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You're Soooo Grounded

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Summary: After Sunnydale is destroyed Buffy moves to Colorado Springs. Meanwhile the newly formed watchers council uncovers a temple in egypt.

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Stargate > GeneralVampieGirlFR132429,83515153,6223 May 049 Jun 04No

Chapter 25

Part 24/25

Carter had finished setting up her sensors and
recording equipment, if this was going to work she was
going to find out how. She had observed Fred’s
modifications to the computer system. Carter had set
up triple back ups and redundancies to protect the
gate if this all went bad. She was waiting on the
signal from Fred to start the dialing process.
Carter looked out to window into the gate room where
Willow and Fred were sitting cross-legged on the floor
adding various herbs to a simmering bowl which was
producing a pale blue smoke. After Willow had calmed
down she had agreed to help them with the spell but
she had clearly told them that if she suspected any
one of anything she would destroy the base.

Spike was leaning idlely against the wall watching the
proceedings as the Doctor Frasier was fussing over the
gurneys that Dawn and Shaun were lying on. She was
not happy that they had been taken out of the
infirmary. Willow picked up the bowl and carried it
over to Dawn and Shaun while Fred gave Carter the
thumbs up to start dialing.

The inner track started to rotate and with a clunk one
of the V shaped locks at the edge lit up. “Chevron one
encoded,” came a voice over the tannoy.

“Lorne are they here?” Fred asked.

“It’s okay pudding, they’re here.”

Willow pricked Dawn finger and squeezed out a drop in
to the bowl and did the same with Shaun. The smoke
turned a deeper shade of blue; Willow dipped her
fingers into the still steaming bowl. She marked her
forehead and then her cheeks. She handed the bowl to
Fred as she marked Dawn a Shaun’s faces in the same
way, “Let those that are separated be rejoined.”

“Chevron seven locked,” came the voice and there was a
great whoosh and the gate finally settled down to its
usual water like appearance. It looked like the gate
was sucking in all the blue smoke.

Willow walked up to it placing her one hand on the
surface and the other on the gate it’s self. “Glr gzp
lkf ptz grf qtz pkr,” Willow said and the surface
slowly turned a deep blue with crackles of lightning
sparking across the surface.

Spike concentrated on taking the bowl from Fred,
trying not to think about the portal.

Dawn and Shaun who had been watching the proceedings
with apprehension and followed Spike up the ramp,
“It’s okay,” Shaun said though he didn’t quite know
who he was reassuring. Spike reached out and tipped
the contents of the bowl into the portal. Shaun took
Dawn’s hand as they stepped through the gate almost
expecting the normal traveling sensation but instead
felt a temporary weightless sensation of falling; then

“AAAAAH! BLOODY HELL!” Spike screamed as he was
blasted back the moment they stepped through.

A few moments later he could hear the sounds of the
gate shutting down and people rushing around and the
reason it was black was because he had his eyes shut.
He opened his eyes and looked over to Dawn who was on
a neighbouring gurney.

“Hey, I’m me,” Dawn exclaimed.

“Can I get up?” Shaun asked as he tried to get up but
he was still strapped down.

“How do you feel?” Doctor Frasier asked.

“Stuck!” Doctor Frasier gave him her patented ‘I am
not amused’ look. “I feel fine, can I get up?”

“Ditto!” Dawn asked from the other gurney. Doctor
Fraser sighed and waved for the attendants to undo the
restraints. She saw that Willow had her head in her
hands as she walked down the ramp.

“Are you okay Miss Rosenberg?”

“Give me some Tylenol and I’ll be okay,” Willow said

“Maybe you should sit down.”

“I’ll be okay,” Willow said then wavered unsteadily.
“Okay maybe for a little while.”

Doctor Frasier guided her to the gurney that Shaun had
just vacated.

“Uh Spike, are you okay?”

Dr Frasier rushed over to where spike was lying in a
crumpled heap on the floor; she gently rolled him over
and felt for a pulse, she sighed when she found none.
“You could have warned a guy,” Spike snapped as he
came round, looking up, he’d expected another redhead,
and this one was looking decidedly freaked. “I don’t
have a pulse Luv,” he said as the doctor continued to
search for one.

Buffy stood frozen in the doorway Spike was here, he
was corporeal, and Buffy was trying to sort through
the tidal wave of emotions that were flooding the
moment she set eyes on him, from joy to anger. Joy
that he was alive well un-dead. That he had come
through, again. That he had saved her sister. She
was angry that Spike had died, angry that he had come
back and not told her, angry that he hadn’t believed
her when she had told him that she loved him, angry
that he knew her so well to know that she was lying.
It wasn’t love it could never be love. It was more
than that, it was less than that. It was passion, it
was fire. He was the only person that could make her
so furious that she thought she was going to explode
and dissolve that anger with one look. He was her
equal, her opposite, he was Spike. He had closed the
gap between them before she even knew what had
happened and she was in his arms and he was kissing
her and nothing mattered anymore. It wasn’t until
Buffy’s need for oxygen became an issue that they
broke the kiss. ”I’ve missed you,” Buffy said simply.

“Cor luv!” he exclaimed running a hand through his
hair trying to find the words, all he wanted to do was
take her in his arms and never let her go.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Buffy asked her voice thick
with emotion, she reached out to touch him her hand
rested where his heart beat should have been.

“I didn’t want you to see me like that; I couldn’t do
a bloody thing like that,” he said placing his hand
over hers.

Her response was a solid right hook. Spike stumbled
back a few steps before he reached out and grabbed her
she shook him off, “It wasn’t your decision.”

“Bloody hell it was,” he yelled closing the gap
backing her into the wall.

“Uh, what’s going on,” Shaun asked Dawn from their
forgotten group.

“I think we should leave them to it,” Dawn said moving
towards the door.

“Um, yes,” Giles muttered furiously polishing his
glasses following her.

“Should we try and break them up?” Carter asked as
Buffy and Spike began to fight in earnest they had
stopped trying to talk their issues out and were now
trying to beat them out.

“You could try?” Faith said slightly amused.

“To say they have issues is putting it mildly,” Giles
explained as they left the room.

“They’ll either kill each other or fuck each other,”
Faith explained.

“You could put it that way,” Giles said stiffly.

“Okay, clear the room, get those blast doors down,”
Jack ordered, no sooner than they were down there was
a hollow thunk as someone was slammed up against it.

“What if someone comes through the gate?”

“Well, they’re in for a show,” Faith laughed.

A/N: Okay theres going to be a slight delay before I post the final part I'm having some difficulty with it. Though as always the more people reveiw the faster I'll write.

The End?

You have reached the end of "You're Soooo Grounded" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 9 Jun 04.

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