, “They’ve said pretty much everything they could say already - I have no idea what kind of practical jokes they might be planning. And Li . . . that bastard . . . I still love him.”

“You love him?” Tara asked slightly surprised.

Dawn stiffened, and looked at Tara, realizing what she had said, something she hadn’t been ready to tangle with herself. “I . . . guess,” she answered conflicted.

“Things are going to be fine, you know, you’ll get over him,” Tara said trying to lift her friend’s spirits.

Dawn shook her head slightly. “It’s the whispers,” Willow’s voice suddenly sounded, and the other two girls looked over. Tentatively Willow stepped into the room, and quickly reached the bed, and then she continued, “It’s the whispers and the looks, they are the worst. You know they think you’re a freak, but they don’t have the guts to say it out loud. They just avoid you, and don’t talk to you.” Willow knew she was right, she saw the pain in Dawn’s eyes, apparently she had gotten that kind of treatment as well. “The insults you can handle, but the avoidance, like you’re a disease . . . that really, really hurts.” Dawn gave a quick nod, and Tara looked at her lover and then at her friend. Tara had never been popular in school, but she had never been a true outcast either, it was rather astounding to see this side of the others. “You know, Dawn, there are really only two things you can do; one, is sit back, and let it all wash over you, sink in on yourself, and letting them get to you. They think they’re better than you, or at least want you to feel that way, and eventually you will, and you will walk around constantly depressed thinking you’re not worth anything; that’s what I did. Number two is what Xander did. He never let them get to him, he always held his head up, he was the only one in the entire school willing and able to talk back to Cordelia - and then he turned her into his girlfriend, which is another matter - he didn’t give a damn what any of the people in school thought of him, except his friends, us - and we screwed that up on many occasions too, but that’s another matter.”

“But . . . he’s Xander,” Dawn answered.

The two witches looked at each other for a moment, and then Willow asked, “So?” Dawn didn’t have an answer to that. Willow grinned, and added, “Whenever you feel like they are getting to you, physically lift you chin up, and just think . . .” Willow pauzed for a moment, and having no really other way to say it, just did, “‘Fuck the public.’”

Dawn looked amazed at the redhead, and so did Tara. “Where does this all come from?” Tara asked her girlfriend.

“My therapist,” Willow replied with a grin, then bent over and whispered to Tara, “I’ll tell you later what we came across in our session today.” Tara smiled, and then the two witches looked back at the stunned Dawn.

“I . . . I guess . . . I could try,” the brunette said uncertainly, but a slight smile adorned her face. Dawn’s phone rang then, and she looked startled. Tara got up with a smile, and then pulled Willow along out of the bedroom.

“Dawn Summers,” Dawn told whoever was on the other side of the phone nervously.

#Hey, Dawn, I heard, I’m so sorry,# a familiar voice sounded.

Dawn smiled tentatively, saying, “Janice, hi.”

#Are you alright?# Janice asked concerned.

Dawn thought the question over for a few moments, and replied, “Yeah, yeah, I think I am, or I will be at least.”

#WHAT!?# Janice exclaimed in disbelief. #You just had your reputation destroyed, everybody’s saying you gave Li a blowjob, that you’re a slut, and you say you are all right? I don’t believe you!#

“Believe it,” Dawn said still a little forlornly, but Janice’s voice was cheering her up really quickly. “I’ve got a fantastic family, or friends, or both, or whatever. Wasn’t alright when I got back home, but now, besides . . .” Dawn hesitated a moment, and then said out loud, “Fuck the public.” She let the words roll around in her mouth and head, testing them, she was almost starting to believe them.

#Now you’re doing orgies?# Janice’s voice asked. It was a mixture of humor, and confusion.

“It seems I am,” Dawn said with a small grin, imagining what Buffy would say if she heard her say those words.

#So, did you do it?# Janice asked an odd tone in her voice.

“Yes,” Dawn answered tentatively, scared of Janice’s reaction.

For a moment nothing came from the line, then Janice sighed, and said, #Come on, spill!#

“Huh?” This from Dawn who was expecting something else entirely.

#DETAILS!# Janice called out exasperated. #DUH! You think I have the guts to suck off a guy? Tell me! When, where, why, how! Was it good? How did he taste? Did you taste his . . . uh . . . you know!? Would you recommend I stop whining and start sucking, and why?#

Dawn was laughing out loud, and fell back on her bed. It was so good to talk to her friend again, and in this matter, it was good to have someone on her side who was not in a way responsible for her upbringing that was on her side. Then she started explaining.


Outside the room, Willow and Tara looked. The blonde looked appreciatively at her girlfriend, and asked softly, “Fuck the public?”

“Uh . . . well,” Willow blushed, and looked at Tara guiltily.

Tara took Willow in her arms, and give her a gentle kiss, then said, “That was great work, Willow.” Willow smiled, and felt Tara’s hand squeeze her ass possessively. Willow gasped at the sensation and looked surprised at the smoldering brown-green eyes of her blonde girlfriend. “I think we should do some therapy of her own,” Tara whispered playfully, but quite powerfully. Willow gulped as she felt herself growing aroused by the moment. This new - and she was certain: improved - Tara, was a far cry from the shy, sweet girl of old. The weeks in which the blonde was forced to fend for herself, and grow her skill great enough she could beat Willow, had put a whole new confidence, a new outlook on life, and new awareness of things in her. And she’d be damned, if the dominant, almost overbearing Tara didn’t provide a whole new and exciting sex life for the two - and Willow reveled in her submissive and apologetic role. Suddenly a powerful laughter came from Dawn’s room, and Tara looked back at it. Willow leaned to the right looking past Tara, then they looked back at each other and smiled deeply at the sound of Dawn obviously on a recovering track. “Let’s go do that still from beginning to end now,” Tara suggested, and Willow nodded, a little disappointed they didn’t find their way to the bedroom right away.


Li was standing in his bedroom, his three friends sitting on his bed. He looked at them one by one with a carefully controlled rage. “Who did it!?” he demanded angrily. “Who was it!? Which one of you told everyone about it!?”

“Relax, man, don’t have a cow,” Farley, his third friend, said, “we wouldn’t do such a thing.”

“You’re the only one’s I told,” Li demanded with blazing eyes.

Before Sean could answer that it could be someone that his girlfriend had told, Keith said with a wide grin, “Relax, man, it was me.”

“What!?” Li blurted out, at Keith’s relaxed manner. “Why!?” Li hissed out.

“Because you wanted me to, why else would you have told us?” Keith announced noncommittedly, and watched as all three looked at him with shocked eyes.

“She was /hurt/, they call her slut, they treat her like she’s nothing,” Li told him, with barely constrained, ever mounting anger.

“Yeah, the truth hurts. The way I see it, it’s her own fault, she shouldn’t have done what she did,” Keith answered. Sean’s and Farley’s jaws were dropped in horror.

Li had his eyes squinted closed, needing all his might to restrain himself. “/She/ broke /up/ with me. She /never/ wants to /see/ /me/ /again/.”

“Great,” Keith answered, getting up, and looked at his soon to be former friends. He gestured with his hands wide out for a moment, saying, “I don’t know what’s the big deal, you’re acting like you didn’t know I was going to tell. You didn’t actually want to go on with the little slut, did you? You said so yourself, no wedding, parents stop hounding you, you practically begged me to do it. I did what any self-respecting guy friend would do; I boosted your popularity, man. You should be grateful, one slut gone, all the best fish are still in the sea, and you’re free to go get them.”

With a roar - tears of sadness and defeat at what he had caused by telling this so-called ‘friend’ about his love life flowing down his cheeks - Li rammed a fist into Keith’s gut, and he dropped instantly to his knees, grabbing his stomach in pain. “/Get/ /out/,” Li growled down at his former friend. “Get out AND DON’T EVER COME BACK HERE!!”

“Fuck, man!” Keith said in indignation, inching away from the angry Li-Huei. Keith had never been a match for the trained martial artist, but it was obvious he was even stronger now. Keith didn’t know about Dawn and her ‘family’s’ amazing abilities, and how she and Li had been training together - gently - almost romantically. The added strength in his chi - although nowhere near Dawn’s let alone the others levels - was quite considerate in comparison too untrained people. Like Dawn had said; Li had probably been able to hold his own against a normal Slayer, now, he could probably win against one with a little luck.

Li was in no mood, and kicked Keith, he literally flew through the door and landed in the hallway. Keith groaned in pain, and quickly stumbled to his feet. “GET OUT!” Li screamed out mad with righteous anger.

Keith backed up, “Listen, man. Don’t do this, I did it for you man!” Keith staggered back and twisted around with the momentum of the fist that had collided with his jaw. His eyes widened as he saw the yawning opening of the stairs. He fell down, and bounced over and over on the steps until he lay moaning at the bottom of the stairs. He noticed Li stomping down the stairs, and as quickly as he could, he was out the front door. Li followed him out, and once outside, past the garden, on the community grass, Keith stopped walking and looked back at the still angry Li, who was following him out, the other two friends behind that. Keith stretched himself gently but painfully. “What do you want? I’m outside, aren’t I?” Keith asked defiantly, angry at his treatment.

The question earned him a bloody nose and another free trip through the air, before he lay prone on the ground. Li bent over him, and hissed out, “If you ever came near Dawn, tell more stories about her, or even look at her wrong; hell, if you ever say anything about /any/ girl again, true or false, I will put you in the hospital. You got that, you piece of shit!?”

Keith nodded, and then Li stood straight, turned around, and stalked back into the house. Sean and Farley reached Keith and looked down at him. Sean shook his head, and said with disgust, “You are some piece of work, Keith. Forget about having me as a friend, I’m with Li.”

“So am I,” Farley added, and then the two of them turned around and headed back to the house. Angrily Keith touched his bloody nose, and slowly got up to go back home.


“Annoying witches,” the demon growled with anger. He, and the four witches fighting him, were in a San Francisco back alley. The demon, massive, muscles, smoothly dark grey, with glowing green eyes, was mopping the floor with them.

Phoebe was already down, sitting dazed against a wall, trying to regain herself. Paige was slowly getting up from a rather vicious uppercut that the thing had given her. Prue was slowly getting up at the far corner, having been the unfortunate recipient of an encounter with eye beams. Piper pointed her hands at the demon, but it did not explode. It merely expanded a little before returning to its normal shape and advanced on her, grinning. “Oh, shit,” Piper said, and tried again, then she moved her hands in a similar manner, and suddenly the demon stood completely still. Piper was about to breath a sigh of relief, when the demon came back to life and continued its advance.

“Don’t you get it yet, bitch? You’re time powers have no effect on me,” the demon growled with an evil grin. His hand shot out and grabbed Piper around her neck. He pulled her up off the floor, and simply squeezed, holding her easily with one hand. She struggled, gasping for much needed, but unable to get breath.

“Shit,” Paige said, looking at the spectacle from the side. She thought hard for a solution, and then pointed her hand, saying, “Piper.”

Piper dissolved in blue shimmering light, and reappeared the same manner next to Paige - equally high off the ground. Piper dropped unceremoniously down, gasping for breath on the way down, and then yelling out her pain, looking pissed off. “Sorry,” Paige said with an embarrassed face.

“Don’t be sorry for her, be sorry for yourself,” the demon’s growl caught her attention and looked at it having turned to them and advancing. With a quick look Paige realized that Prue - although running toward them - was still too far away, and although Phoebe was up, she couldn’t do anything against this monster. “Oh, boy,” she muttered taking a step back. The demon’s grin deepened, and then there was a flash of light, and a small explosion. The demon roared out in pain, turned a quarter of a circle and staggered back, while it was bent over, holding its stomach. It straightened up, revealing a gaping wound, and green blood oozing from it, but it was already healing. “Who dares!?” the demon growled.

“I dare,” Cole’s voice sounded, and the witches looked to Paige’s right, where Cole indeed stood, a tiny crackle of his chi still at his right hand. Then Cole ran the distance with great speed, and jumped forward, landing his elbow in the demon’s wound in its gut. It staggered back. Cole took a step and jumped up, uppercutting the beast, sending it flying through the air. As Cole fell back to the Earth, much slower than he really should - he hadn’t quite gotten the hang of flying yet - and charged a very powerful energy blast between both his hands. He sent it down with a yell, and exploded right on target. The demon staggered back even more, roaring in pain, skin across his entire torso and face burned off, the flesh on the arm it placed protectively in front of him hung loose, and its bone could be seen beneath it. But it still wasn’t dead, and muscles started to pull back onto him, healing. “Now!” Cole called back to the witches.

Piper, Paige, and Phoebe snapped out of their astonishment, and quickly got up. They joined together in the middle of the alley, clasping their hands together. Focusing their gaze upon the demon - as Cole quickly made place to give them unhindered access to it - they started chanting, “Heaven’s fires, hear our call, cleanse this evil . . .”

The demon was smart, he knew when he was outmatched. He had deliberately kept the witches from forming a unit of three. As long as they were apart, he had the upper hand, but not anymore, this man had altered the playing field considerably. Growling in frustration, the demon turned around and started running, he would have to rethink his strategy, factoring in the new arrival. The wind and energy whipped up around the three witches, their frustration showing, the demon was about to get away.

The demon skitted to a halt, looking in the determined and angry face of Prue. “You’re not going anywhere,” the fourth witch said, and with a wave of her hand she sent the demon hurtling back to certain death.

The demon landed on his feet, ready to try getting away again, just as the trinity of witches finished their incantation with, “ . . . BURN.” Instantly a cone of fire burned around and within the demon. It roared out in pain as the magical blue flames engulfed him completely. Its skin melted, its muscles turned black and crackled before breaking apart and being consumed by the fire. After only a few moments the fire abated, and only the bones of the demon remained. They fell to the ground with a comical sound. Cole walked over, and crushed the thing’s skull underneath his right foot.

Prue arrived, while the other three witches looked astonished at Cole. Prue folded her arms across her chest, and with a dark look she said, “You’re a demon again.”

Cole rolled his eyes, and said sarcastically, “‘Thanks for helping us out, Cole.’ ‘No problem, it was a good thing I ran into Leo at the house and he told me where you were.’”

“Thanks Cole,” Piper said, but she was still suspicious which sounded in her tone of voice.

Cole gave her an appreciative nod, and added to Prue, “And I was a half-demon by the way, can we do this somewhere more private? Like say the manor?”

“Fine,” Prue said noncommitingly. Phoebe walked up to him, slung her arms around his neck, pulled him down, and gave him a kiss. Then they walked out the alley to their cars.


All of them were in the living room of Halliwell Manor, with Prue and Piper kind of confrontational across from Phoebe and Cole. Paige sat neutrally in the middle couch, with Leo equally neutrally standing behind her, leaning on the couch. Phoebe looked at Cole with a mixture of apprehension and love, willing to trust, but still wanting to verify.

“So, you’re a half-demon again,” Prue accused.

“No, I’m not, I’m still all human,” he answered with a grin.

“What then?” Piper prompted somewhat annoyed. “Did you go and steal demon powers? They’ll corrupt you.”

Cole shook his head, he closed his eyes and concentrated, bringing out his energy. “Whoa,” Paige said. Phoebe just looked astonished, and Prue and Piper gasped, they all felt energy like static electricity prickling along their skins. They looked up when they heard a sizzling and saw as Cole had his hands out, electric discharges come from his hands, and soon after a plasma ball formed above either. Cole open his eyes, and said, “It’s Chi.”

“What? Like the eastern martial arts masters?” Paige asked intrigued and a little taken aback.

Cole nodded, and explained, “All pure human life energy, yin and yang.” He let the plasma balls recede back into his hands, and retracted his chi field.

“But they can’t create energy balls, can they?” Piper asked, a little uncertain.

Leo nodded, and said gently, “I know of a small handful who recently have been pushing the boundaries of chi manipulation.”

“Exactly,” Cole said with a wide grin, “and I found one of even a lesser few who’ve pushed it to a whole new level, and convinced him to train me.”

“Damn,” Phoebe said appreciatively, letting her hand go across his chest, and arm, noticing the slight increase in muscle mass there. “He’s telling the truth guys, I’m not feeling anything demonic coming from him,” she said, extending her recently acquired sixth sense.

“I apologize for jumping to conclusions, welcome back,” Prue said, and gave him a genuine smile, which he returned. All of a sudden the ground shook, and then rumbled.

“Earthquake,” Paige said in shock, and got up quicly.

“Under a table,” Prue ordered instantly, and the group split up in two and one went underneath the high table in the living room. The others quickly went into the other room and went under a table in there. Cole then concentrated and summoned a shield around him, Paige and Phoebe, where they rode out the earthquake.

To Be Continued . . .

Next on Buffy Z: Angel and Wesley collide, and Faith will have to deal with the consequences of her revenge plot in Episode 42: Heroes' Paths - Tough Choices
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